Get Rs 75 On Signup + Rs 75 Per Refer – Pesave Bank App {Earn Real Money}

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Hi techintor visitors, Today we are introducing one new Android app which pays RS 75 on signup and RS 75 on each successful refer. Pesave is a prepaid bank account app. It is powered by YES Bank, and hence highly trusted. Pesave providing 0 fee transactions and unlimited transactions. As a promotional offer, they are providing free Rs 75 signup bonus and for each successful referring Rs 75. The signup and refer bonus is really eye catching. Yeah, Rs 75 really a great deal. the money you get on pesave prepaid bank account can be transfer to real bank account. so earn free real money using pesave app.

You need an Adharcard number for full verifying the Pesave account. Don’t worry this is oly for verifying you are account is genuine. This app is powered by YES Bank and there will be no any other issues, fully trusted the app.
>> You can Transfer earned money to your bank account. That is with pesave app you can earn real money. 
>> For redeeming balance there is no minimum cap. this is a great chance to earn some money. so go grab this offer fast

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earn real money from Pesave

How to Get Free RS 75 Signup bonus from Pesave Bank App

  1. Download and Install Pesave bank app on your Android device.
  2. Now tap signup and enter your details there.
  3. Enter Referral Code: ShaikhMohammadfiroz510
    you need to enter one referral code to get the signup bonus.
  4. on the next screen enter your Adharcard number and do proceed
  5. now you will get an OTP on your adhaar registered mobile number. then verify.
  6. now again you get one OTP to your provided mobile number. enter it and verify
  7. yeah you are done. after successful registration, you will get the notification ” the signup bonus will be credited within 72 hours”.

NOTE: Due to heavy rush, facing some issues while signup. try again and again.

How to refer and earn More money on Pesave Bank App [Rs 75 Per Refer]

  1. After Registering your account. Log in to your Pesave account.
  2. Now tap the Refer and Earn tab
  3. There you will get the ‘referral code.
  4. invite your friends to pesave bank app with your referral code.
  5. After each successful refer you will get Rs 75 on Pesave Account

How to Transfer money to your bank account [how to get the money from pesave app]

  1. Goto app and visit transfer page.
  2. Add payee and bank account details
  3. Now transfer the amount
  4. You can transfer any amount to your bank account. there are no limit, fee, minimum cap

That’s all about Pesave bank account app. This is a great chance to earn some real money using pesave signup and refer and earn offers. So go an earn some real money from Pesave. Do share this with your friends also. Thanks for reading

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Idea Free 512 MB 4G Data by Trying Idea Music Lounge

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Hi guys, after Airtel’s Airtel Movie free internet offer here comes another official free internet offer from Idea. Do try Idea Music Lounge app and get 512 MB high-speed 4g in your idea number. Idea Music Lounge is one new online music streaming from Idea. By trying Music Lounge Idea app, you will also get 90days premium access to the app. SO this is a double dhamaka offer for music lovers.

This is a great chance to get free 4g internet data in Idea.SO guys do it fast, this offer may end soon.
Also, try Idea Free Internet Trick 2017

idea free 4g data from music lounge app

Idea Music Lounge App: Overview

  • Online music app specially dedicated to idea music lovers
  • You get constant updated of new songs
  • Unlimited entertainment inside the app.
  • By trying idea Music Lounge app now, you get free 90 days premium membership also

How to get Free 512 MB 4G Internet Data in Idea with Idea Music Lounge

  1. Download and install idea Music Lounge app from play store
  2. Enter your Idea number and verify using OTP
  3. After verifying your number, your idea Music Lounge account will be credited with 90 days premium access for free
  4. Now stream any one song from the app and you will get your free 512 mb 4g data
  5. It is compulsory to stream one song to eligible for free 512 mb 4g data.
  6. Sometimes you won’t successful recharge message.But do check your data balance, it may be credited without notifying by text message

Notes on Idea Music Lounge App Free Internet Offer

  • Offer is applicable only for Idea prepaid users
  • offers is only applicable for new idea Music Lounge users
  • Offer will  expire on May 31st, 2017

That’s all about latest idea free internet offer from idea Music Lounge app. hope all of you successfully got the free internet data and free 90 days idea Music Lounge app premium access. DO share this with your friends and let them know about this idea offer.

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(AIRTEL 4G LOOT) Get Free 500 MB 4G Data in Airtel Instantly

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Hi dear visitors, today we are posting a cool offer from airtel India. This is for free internet lovers. Airtel offering free 500MB 4g data for trying airtel movies. This is a great chance to get some free high-speed internet data from airtel officially. this is not a trick actually, this is an airtel official offer as a part of their airtel movies app promotion. But we have added unlimited trick also here. so that you can earn free internet data on all airtel numbers. You just need to try the airtel movies app to get the free internet data

If you are not tried our [1] airtel free internet trick using Queencee vpn then you should try, it is working fine in all over India. Also, try [2] Airtel Netify VPN free internet trick, this too working fine in all over India.

SO guys if you want free 500 MB 4G data from airtel within minutes then go forward this article.

