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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Get 100% Plus Cashback From Jabong Using this Trick

Sign up on CashKaro and get Rs. 100 in your CashKaro/Bank Account + Get Flat 250 Cashback on Minimum Purchase of Rs. 250 on Jabong – TOTAL RS 350 to your Bank account

Hi techies, here we come with one amazing online shopping loot. Get 100% plus cash back from Jabong. By following this article you can get more than 100% cashback on shopping from Jabong. Here we are using CashKaro online Shopping discount website for cashback. Cashkaro providing RS 100 on signup and 100% cashback on purchases of 250 or more from Jabong. SO total you get RS 350 cashback on Cashkaro. This cashback can be redeemed as Real money to the bank, PAYTM, gift vouchers and recharge. SO with cashkaro, you are getting more than 100% cashback on purchasing from Jabong.

How to Get 100 Rs signup bonus from Cashkaro

1) Firstly, go to CashKaro Website – Click Here
2) Enter Your Name, Email ID and Password
3) Click on “Join Free Now” .
4) After successful registration, Go to my Account Page. Now you can see the RS 100 money on your cashkaro account. You can redeem cashkaro money as real money to bank, PAYTM, recharge and other gift vouchers

jabong 100% cashback

How to get RS 250 cashback on Purchases of 250 or more @ Jabong

1) First login to your cashkaro account
2) Then Go to This Link – Click Here
3) Then Click On Visit Retailer & Get Cashback for go to Jabong site
4) You are redirected to Jabong Website
5) Complete your Shopping with Anything Above Rs.250
6) And Receive Rs. 250 Cash Back In Your cashkaro account.
7) You can redeem cashkaro money as real money to bank, PAYTM, recharge and other gift vouchers

Note: SO here total you are getting RS 350 cashback to Cashkaro.
That is, just buy anything around RS 250 and get Rs 350 to your bank account.
You can redeem this amount to the bank account, PAYTM, recharge or as any gift vouchers.

PS: Cash back is received in 24 hrs in CashKaro account shown as pending. It’s shows pending but cash is automatically approved after 40 days i.e after return policy period is over. Hope you understand 😉 🙂

This is a great offer. Buy anything around RS 250 and get RS 350 to your bank account. seems great. Don’t miss this deal. Also, do share this with your friends. If you have any doubts do comment below.

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Manage Your Android Device Storage Easily: MoveIt App

Are your tired of Low Storage Space which does not let you download your favorite app or game. Searching for a solution?Normally a lot of the Storage space is occupied by the Images,Videos and Audios. Transferring them to SD card could solve the issue, but transferring them to SD Card sometimes could be a difficult job.

To make the whole process easier and to give you the full freedom to manage your Medias so that you can use your Android device to the fullest without worrying about the Low Storage Space there is an app Called MoveIt which lets you manage your Media.MoveIt lets you Transfer your Images, Videos, and Audios to SD Card and also from SD Card to Internal Storage. Not only that but MoveIt has many other cool features.

Features – Move It APP

  • Transfer Media to SD Card – Moveit helps to transfer your Images, Videos and Audios to SD Card from internal storage.
  • Transfer Media to Internal Storage – Moveit helps to transfer your Images, Videos and Audios to SD Card from internal storage.
  • Auto Transfer – Auto Transfer is a unique one of its kind features that automatically transfers your medias to SD Card without opening the app.
  • Inbuilt Cleaner – MoveIt has a inbuilt junk cleaner that helps to clean your Phones junk such as apk, thumbnail etc to boost your phone’s speed and also to increase the storage.
  • Media Scanner – MoveIt has a Internal and External Storage Media Scanner which help’s you to find the hidden medias in your Phone.
  • Search – Easily search for your Medias whether they are present in Internal Storage or in SD Card.
  • Media player – With MoveIt’s inbuilt Media Player view Images, and Play Videos and Listen to your Audios.
  • Delete – Not only MoveIt let’s you transfer your Media but it also lets you Delete your Media.
  • New Folder – Easily create New Folder while selecting the path to transfer Your Media to.
  • Multi select – Transfer your Images,Videos and Audios together to SD Card.
  • Large medias – MoveIt can transfer Any Amount of Media.
  • Sorted Media – All your Medias are sorted out Date wise so that you don’t have to search for them.
  • Media Manager – Moveit is the only Media Manager you need as it lets you Transfer,Delete and View your Medias.

What’s different about MoveIt?

What sets apart MoveIt from other apps is the efficiency and the ease with which it transfer your Medias to SD Card and vice versa. All the Medias are sorted

out date wise. It can also Transfer a large number of files from Internal Storage to SD Card and vice versa.


MoveIt is the only app you will be needing to manage your Media. If you are the One who suffers for Low Storage Space regularly then MoveIt is a must have app for you.

The size of the app is less than 5 MB which means you can easily download it.

You can download MoveIt from this link- Download MoveIt

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Monday, 7 August 2017

{BYPASS JIO 1 GB LIMIT}Get True 4G Speed Even After 1 GB Limit in Jio Happy New Year Offer – Jio Unlimited 4G

Enjoy Real 4G speed even after 1 GB Limit in Jio Happy New Year Offer – Bypass Jio 1 GB / 4 GB limit

Hi friends, I think all of you already know about 1 GB daily limit of Jio Happy New Year Offer. Before on welcome offer it has 4 GB daily limit and now the latest happy new year offer has just 1gb per day.What is the daily limit is? That is, after the daily limit the 4G data speed caps to 128 Kbps. For heavy 4G users, the 1 Gb daily limit is not sufficient. But don’t worry guys here we are sharing some working tricks to bypass this 1 GB daily limit [remove 1 GB limit] of Jio Happy new year So that you can use more than 1 GB per day without any speed cap. Jio Unlimited 4G internet trick.

Note : One of our visitor confirmed that the proxy trick [trick #1] working fine in Kerala.

This tricks can also be used for bypassing jio 4gb limit in the welcome offer. That is, you can follow these tricks use more than 4 GB data with real 4g speed in jio welcome offer.

Get True 4G Speed Even After 1 GB Limit in Jio Happy New Year Offer

What is Jio Happy New Year Offer and Daily Speed Limit

Jio has recently announced a new Happy new year offer Which will be applicable for all existing Jio users from 1st January 2017 and for all new users who are taking Jio sim from 5th December 2016.

The new Jio happy New Year offer Free calling, Free SMS and Free 4G Internet Data with a daily limit of 1 GB.
So what is after 1 Gb use? The answer is just simple, your speed will be reduce to 128 Kbps. Less than the 2G speed. Somehow we can say that, after 1GB use we can’t even browse the web.

But guys, no need to worry. Here sharing some cool tricks to enjoy real high-speed 4g in jio Happy New Year Offer even after 1 GB daily limit.


Working Tricks to Bypass Jio 1 GB 4G Data Daily Limit – Jio 1 GB speed cap solutions

#4 Trick to enjoy real 4g speed even after 1GB in Jio 4G

  1. Go to settings>>Mobile networks>> select jio sim>> then click on JIONET apn >> there change the APN protocol to ipv4/ipv6
  2. Now start using mobile data [jio 4g data]. use the normally till it reaches around 700 MB.
  3. After 700 MB, go to Youtube and download some videos using IDM [download 3-6 videos]
  4. Now your mobile data speed will reduce/stop even before 100 MB remaining in 1GB quota.
    If files get paused//stopped, try resuming download multiple times.
    If your downloading start don’t stop trick will work else go to further steps.

  5. Now go to APN settings and change APN protocol from ipv4/ipv6 to ipv6
  6. then use facebook, youtube and google only.browse these services only. consume around 50-60 MB data and restart your device
  7. then again use facebook/youtube/google only up to 5-10MB.
  8. then change APN protocol settings from ipv6 to ipv4/ipv6
  9. Now, start/ resume youtube video downloads. you are able to get real 4g speed now.
    you are done. now you can enjoy more than 1 GB data without any speed cap.


This trick is little long but working fine.