Steps to get Free 500 MB 4G data on any airtel number within Minutes

  1. Download the myairtel app. If you already have myairtel app then do update it to the latest version.
  2. Now on the main screen [landing screen] choose apps tab. On apps tab, you can see the ‘airtel movies‘ app with the label of ‘get 500 MB free 4g data’.
    airtel free 500 mb 4g offer
  3. do install airtel movies app. and open the app
  4. Now register on airtel movies with your airtel number
  5. Yeah, congrats. your airtel number is credited with free 500mb 4g data now. you will get a message on successful registration.

Unlimited trick: Get Free 500 MB in all your airtel numbers [no need of installing app again]

  1. First, follow above steps and get free 500 MB data on your first airtel number
  2. after successful credit of 500mb free data. goto settings>>apps>airtel movies>>force stop the app and do clear the data [or uninstall the app and install again].
  3. now again go to airtel movies app and register with any other airtel number. you will get free 500 MB data on that number after the successful registration.

Hope you guys got the free 4g internet data from airtel. do share this article with your friends and let them also know about this great deal. sharing is caring πŸ™‚

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Working Strategies to Promote Your Facebook Page to Huge Success – Optimize Facebook Ads

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Working Strategies to Promote Your Facebook Page to Huge Success – Boost your facebook posts using facebook ads effectively

Hi Techintor fans, Today we are here sharing some cool strategies to promote your Facebook page to huge success. If you are running a business or other online things, of course, you have one Facebook page. But if you are not using it in the right way, there is no use with it. Yeah, Today we are going to discuss on the same point ‘how to optimize your Facebook page efficiently‘. that is how to get more reach for your facebook page and posts. This article also includes ‘ how to optimize facebook ads for better results‘. That is we are covering the tips and tricks to boost your facebook posts with facebook ads at very less cost. Means, more reach and engagement on facebook ads at very less cost.


What are the benefits of optimizing your Facebook page? Why promote your Facebook page?

As I said earlier, a Facebook page without correct optimization there is no use. But if you have an active Facebook page with a good number of fans then it can do so many amazing things. You can get more business, more opportunities more over good publicity in Social Media.

Also, check one of our previous article on how to get fakes facebook likes. I am sure that you will be interested in this also πŸ™‚

Okay, now lets move on the main part of the article tips and tricks to promote your Facebook page effectively

1.Don’t let your Facebook page inactive

The page should be active every time. You should post regularly. Don’t post only your business things always, do share interesting things related to your topic. This will increase your page reach.

Posting some live videos will 10X your posts reach. This way you can gain some more fans to your facebook page. Doing some live Facebook video poles with Facebook live is a good idea. You can refer this article to start live Facebook video polls. Nowadays most of the popular facebook pages are doing the same idea to get more facebook fans.

If your business is targeted for a local area or a single state, then publish posts in their local language. You can use Facebook multi-language feature also for this.

If you are running a website Facebook page then doing some question and answer posts like ASK ME ANYTHING posts will be a good idea. That is users directly comment their question, queries or anything on that post and you need to give answers there. This way you will get more and more comments and leads to good reach.

Use hashtags properly. Add related hashtags on your posts. You can get the popular hashtag related to your topics by simply searching on Facebook with starting ‘#.’ Refer below picture for more clarification. Using hashtags can lead to huge reach in posts. If some topics related to your business then try to publish a useful or informative post regarding that with appropriate hashtag.


2.Always Interact with your users

You should keep a good relationship with your Facebook fans. More than business try to maintain a personal relationship. This helps to increase their trust in you and thereby increase your page genuinely.
You should reply all comments and messages that you were receiving on your Facebook page. Don’t delete comments even if it is a negative one. You should reply to all comments genuinely. Even negative comments help you to increase your Facebook page reach.

As I said in the 1st section that is doing campaigns like Facebook question and answer posts makes your Facebook page more user-friendly. This is all we want.

3. Use Facebook ads efficiently to gain more fans and huge reach in less cost

I think all of you already familiar with Facebook ads. You can boost your Facebook page or page posts using Facebook ads feature. But boosting posts or pages without proper settings don’t make any use. You need to optimize Facebook ads settings before boosting. In this section, we are sharing some tips for boosting your Facebook page/posts using Facebook ads effectively. That means more reach at less cost. Thus finally more fans with less cost.

Create custom audience according to your business. Don’t select broad things. You should select preferred age group, language, location, and interests. This will lead to targeted visitors to your post and a huge reach at less cost.



Let me give you an example of how I select audience settings for promoting my website page posts.
>> Gender: I choose male only in gender section. This is because I already experimented both male&female and male only in different campaigns. For the male only campaign, i get more reach and less bid rate for ads. You need to experiment it yourself for your business page.
>> Age: In my case i select, 13 – 30. Since my website is related to tech niche and all things I publish on my Facebook page is linked to tech tricks and tutorials. Teenagers are more keen to learn these tech things, and that’s why I select this age group. I tried other age groups also. But I felt that the post engagement and bid rate is very less for this age group.
>> Location: I mostly select some states in India. The strategy I apply in location is respect to language. for example, I publish a post in the Hindi Language on my Facebook page and select states where the local language is Hindi while boosting. This way I am getting superb reach at very less bid.
>> Interests: This totally depends on your business type.
>> Time of running your ad. Yeah, the bid rate depends even on time. In my case [my website facebook page], I felt that the bid rate is very less at morning and night [after 8 PM]. you need to do experiments to find the less bid rate time of your business category.

Always experiment with different settings. Select one or two days in ad duration and set a minimum budget while experimenting. Thus run trial ads and note the bid rate, avg reach and user engagement for each set of settings. Thus finally make one perfect ad campaign. also, make your ad look good. a simple ad layout with interesting ideas works well. more than the reach we need post engagement. Don’t forget to check how your ad looks in mobile view. This is very important since 70% facebook users are from the mobile platform. I always suggest you, to do the experimenting. Since all these differ for different categories.
I am pretty sure that facebook ads can make huge fans for your page and finally more business opportunities.

This is all about strategies to promote facebook page effectively and optimizing facebook ads. I hope this will be helpful while managing your business page.If you like this article then Please do share this article and support us. Thanks for reading:) .

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Connect to Others WiFi Without Passwords – Find Friends WiFi Passwords

Access/Connect to Any Wifi Network Without entering their Wifi Password | How to Get/Find Friends and others Wifi Passwords easily

Hi guys, here is an awesome trick get others wifi network passwords. or  to find and access unknown wifi networks. You can use this trick in two ways – 1. Find friends/ unknown wifi network password 
and  2. Login to friends/ someone’s wifi network without entering passwords. 
Here providing you an exclusive trick to steal others wifi password easily. here we are using an android app called wps-wpa tester to know others wifi password. SO this trick can be only used in android devices since the app is only for android platform.
Most of you experienced that, went some places where wifi networks are available but it is locked with passwords, so unable to use the wifi from there. But now you can find any wifi network passwords with this trick. also, you can access any wifi networks without entering passwords. It means you don’t need to know the passwords of any wifi networks near you. Just use this trick and so you can log in to any wifi network without entering wifi password.
So if you want to know/ find any wi-fi networks password or you need to access any password protected wifi network without knowing/entering password ; follow this article

You are Reading – How to use any Wi-Fi Network without entering wifi password  – How to get/find friends wifi network password easily

Also Read – Reliance Free Internet data Proxy trick 2016Searching for – how to find wifi password , how to know wifi password , how to see wifi password ; then read this article

[METHOD 1] How to get passwords of any wifi network 

To work this method, your android device should be rooted.
1. First download the 3 apps which are required in this method [to find others wifi password]. 1. BusyBox Pro | 2. WPS WPA Tester | 3. Terminal Emulator
2. First open BUSY BOX app and grant Super SU permission. Then you can see Install BusyBox tab, set installation path to  system/bin [ this is important. set will be installed to >> system/bin]. after that click on install button at bottom.
How to get passwords of any wifi network

3. After successful installation you can see, busy box successfully installed to system/bin at the install tab
4. Then open WPS WPA Tester. Grant Super Su permission. After that click on three dots and menu will appear and click on check wpa_cli, it shows wpa_cli command not installed. then click on install experimental button. wait and after that again click on check wpa_cli, now it shows tooltip text wpa_cli Ok!
5. Then open Terminal Emulator and type ‘su’ and hit enter. this will give permission to super su.

6. Now Open WPS/WPA tester app and tap on green button in top it’s enable the wifi interface and then scan the wifi if WPS WIFI is available in your area then it’s shows with green lock button. click on wifi name it’s shows a popup with three pin available. Select always default pin then click on Verbose button it’s open the Terminal Emulator hold and press on the screen it’s will show you paste option. Paste the command (already copied just need to paste) and hit enter wait for sometime !
7. whooa. You are now auto connected to wifi network. If you want to know the password of that wifi network then click on three dots >> show password option. there you will get the password of the network.
8. Wow. You are successfully connected to other wifi network without entering password. This way you can connect to any wifi network which is protected with WPS feature.
Note : This trick doesn’t works with all devices. Anyway try in your device. working well in moto g device, yuphoria, xperia e1 etc.

[METHOD 2]Steps – How to Login / Access Any Wifi network without entering it’s wifi password

1. First download Wps-wpa tester android app on your android device
2. Open the app
3. Enable wifi connection and location [ gps] on your android device

Connect to Any Wifi Network Without entering their Wifi Password

4. Now tap on refresh button on wps-wpa tester app on android
5. There you will see available nearby wifi networks name
How to Get/Find Friends and others Wifi Passwords easily
6. Select the wifi network [ which is green in colour]
Note- You can only unlock or access green coloured named wifi networks
7. Then tap on ‘ connect automatic pin’
how to login to others wifi without entering password,
8. You will be connected to the wifi network without entering password now

Steps – How to Get/ Find Friends or Any wifi network passwords

 ** Same as above method steps But here your android device needed to be rooted.
You will get the unknown wifi network password when your device is rooted.
So use wps-wpa tester on your rooted android device to get others /any wifi network password

I hope you guys unlocked your friends/ or any others wifi password by above trick. if you found this ‘ wifi password finding / unlocking trick’ then please share it on facebook and whatsapp.
aslo keep visiting for more tricks