#2 Bypass Jio 1 GB or 4 GB Limit easily – Jio Unlimited 4G data Trick

Follow the below steps after crossing your 1 GB in Jio. This is one of the simplest method to bypass jio 1gb limit. This trick worked fine for me [not working now]. If this trick not working for you, then first uninstall myjio app from your device and follow below steps.

  1. Turn off your mobile data and after that switch off your mobile phone.
  2. Now remove jio sim from the phone and switch on the device.
  3. now goto settings>>applications>> and clear data of all jio apps.
  4. then again switch off mobile phone and insert jio sim to device.
  5. Now switch on your mobile phone and turn on mobile data.
    That’s it. Your high-speed is back. enjoy true 4g speed unlimited in jio.

#1 Proxy method to bypass jio happy new year offer 1 GB speed limit

  1. Go to Phone settings>> Mobile Networks >> Select Jio Sim >> Create New Access Point.
  2. APN Name: Techintor
  3. Enter APN – JIONET
  4. APN Type – Default
  5. Enter Proxy – and Port 80
  6. Server –

Now save settings and make this APN as default APN. After that, restart your device then start using free jio 4g data. Your speed will not be capped after 1 GB

Note: Don’t turn off mobile data after 4 GB. Use data continuously. 

#3 Avoid Jio 1GB speed cap using MyJio App Trick

  1. First Uninstall My Jio app and also all Jio Apps from your device.
  2. Then download MyJio 3.2.05 version and install on your device. After that Turn off your mobile data and WiFi [if connected].
  3. Now Open the MyJio app which installed on 2nd step. You can see a pop saying ‘ No internet connection Found ‘. Now turn on your mobile data and quickly tap on SKIP button.
    You need to click on SKIP button very quick after turning on mobile data. Otherwise, you get an alert to update the app. If you failed to click on skip button then turn off mobile data and go to settings>>apps>>myjio app>> clear data and then do this step again [step 3].
  4. Now on MyJio app, open and install all jio apps from there. After that turn off your mobile data
  5. Now open MyJio App, and you can see a button ‘ GET JIO SIM’. Just click on this button.
  6. Now turn on your mobile data, you can see a message like ‘you are successfully activated preview offer’.
  7. Now very quickly tap on your back button to go back page
  8. Now click on skip sign in or sign up button. Don’t worry it will automatically login to your MyJio account.
  9. That’s it. Now you are in JIO Preview Offer. That is you can enjoy unlimited 4g internet data without any speed capping. This is a one-time process, and you don’t need to repeat every time.

These are some tricks to bypass jio 1gb limit. please try all above tricks. we are still trying to find some easy tricks to avoid jio 1gb speed cap, so stay tuned with us. we will update this article with new working tricks to use jio 4g after 1gb limit in jio happy new year offer.
I hope this jio unlimited 4g internet trick worked for you.
If this trick working fine for you, then please share this article on WhatsApp, facebook and other social networking websites.

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Thursday, 3 August 2017

How to Link Aadhaar Card with Airtel,Idea Number – Complete Procedure Described

Hi friends, Today we are sharing an article on the topic ‘ how to link aadhaar card with Airtel,Idea Number ‘. Hope you guys already heard about linking your aadhaar card with your mobile number. I think you guys already got some messages like this ‘ as per government’s directive it is mandatory to link your aadhaar card with your mobile number…‘ yeah, it is now mandatory.
So guys, follow this article to get know how to link your mobile number [Idea, Airtel] with your aadhaar card.

Link Aadhaar Card with Airtel,Idea Number

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What is actually mobile number Aadhaar card linking?

the sim owner needs to verify his number with his aadhaar card.

I am already taken my sim using aadhaar card as proof? still, i need to verify?

Yeah. You need to do a biometric verification which includes finger print verification also. So you should link your aadhaar card with your mobile number.

I am a Jio User, done biometric verification while taking sim. Still, I need to verify?

No. i think almost all jio users taken sim using aadhaar card as proof and already done biometric verification [finger print verification] while taking sim. then you don’t need to do follow this procedure again. you have completed the linking procedure already.
IF you are an Idea,Airtel customer then follow this article and Link Aadhaar Card with Airtel,Idea Number

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Why Link Aadhaar card with mobile number?