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PD-Proxy Unlimited Trick 2017: Use More than 100 Mb without Premium account

PD-Proxy 100Mb ByPass Trick – PD-Proxy Premium account access For Free

In this article, we are sharing the exclusive working trick to bypass PDproxy in PC. that is with following this trick you can use PDproxy for unlimited data.
Hello Friends, I hope you are enjoying tricks and tips. I think you know that We are more concentrating on free internet trick and other network tricks. If you are a Free Internet tricks follower there is no need of introducing pd-proxy for you. In short words, pdproxy is a windows application used for TCP_UDP_ICMP connections. it’s a VPN application. Due to its simplicity and working , it is the one of the best vpn software for windows platform. For some indian networks free internet tricks we are using the pd proxy. We are already published some free internet trick which is working with the help of pd proxy : Airtel Free Internet Trick for PC users , Vodafone Free Internet Trick for PC Users With PD Proxy , TATA DOCOMO Free internet UDP trick for PC , Aircel free 3g udp trick for PC , IDEA Free Internet PC trick etc.

” Enjoy unlimited data [ more than 100 mb ] on pd proxy without premium account “

But the main problem which is raising when using PdProxy is it’s daily usage limit. Pd-proxy has a 100 daily limit for Free users. For unlimited access,we need to buy premium pd-proxy account.It’s little bit costly. But Today presenting the exclusive trick to bypass the pd-proxy100mb daily limit. So you can use unlimited data per day with free pd proxy account.
If you are looking for pd proxy working unlimited trick, this the best place.

>> PD-Proxy Premium account Features for FREE : Unlimited data on pdproxy

PD-Proxy Unlimited Trick 2016,bypass PD-PROXY 100 mb daily limits in free account

Steps to bypass PD-PROXY 100 mb daily limits in free account
First Section:

1. First download the PD-PROXY Unlimited Trick Tools kit By techintor zip file
2. Extract the downloaded file and Copy Volumeid.exe it to the C:windowssystem32 folder
3. Then open  Volumeid.exe as administrator 
4. Open Command prompt as administrator
5. Then run PD-Proxy Multi Accounts Patcher for 32 and 64 bit.exe file
6. And Click generate button and copy the generated code as follows in command propmpt
7. Now Enter volumeid.exe C: xxxx-xxx (Where xxx-xxx is the generated code) 
{For example type,  volumeid.exe C: 52vT-449B } on command prompt. and press enter
8. Now a new popup window comes, accept the license
9. Exit the command prompt.
then click on the Patch button on PD-Proxy Multi Accounts Patcher for 32 and 64 bit.
10. Now Restart Your Computer

Second Section
11. After Restarting your system, make 2 or more free accounts in pd proxy using different emails and information.
12. Download pd proxy zip file. Then extract PD proxy in two different folders.
13. Now connect to one pd proxy with a free account
14. Use until you reaches 70-90 MB on pd-proxy. Disconnect pdproxy when it reaches 70-90.
Note – Don’t use more than 90 MB
15. Then goto that second pd proxy folder and connect it with the second pd proxy account.
16. You are done. Now this second account gives you unlimited data usage. Enjoy unlimited usage on pd proxy

NOTE – After disconnecting net connectivity. You need to follow  the section 2 steps again. that is from step no13.

I hope you guys loved this article . If you find this article useful then please share it on facebook and other social networking sites. Also keep visiting and get tech tricks and tips.

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Reliance 3G Data Trick – ACTIVATE 1GB 3G Data for just 19rs


Hello friends, today we are posting an another reliance free 3g trick. At Rs 9 1gb 2g data available in reliance for 1 day. we can convert this 1gb 2g data to 3g by spending another 10rs.The full steps to get 1gb 3g internet data on reliance for 19 rs is described below . Read the below instructions and get 1gb 3g internet data on reliance for just 19rs.

Features of this reliance data trick

* 1gb reliance 3g internet data at just RS 19
* 1 day validity
* No sim blocking and speed capping
* If you don’t need 3g can also activate 1gb 2g data at just rs 9. [ stop at stpe no. 1 ]


1. First dial *129# from your reliance sim and then go to 9 rs store. There you need to activate 1 gb 2g internet data pack [ for just rs 9]. Now for Rs 9 you are activated 1gb 2g data on your reliance sim.
2.Now need to convert 2g data to 3g data ( reliance sim)


*565*010# from your reliance sim and now your 1gb 2g data is converted to 3g and you have charged 10rs.
Send a sms ‘MN10’ to 53739 from your reliance sim. [ charges; rs 10 ]
again dial *129# and activate a 9rs 100mb 3g pack [ TRY THIS, NEW METHOD, THANKS Subhrajit Kapoor]

4. Now you got 1gb free 3g data on your reliance sim for 1 day.
You can repeat these steps everyday to enjoy free unlimited 3g on your reliance sim.




Here Total 19 RS charged for 1gb 3g internet on your reliance sim.
ENJOY reliance 1GB free 3g data @ 19 rs. PLEASE SHARE OUR POSTS AND SUPPORT US.


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Be Prepared, WannaCry 2.0 Ransomware Just Arrived Which is More Dangerous than One

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Hey, Hope all of you already get knew about WannaCry Ransomware which has already hit more than 200000 computers. And don’t think that it’s over, here arrives WannaCry 2.0 Ransomware. Today morning security researchers reported that WannaCry 2.0 is launched with no ‘kill switch’ function.

What is Ransomware? Ransomware is a type of malware that locks [encrypts] all files, data, documents etc in a computer which it affects.The locked data cannot be accessed unless the owner pays a Ransom [money]. The payments are through bitcoins.The Ransom can vary from $100 to $1000. And there is no guarantee that the files will be decrypted even after the owner pays. There are reports for both chances.
Coming back to WannaCry Ransomware 1.0, As said above it is hit by more than 2lakhs of computers all over the world. This contains some big organizations like Renault, Telephonica, germany railways, FedEx, Russian Cental Bank etc.

wannacry 2.0 ransomware arrived

The WannaCry 1.0 already made around 15 Bitcoins [$26998.20]. Since the first version of Wanna Cry has ‘Kill switch’ option, the spreading of wannacry version 1 can be somehow stopped. Anyway, the infected PC’s can’t be recovered.
But Today morning WannaCry 2.0 the latest version of this RansomWare started spreading. Reports say that the WannaCry 2.0 already hit over 100+ Pcs. What is the main difference between WannaCry 1.0 and 2.0, is the ‘kill switch’ function.

What is the ‘Kill Switch’ function in WannaCry 1.0 Ransomware?

By doing reverse Engineering WannaCry MalwareTech discovered that the ransomware’s programmers had built it to check whether a certain gibberish URL led to a live web page.It turned out that as long as the domain was unregistered and inactive, the query had no effect on the ransomware’s spread. But once the ransomware checked the URL and found it active, it shut down.
And yeah, MalwareTech registered themselves this domain and it’s enough to stop spreading this WannaCry 1.0. This is just a temporary fix. As soon the cyber criminals behind this get knew they can easily overcome this.

Hell yeah, the team behind this WannaCry ransomware recently released the latest version of the malware WannaCry 2.0 without the ‘Kill Switch’ function.
So the above temporary fix can’t save Pc’s from WannaCry 2.0. Follow below things to prevent from ransomware

How to Protect your PC From Ransomware – Prevent WannaCry 2.0

  • First of all, do a backup of your important files.
  • Be suspicious of emails, websites, and apps.
  • Be updated. Check latest updates from Microsoft and do necessary things.
  • just disable SMB in windows if not in use.

    wannacry 2.0 protect your pc's

These are some prevention methods for WannaCry 2.0 Ransomware.

Do share this with your friends and let them know about this dangerous things.
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Airtel Offers 1 Year Free Unlimited 4G for Micromax Canvas 2 Users [Free Calling Also]

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Hi friends, here is a great deal for Airtel and Micromax Canvas 2 [2017 edition] Users. Micromax launched one new budget smartphone named Micromax Canvas 2 previous week. Now Airtel announces an amazing offer for those Micromax canvas 2 [2017] users, Airtel offering free unlimited 4g for 1 year to all Micromax canvas 2 [2017] users.

Micromax is one of the popular smartphone company in India. They released a large number of smartphones models in India. Micromax is one good option in budget android smartphones.
Micromax 2 was firstly released on 2012. This device got much attention and was one most sold device that year. But in this article or this airtel offer is not about this 2012 Micromax canvas 2 smartphone. so, if you are a Micromax canvas 2 2012 edition user then sorry this is not an article for you.
Let’s come to the point, here we are talking about Micromax latest launched canvas 2 smartphones. this device is officially known as Micromax canvas 2 2017 edition. Micromax canvas 2 [2017] comes with 5 inch HD display, 13 MP primary camera and Android 7. the device costs  Rs 11999. You can check the complete specifications of the device here.


What is the actual Airtel offer for Micromax Canvas 2 [2017 edition] users?

Airtel announced that they provide unlimited free service for Micromax canvas 2 [2017] users for 1 year. this includes, the user get unlimited 4g data  and free calling for 1 year.

The unlimited 4g data is like, 1GB 4G data per day. After 1 Gb per day, the speed reduces to 128 kbps. And users get 600 Minutes of free calling per month. means each month user get free 600 minutes. And the very exciting thing is that this offer is valid for both new and old airtel customers [no need to take new sim].

This is an amazing offer from Airtel and Micromax. Micromax canvas 2 [2017 edition] is the fist smartphone with corning gorilla glass 5 and this device will be sold offline stores only. So guys, if you are going to buy a budget smartphone then Micromax canvas 2 [2017] is a great option for you. This is a double dhamaaka. you get unlimited free 4g data and calling for 1 year with airtel on canvas 2 [2017 edition]
Do share this news with your friends through WhatsApp and facebook.