Government has taken this decision to lower the number of fake sims. yeah, there are a huge number of fake sims already spread over the country and people misusing these fake sims. with this action, the government can stop fake sims spreading.

How to Link my aadhaar card with my Mobile Number –  Link Aadhaar Card with Airtel,Idea Number

Things you need to Link Aadhaar Card with Airtel,Idea Number

  • your aadhaar card
  • your sim card. Idea or Airtel
  • finger print for verification

Steps to Link Aadhaar Card with Airtel,Idea Number

  1. First go to any nearest Airtel Store/ Idea store or nearest recharge shop
  2. then tell them you want to link your idea or airtel number to aadhaar card.
  3. you need to provide your idea/airtel sim and aadhaar card.
  4. they do everything. as a part of verification, you will receive an otp on your idea/airtel number
  5. you need to verify your finger print
  6. after successful completion of procedures you can go.
  7. you are done. you linked your aadhaar card with your airtel/idea number

Is aadhaar card and idea/airtel linking have any service charges

no. it is absolutely free. you don’t need to pay anything. if someone asks money do contact your customer care.

what is the last date to link aadhaar card with my mobile number [idea/airtel] ?

as per the current information, the last date for linking your mobile number with aadhaar card is February 2018. It means, after this date, all mobile number which is not linked to aadhaar card will be blocked.

that’s all about idea/Airtel number and aadhaar card linking procedure. hope you understand everything related to ‘How to Link Aadhaar Card with Airtel,Idea Number’. please do comment your doubts regarding this. we are happy to help you. also, do share this article with your friends. sharing is caring.

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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Tricks and Tips to Get Unlimited Instagram Followers Easily

Fake instagram Followers – Tricks & Tips to Get Unlimited Instagram Followers Easily

Hi tech folks, today presenting you fake Instagram followers trick. Hope you guys already read our exclusive trick to get unlimited fake Facebook likes. Lots of our fans requested us to write an article to get unlimited Instagram followers easily. Yeah, we always with you guys. The fake Instagram followers tricks and tips are ready here.So guys let’s got to the article.I hope all of you landed here already have an Instagram account and know the basics of Instagram.Fake Instagram Followers Free

I hope all of you landed here already have an Instagram account and know the basics of Instagram. Anyway, for the formality let me introduce you Instagram. Instagram is a Mobile and Desktop Photo sharing application. The users can make free accounts on Instagram and can share their photos completely for free publicly or privately. Users can connect other users they interested. To make a connection with another account the user needs to follow their profile.
fake instagram followers

In this article, we are sharing the tricks and tips to get unlimited Instagram followers. If you are searching for “1000 free followers on instagram” or “free instagram followers instantly” or “fake instagram followers” or ” fake free instagram followers app” or “instagram followers free” then this article is for you.

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Tricks and Tips to get unlimited Instagram followers free

  1. Post Consistently – Working trick to get Instagram followers free

Being publishing posts consistently will allow you to get some new followers easily. By posting new posts regularly, your posts may become get top at other Instagram users feed. thus you get new Instagram followers easily.

2. Using Hashtags Properly – Get more Instagram Followers easily

Hashtags are one of the popular features of Instagram. While publishing new posts the user can add hashtags. Using proper hashtags will allow you to get more targeted reach for posts. thus you get new Instagram followers easily also you get reactions to your post. Some of the best Instagram followers are following: #love #instagood #tbt #cute #follow #photooftheday

3. Give and Take – Increase your Instagram followers free

One of the best methods for increasing followers in Instagram is ‘give and take’ method. this is simple, do follow other Instagrammers and of course, 80% of them follow you back. this method works for both followers and like in Instagram.
give and take - free instagram followers

4. Use nice Captions – tips to get huge instagram followers free

Publishing posts with sexy captions get users notice. thus the posts get more reactions and finally the posts get good reach. thus you get more new followers in Instagram free.
captions: get instagram followers free

5. Use Geotagging – get local Instagram followers free

Adding your location to posts allow you to get followers from the same place. Eg: If you add Mumbai City as the location in an Instagram post, the users from the Mumbai may find your profile.
add geo location: free instagra followers

Fake Instagram Followers List: Free Unlimited Instagram followers

The following fake Instagram followers websites/apps are not fully working. you may need to finish surveys to get Instagram followers free. For safety, first try with a fake new Instagram account.
Note: we are not responsible for any issues regarding this Fake Instagram followers apps

  • Fake Instagram Follower: Mr. Insta: Get free Instagram followers easily.