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Flipkart’s ‘BIG 10 SALE’ Starting From May 14 – Everything You Need to Know

Friday, 5 May 2017

Hi, there is a happy news for online shoppers. Flipkart starting a new sale named ‘Big 10 Sale’ from may 14, The same day that ends amazon great Indian sale. There is a reason behind Flipkart’s big 10 sale name, it is named big 10 because Flipkart completed 10 business years of success in India. Flipkart providing there are lots of offers on this ‘big 10 sale’ including free shopping and worldwide trip.

flipkart big 10 sale complete details

Flipkart is one of the popular online shopping sites in India. They are doing best service with good offers. Flipkart recently ran one other sale named summer shopping days which ended on may 4. On this sale, they offered great discounts on smartphones and electronic devices.

Flipkart ‘BIG 10 SALE’ – Everything You Need to Know

Flipkart BIG 10 SALE dates


What you can expect on the Flipkart’s Big 10 Sale

  • The Big 10 Sale Flipkart is partnered with HDFC bank. So there may be good discounts for purchases using HDFC cards.
  • When looking the smartphones discounts there may be high discounts for Samsung, Oppo, Vivo and Lenovo. Since they are also partners of Flipkart’s Big 10 sale.
  • Flipkart providing free shopping vouchers every hour. there may be some contest to select lucky winners.
  • To celebrate the decade anniversary, Flipkart will give as many as 10 offers on select products
  • There is a chance to do a free international trip on Flipkart’s Big 10 sale.

The complete details of the sale, offers and contests are not available yet. Flipkart will publish the complete details regarding Big 10 Sale soon. Stay tuned with we will update this article with the latest information.
Also, do share this with your friends and help them to know about Flipkart’s Big 10 Sale.

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Tuesday, 2 May 2017


Hi Friends, Today we are here sharing an awesome trick that allows you spoof call. that is you can call from any number that you like. you can call with anyone’s number. yeah it is true with this you can change your number while calling someone.
read this article and get know about how to call with other’s number.

Steps: How to call anyone from any number – Trick to spoof call

In this Trick we are using fake call android app for spoofing calls. You need to enable mobile data/wifi to follow below steps.

  • First download fake call app on your android device
  • now open the fake call app and you can see two columns : Caller Id and To.
  • Enter the number that you want to use for calling [ this will be your fake number]. and enter the number to call on the next column ‘TO’
    Note: You should add 91 before the 10 digit number
  • That’s it. The call will be connected soon. On the receiver phone, your fake number will be displayed [this can be changed at any time from 3rd step]. 
  • This way you can use any number for calling. prank your friends by spoof calling.
Note: The main disadvantage of this fake app is it is limited to 1 minute [trail account]. You need to pay for additional minutes.


Hi guys, Today I am going to share an amazing trick. Many people asked me too publish an article on this topic. At last today I got an android app called Voxox. It is really wonderful app. Yes, you can call from anyone’s number by voxox app. Actually it is a messaging and calling android app. But we can use it as to making fake calls. Here I am providing the step by step tutorial on how to make fake calls or how to use others numbers to call. So guys read below steps.
READ – How to Call From Others number, How to use others number for calling, How to call by anyone’s number



1. First download Voxox Android app from playstore – click here to download
2. Now open voxox and create an account there
3. As sign up bonus you will get $ 1 as balance
4. After logging in Voxox app Goto More 


5. Now tap on User
6. Now click on Caller ID
7. Change the caller id to the number which you want to use for calling
means if you give your friend number on caller id then when you call on voxox , it will call with your friend’s number.
8. Now call on voxox. It will call as which number you given on caller id
Note – Should use +91 prefix on all place you enter mobile number


I hope you guys enjoyed reading this trick. keep in touch with and get more knowledge in technology and tricks.

Note- this trick not working now.

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Xiaomi Redmi 3S/Prime Hard Reset [How to Flash, Unlock Pattern lock if Forget]

Xiaomi Redmi 3S / Redmi 3S Prime: How to hard reset or How to flash original ROM [ how to unlock if I forget the pattern lock/ security code]

Hi Dear friends, In this article sharing a complete tutorial on ‘How to Hard Reset your Xiaomi Redmi 3S or Redmi 3S Prime’. I think all of you have already a Redmi 3S/ 3S Prime and you want to Hard Reset it [or you want to flash the device]. Why I am sharing this article is because recently me too tried to hard reset Xiaomi redmi 3s prime device and faced lots of difficulties. I didn’t found a correct tutorial article. However finally I successfully Hard reset my Redmi 3S prime [ i flashed the Redmi 3S Prime with it’s original global ROM]. So I decided to share a complete article on how to hard reset Redmi 3s/ 3s prime including my experiences.

how to hard reset redmi 3s:prime

I told on above paragraph that i flashed my Redmi 3S Prime to original stock ROM[ hard reset]. Actually, it’s not mine, and it’s my friend’s device, and he forgets the password. He disabled the Finger Print Lock earlier, and he is unable to use the device after forgetting the pattern lock. so he wants to unlock the pattern lock of his Redmi 3S prime[ he want to break the lock]. He met me and told the things. I planned to hard reset the phone from phone bootloader[ by holding both power button+ volume up button]. But I can’t. The Redmi 3S prime device bootloader also got locked [bootloader is disabled]. So it is not possible to hard reset the device by this method. We need to flash the device. Yeah/, I googled ‘how to hard reset the Xiaomi Redmi 3S prime ‘ unfortunately I didn’t found any valid articles on google results. But there I got a youtube video which was posted by a guy named TECHY TECH. It is very useful, but the video misses some important things. Anyway, the video is very simple and helped me a lot. I followed the video and referred some other Xiaomi forums and finally solved all issues faced while hard resetting Redmi 3S prime.


You guys got bored? πŸ˜‰ I think you guys are also landed here because of the similar issues [i mean, forget pattern lock of redmi 3s/prime]. The steps to Hard reset your Redmi 3s prime device is written below. After the steps section you can see the FAQ section where I answered the questions [issues] related to the topic ‘how to hard reset/ flash Redmi 3S/ Redmi 3S Prime.

How to Unlock my Xiaomi Redmi 3S/Prime if I forget the password/pattern lock

Requirements to hard reset Redmi 3s/Prime

  1. Windows PC. Windows 10 Recommended
  2. Redmi 3s/Prime device with Micro USB data cable
  3. Xiaomi Mi Flash App [click here to dwonload]
  4. ROM [click here to download].

Steps: How to hard reset Xiaomi Redmi 3S/ Redmi 3S prime.

  1. So now you are not able to open the device. Means, your device locked and you forget the pattern lock. You want to hard reset it. here is the link to the youtube video which I said above. I recommend you to watch it for more clarifications. the video is not in-depth, so first, read the steps given here.
    how to unlock redmi 3s: 3s prime if password forget
  2. Before going to the steps, make sure that you are downloaded the files said in requirements.
  3. Switch off your device now.
  4. Hold both the power button and volume+ button for some seconds. An MI logo will appear after that you will see an another screen. There you need to select the ‘download’ option.
  5. after pressing the ‘download’ option, your device screen will become blank. this means your device is now on EDL mode. Note this step; this is very important.
  6. After that, connect the device to your computer with USB cable.
    Now right click on computer>>Properties>> Now a new window will get opened>> then click on device manager [at the left top corner].
    From the device manager select PORTS. There you can see ‘QUALCOMM HS-USB QDLOADER 9008’. If you see this, then your device is ready to flash.
    hard reset redmi 3s
  7. Now extract the downloaded files. After that install XiaomiMiFlash Tool on your computer. So now you have ROM [extracted from downloads and Mi Flash tool app]
  8. Open MiFlash tool then click on Refresh. Your device will be listed there. then click on the Select button and browse to the extracted ROM folder. [ select the ROM folder and click OK].
  9. Then click refresh button once again. then at the right bottom corner you can see a options menu [a blank column; click there]. select flash_all_except_data_storage there.
    hard reset redmi 3s prime
  10. Then click on the flash button. It takes some time. After getting the success message, remove your device from computer and turn on your device.
    Boom, your device is unlocked. Enjoy the device. You won’t lose your warranty by following these steps. So don’t worry about it.

FAQ: Xiaomi Redmi 3S/Prime hard Reset [ flash Redmi 3s/Prime]

1.After clicking the ‘Download’ button, the device restarts normally. What will I do now?

ANS: Me too faced the same issue. After clicking the download option [step no.5] my device restarted normally. The device is not going to EDL mode. And it is compulsory to boot to EDL mode to continue further steps. So how to get my device into EDL mode?

There are some methods to put your device into EDL mode. The method I followed is like this:
First take one another Micro USB cable [don’t use your original Xiaomi Micro USB cable]. Then cut off it’s plastic cover, and you can see some coloured wires there. Pick the green and black wires.Now take a needle and pierce through the green and black wires. So there will be a contact between green and black wires. Make sure that there is a connection[contact] between the two wires.
redmi 3s boot to edl mode
Now switch off your device and connect the new altered Micro USB cable to PC and plug the other end [end which connects to the phone] to your phone. Now wait for 15 seconds[you won’t see anything]. After counting 15, pull away the micro USB cable from the device. Congrats, Now your phone is booted into ‘download’ mode.
Now take the original Xiaomi micro USB cable and connect to the PC and device. After that continue from the steps from step no.6.
This is worked fine for me. If you have any doubts in this steps, you can check this video which explaining this method[ booting device to EDL mode with altered micro USB cable]. If this method didn’t work for you then you can also check some other methods to boot your device into EDL mode.

2. I am getting an error “cannot receive hello packet” on Xiaomi Mi flash tool. What should I do now?

ANS: just uninstall and again install the mi flash tool app then after selecting the ROM’s folder select the ‘flash_all_except_data_storage’ option. You are getting above ‘hello packet error’ because you are not selecting this. So it is compulsory. Check the screenshot provided to verify. After selecting the option do flash.

I hope this article helped you in hard resetting your Xiaomi redmi 3s/ prime. I personally tested the above methods and successfully hard reset my Xiaomi redmi 3s prime. In my case redmi 3s prime was locked and forget the pattern lock hence unable to unlock. So this method worked me to unlock my redmi 3s prime through flashing the orignal ROM [hard resetting].  If you have any doubts or queries regarding this just comment below i will help you to hard reset your redmi 3s/3s prime successfully.