    This is one of the popular fake Instagram follower websites. They are not unlimited but you can get a good amount of Instagram followers for free. they have paid service also.

  • Fake Instagram Follower: Instafollowers.Net – Huge amount of Free Instagram Followers easily

    With this website, you can get 1000 – 5000 Instagram followers easily. you may need to complete surveys to finish the task in this website.
    You may need: Here is our article to bypass online surveys easily

  • Fake Instagram Follower:  Instamacro: Get Free Real Instagram Followers, Likes etc

I recommend you to try genuine methods to increase Instagram followers. the first section ‘tricks and tips for Instagram followers’ are 100% genuine methods. Anyway, you can try the fake Instagram followers apps for educations purposes [try with new test account].

That’s all about ‘ fake Instagram followers: get free unlimited Instagram followers‘ article. hope you guys enjoyed reading this free Instagram followers working tricks and tips. if you found this article useful then please do share with your friends also. Thanks for reading, do share your views on this article on comment section below.

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Friday, 21 July 2017

How to Buy JioPhone: Guide to Buy Jio Free 4G Phone Successfully

How to Buy JioPhone: Guide to Buy Jio Free 4G Phone [JioPhone] Easily

Hi friends, Don’t know you guys heard or not? Jio launched a free 4g phone in India. yeah free 4g phone from jio and it is named as JioPhone. The JioPhone free 4g phone announced today [21/07/2017] on Reliance AGM. The JioPhone costs Rs.0 effectively. In this article, we are showing you how to buy JioPhone successfully. If you are looking to buy JioPhone then continue reading this article.

You can Read the JioPhone announcement News Here: Jio launched JioPhone costs RS.0

We are directly going to the JioPhone: how to buy section, later this section we will explain Jio’s free 4g phone [JioPhone] specs, features, and other complete details

Buy JioPhone

How to Buy JioPhone Easily: Guide to Buy JioPhone, Free 4G phone

According to today’s Reliance AGM, Jio announced that the JioPhone will be sold via MyJIO App and Jio offline stores.

Steps to Book JioPhone from MyJio App (or at RS.0

  1. First, download and install the latest MyJio App from Playstore or go to
  2. Now you can see details of JioPhone, tap on the ‘Book Now’ button.
  3. You will be asked some details to enter
  4. Great, you are successfully booked JioPhone now.
  5. Jio said that they will produce 5 lakhs of devices every week.

Note: The steps to book jiophone said above is not officially confirmed. there may be some changes.
There is something called security deposit that you need to pay. all information regarding this is not declared yet.

Steps to buy JioPhone from Jio offlines stores

Jio already announced that the device will be available through Jio offline stores also. We don’t know that there will be any pre-order or booking needed. The information regarding this is not been confirmed.
I think there will be some Pre-order needed to buy Jiophone from jio’s offline stores.
We will update this section soon they officially announce the complete steps to buy Jiophone from jio’s offline store

Is JioPhone is completely Free? Then what is the security deposit?

This was the words from Mukesh Ambani, ‘The JioPhone will be effectively Free’. What does this mean? lots of people confused about this statement.

The customer needs to pay RS 1500 as a security deposit to buy jiophone. This amount is completely refundable. After 3 years of purchase, the customer can return and get the complete refund of RS 1500.

the details regarding when need to pay the security deposit are not yet disclosed. most probably you may need to pay the security deposit of Rs 1500 while buying the JioPhone.

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JioPhone Specs, features, and Images

Jio RS.0 Phone Details
Name JioPhone
Prize Effectively Free
Display 2.4 Inch
RAM 512 MB
Storage 4 GB + Expandable
Camera 2-megapixel rear camera, VGA front


jiophone specs

That’s all about ‘How to buy JioPhone’ or ‘how to book JioPhone’. we will update this article with all latest info on booking and buying of JioPhone. If you have any doubts regarding jiophone booking then do comment below. also do share this article with your friends and help them too.