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Working Airtel Free 3G Internet Trick For Android with HammerVPN 2017

Working Airtel Free 3G Internet data Trick For Android users with HammerVPN [May 2017]

Hai Guys, we back with another airtel free 3g trick. many of our visitors told that the current airtel 3g trick with port 53 is not working. but it is not blocked. here we solved the problem. by using an app hammer vpn we can solve the problem.
This airtel free 3g internet trick working in 2017 with high speed. you can enjoy free 3g internet on your airtel sim with hammer vpn. So read the below simple steps and enjoy unlimited 3g data on your android mobile with airtel sim.
Read – Airtel free 3g internet for android users by hammer vpn May 2017


Guys We recommend you to try these [above listed ] tricks also. hammer vpn trick [explained in this article] not working for some states, So try above tricks also. So don’t forget to check above free internet airtel tricks.

UPDATE – 01.08.2016 , MOST FREE SERVERS GOT BLOCKED NOW ; Not working hammer vpn free internet trick now. check above said tricks.



Hammer vpn ‘waiting for server reply; error’ solved by this trick.
1. Download hammer VPN : Now download hammer vpn from this link or [link2] 
2. make sure that you are using ‘’ as default APN in your mobile
3. Open hammer vpn on your android device
4. select free server : 24 or 25 or  26 or 27 or 28 [If these servers are not working/connecting try with other servers also] [this is very important in this trick]
5. set internet protocol as UDP
6. Enter Rport: 9201 and Lport:0
7. Hit connect

You will be connected successfully now. if server full message displays try different server [24,25,26,27 or 28].
Now you can enjoy high-speed 3g internet on your android device with this vpn trick.
Thanks to one informed about this trick on our below comment section. hope your support is future too. Confirmed working in kerala. personally tested.

note – error message – ‘this application not available to your country’ can be solved by downloading hammer vpn app from any other apk stores other than playstore. Download from here – download hammer vpn from this link or [link2]  ..
this way you can solve this error: this application not available on your country.


1. First, set as default apn
go to settings>>network settings> access point >> then set ‘’ as default apn
2.  [first try without any data pack at zero balance. if not works then only do this step]
activate any small data pack. [ do recharge of any small twitter pack or facebook pack ]
3. Now download hammer vpn from this link or [link2] or go to Playstore and download Hammer VPN 
4. Then install HammerVPN on your android device , Login to Hammer VPN with troid vpn details or use default.
5. select any free server [ free server 1, free server 3 , 5and free server 6 recommended ]
6. Set internet protocol as UDP
7. Set Rport- 9201 and Lport – 0 


Rport&lport both = 9201
( working confirmed in Kerala)


Rport as- 4078 and  LPort – 2401 or 9201

8. connect and enjoy unlimited free internet on your android device with hammer vpn app.
it is currently working in almost all states. personally tested in kerala.

NOTE – While trying without any data pack, maintain your main account balance below 10 paisa.

If you don’t understand the steps, don’t worry here is a video showing the complete steps- watch below

Video – Watch ‘ how to configure hammer vpn for airtel free internet trick’ – Watch video showing the full steps 


>> hammer VPN not connecting/ disconnecting issue due to overuse -working solution 
** Solution 1: Turn off your airtel sim for 3 days.  after 3 days again try.
That is, switch off your airtel sim inserted device/ take away the sim from phone. After 3 days again insert the sim and try to use hammer vpn. This is a working solution. Some of users getting disconnection issue solved by doing this.

** Solution 2:  Don’t use hammer vpn for 15-25 days. after 15-25 days try hammer again. this works for many users.

>> hammer VPN not connecting/ disconnecting issue – Common solutions

** Try with putting 9201 on both lport and rport
** try with different servers
** try by connecting with 2g network
** Try with any small data packs

Proof of airtel free internet with hammer vpn – working with high-speed [ >2.0 MB]

airtel free internet trick working with high speed 2016


Steps – How to get unlimited free 3g internet data on airtel by hammer vpn 2017

1. First you need to go to and activate facebook or twitter trial pack. [First try without it]
    If you are already used this, Continue with next steps
2. Now go to Playstore and download Hammer VPN or from this link
3. Then install HammerVPN on your android device , Login to Hammer VPN with troid vpn details or use default.
4. Now select Server2 on HammerVPN
5. And Set following details on HammerVPN to enjoy unlimited free 3g internet on airtel sim
Rport – 53 & Lport – 0  and select UDP [at last] {working in many states with 0 balance}
Rport – 53 & Lport – 33019  and select UDP [at last] {working in many states}
Rport – 53 and Lport – 0,49201,49202 and select UDP [at last] {working with trial pack in many states}
6.  You are done. Now connect HammerVPN and enjoy unlimited free 3g internet on your android phone with airtel sim and hammer vpn

Working Airtel Free 3G Internet Trick For Android with HammerVPN [MAY 2015]


We hope that you got the trick. By following above steps correctly you can enjoy free 3g internet on your airtel sim.
If you have any doubts or queries comment below. also share our posts on fb and google+, help us by sharing.


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