Incoming search terms: How to pre-order JioPhone easily, Book JioPhone successfully, order JioPhone, buy JioPhone for free

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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Get Free Hotstar Premium Account: All Tricks and Offers Listed 2017

Get Free Hotstar Premium Account: All Tricks and Offers Listed: HOTSTAR PREMIUM TRICK JULY 2017

Hi, friends, Today here sharing all free Hotstar premium account tricks and offers. Hotstar is one of the popular online streaming sites in India. They offer online movies streaming, Television serials streaming, Live Cricket and other sports etc. But with a free account, you can’t able to enjoy all these services. You need to purchase a hotstar premium account to enjoy all hotstar services without any limits. The premium account costs Rs 199 per month as of now. For every user, this price will not be easy to pay. Rs 199 per month means Rs 2400 per year. Not affordable for normal Indian online streamers. SO here sharing free hotstar premium account tricks and offers 2017. In this article, we share all Tricks and discount offers related to the hotstar premium account. Also, we will update with latest working hotstar premium account username and password. so guys if you are really looking for hotstar premium account login details July 2017 then continue reading this article. Get free hotstar premium membership July 2017


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What are the benefits of Hotstar Premium account?

  • The hotstar Premium membership grants you access to all hotstar premium titles which are currently available on the platform as well as the titles which they will add in future.
  • Premium English shows and movies are only available for premium users.
    Eg: The game of thrones English serial is only available for hotstar premium users
  • Latest Hindi movies and regional movies are exclusively available for premium users
  • For premium members, there will be early access for TV shows
  • All sports online live streaming is available for premium members
  • You can read complete details of Hotstar premium membership here

Free Hotstar Premium Account Trick july 2017

  1. First, go to Hotstar premium subscription page. click on ‘start your free trial’ now.
  2. now signup there for a new account. you need to enter your email address or you can signup via your Facebook account
  3. then at payment section do select Paytm wallet.
  4. pay Rs 199 using your paytm wallet. Don’t worry, the amount will be refunded if you cancel the subscription before 1 month.
  5. Yeah, you are done. now you have the free hotstar premium account. enjoy hotstar premium subscription free
  6. Cancel the subscription before 28 days and get RS 199 refund to your Paytm Wallet. So you got free hotstar premium subscription for 1 month using this trick

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Latest free Hotstar premium account offers July 2017

  • Hotstar offering a First-month free hotstar premium account.

    Note: You need to pay the RS 199 amount, but this will be refunded if you cancel the premium membership before the 1st month.

  • HDFC cards 100% cash back offer for hotstar premium membership:

    For HDFC debit card or credit card holders can avail 2 months additional free hotstar premium membership
    1. First, register a new account on Hotstar
    2. now subscribe for premium. use your HDFC debit or credit card on payment section. this time you will be charged only Rs.5 as service charge.
    done, you are now subscribed to 3-months free hotstar premium account.
    3. after each month you will be charged Rs 199 but don’t worry it will be credited to your HDFC account return as cash back.
    Note:  100% cashback on subscription for two months using HDFC Credit & Debit Cards (only issued in India) of the Hotstar Premium service. Hotstar is a web and application based video-on-demand service owned and operated by Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited (“Novi“).
    Note: To be eligible for the Offer, the customer is required to register the HDFC Credit/Debit Card as the payment mode on Hotstar between 16th July 2017 and 30th July 2017

Working free Hotstar premium account username and password July 2017

1. Free Hotstar Premium account password and id.

Email- and Password- Google001

We will add more hotstar premium account login details in the article soon.

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That’s all about free hotstar premium account trick and offers. hope you are able to use hotstar premium account free using above tricks. if you like this article please do share with your friends. also, keep visiting our website for more tricks like this. Thanks for reading share your feedback through below comment section.

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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Get Maximum Discounts On Jio 399 Recharge Using These Tricks

Jio Coupons: Tricks to Get maximum discounts on Jio 399 Recharge

Hi friends, Hope you guys already got know about Jio’s New Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer. If don’t then check this article: Jio New dhan Dhana dhan offer details [click here]. The New Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer priced Rs 399 for 1 GB per day offer. In this article, We are not describing the New Jio plans. Here we are sharing the Jio discount coupons and offers provided by different online recharge sites such as PAYTM, MOBIKWIK, TAPZO etc. So that you can use these coupons and offers for Jio RS 399 or any other Jio Recharges and can get discounts on the recharge. If you are a person who is going to recharge Jio 399 plan or any other jio plan then must read this article. because this article can save lots of your money. Save money on Jio recharges with this article. Save money on jio 399 recharge.

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What is Jio 399 Recharge Plan?

As I said in the first paragraph, Jio 399 plan is Jio’s latest offer which providing 1GB 4G data per day. Here are the complete details of jio 399 recharge

Jio 399 Recharge Plan Details
Recharge Amount RS 399
4G data 1GB Per day 4G. After 1GB/ 128KbPs Unlimited data.
Validity 84 Days
Calling Unlimited Free Calling
SMS Unlimited SMS


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Jio 399 Recharge Discounts and Offers 2017

All Jio 399 Recharge Discount coupons and Jio recharge cashback coupons list

Online Recharge site/app Discount/offer Coupon Code
Mobikwik Rs.49 Cashback JIO399
Mobikwik 10% Cashback On All Plans JIOKWIK
PAYTM Rs.5 Cashback FLAT5
TAPZO Rs.15 Cashback On Jio Recharges JIOPRIME15
PhonePe 30% Cashback On 1st 3 Recharges


  1. Mobikwik RS 49 cashback on Jio 399 recharge

  • First Goto Mobikwik website/app 
  • now sign in to your account [if you are a new user then do register a new account].
  • Initiate a recharge of Rs 399 for your jio number
  • During payment apply the below coupon code
  • Coupon Code: JIO399 
  • After recharge RS 49 will be credited to your mobikwik wallet instantly.
  • Yo. You just saved Rs 49 on your jio rs 399 recharge
  • Note: This coupon code is only applicable on Jio 399 recharge. This offer is available for both new and old mobikwik users.

2. Mobikwik 10% cashback on all Jio recharges

  • First Goto Mobikwik website/app 
  • now sign in to your account [if you are a new user then do register a new account].
  • Initiate a recharge of Rs 399 or any other jio plan recharge amount
  • During payment apply the below coupon code
  • Coupon Code: JIOKWIK
  • After recharge, 10%  of recharge amount will be credited to your mobikwik wallet instantly.
  • Note: This coupon code is applicable on all jio recharges above Rs 100. This offer is available for both new and old mobikwik users.

3. PayTM FLAT5 discount coupon code Offer fro Jio Recharges

  • First Goto PayTM website/app 
  • now sign in to your account [if you are a new user then do register a new account].
  • Initiate a recharge of Rs 399 or any other jio plan recharge amount
  • During payment apply the below coupon code
  • Coupon Code: FLAT5
  • After recharge, RS 5 Cashback will be added to your PAYTM wallet.
  • Note: This coupon code is applicable on all jio recharges above Rs 100. This offer is available for both new and old PAYTM users. This coupon code can be used 3 times per user

4. PhonePe APP: 30% Cashback Offer

  • First Download and Install PhonePe app
  • now sign in to your account [if you are a new user then do register a new account].
  • Initiate a recharge of Rs 399 or any other jio plan recharge amount
  • After recharge, 30% cashback will be added to your PhonePe account.
  • Note: This offer gives 30% cashback on customer’s 1st ever, 2nd and 3rd prepaid mobile recharge transaction on PhonePe. Subject to a maximum cashback of ₹30 per transaction.
    This Offer Ends on 22nd July 2017

LATEST JIO NEWS: JIO GOING TO LAUNCH RS 500 4G PHONE – check complete details here

That’s all about jio 399 recharge discount coupons and offers. Hope you guys got some good deals for jio recharges. Use any of the above offers and save money on jio 399 recharge. Get cashback on jio recharges using above methods.
If you know any other best jio recharge deals then do comment below also don’t forget to share this with your friends. Thanks For Reading and Keep visiting

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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Jio to Launch Jio Rs 500 4G Phone on 21st July: Report, Complete details

Jio Launching Jio Rs 500 4G Phone – Cheapest 4G Phone Ever

Hi folks, There is a report from Indian tech experts and telecom networks analysts that Reliance Jio will launch World’s cheapest 4g phone ever this month [july 2017]. From the reports, it seems that jio to launch jio Rs 500 smartphone this July 21st, the day Reliance fixed the annual general meeting. AS like the launch of the company (Reliance Jio), this is also not confirmed. They always surprise us with great offers. We can hope that the Jio RS 500 4g Phone news will get confirmation on this July 21st, the day which we expected as jio rs 500 launch date. If you are interested in knowing about Jio’s latest cheap 4g phone then do continue reading this article.

Also Read – Jio 4G Data Plans for Prime and Non-Prime members

Jio RS 500 4g phone expected name

Don’t know you guys remember about Jio Lyf Easy which was a rumor on the same topic. At 2016 end, There was a rumor spreading that jio going to launch Rs 1000 4g smartphone called Jio Lyf Easy. But it still stands as a rumor. There were no updates on this. As from the reports from Economic times the new Jio Rs 500 4g phone also will be manufactured by LYF smartphone company. SO there is a chance that this RS 500 4g phone from jio will be named as Jio Lyf Easy.

Bonus Tip: Are you a Jio user? If yes then Do check Jio Free Caller Tune Trick

Jio’s Cheapest 4G Phone – Rs 500 4G device Specs/Features

The features and price of the device are actually not confirmed. The expected price is Rs 500 and features are as follows:

Jio 500 Rs Phone Details
Name Jio LYF Easy
Prize Rs.500 (Expected)
Display 2.4 Inch
RAM 512 MB
Storage 4 GB + Expandable
Camera 2-megapixel rear camera, VGA front


Jio Rs 500 4G phone Availability: How to Buy Jio’s cheapest 4G phone

There is no news regarding jio’s cheapest phone sale is out. anyway, the reports say the phone officially launch on July 21st and will be available for people from August 15th, 2017.
We can expect the device will be available in both online and offline stores. the jio may sell the device through their official website directly or may available for all online stores [amazon.flipkart etc]. Yeah, there are strong chances that the device will be available in local offline stores. since the device targets normal Indian people who are not at all cares about smartphones and high-end devices.
The confirmation on how to buy the jio rs 500 cheapest 4g phone will be updated on this article soon.

Leaked Image of Jio’s cheapest 4g phone


The leaked device pic shows that the phone has separate hardware buttons for MyJio, JioTV, JioCinema, and JioMusic apps.

Final words

The above price, specs and other details are not confirmed. But, yeah we get this information from trusted sources and there are strong chances to came this news true. If this Jio RS 500 4g Phone came true then it is sure that jio will rock.It will be the cheapest 4g phone launched all over the world. We can hope for the best. Do share this news with your friends also. thanks for reading also share your views on jio’s latest cheapest 4g phone.

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Monday, 3 July 2017

InFocus Turbo 5 Vs Other Budget Smartphones :Choose Your Budget Device

Recently InFocus launched their latest smartphone InFocus Turbo 5 in India. The smartphone comes with 5000mAh powerful battery in 2 variants – 2 GB/ 16GB and 3GB/32 GB priced at Rs 6999 and Rs 7999 respectively. Yeah, the features of this device best suit the budget smartphone buyers in India. In this article, is comparing InFocus Turbo 5 Vs other budget devices in the same price range. If you are looking to buy a smartphone with good battery capacity priced under Rs 10000, then this is for you.

InFocus Turbo 5 Vs Other Budget Smartphones

First of all, we will discuss the InFocus Turbo 5 specifications. The device features a 5.2 inch HD display. The InFocus Turbo 5 is running on Android’s latest version Nougat 7.0.Talking about the processor, the Turbo 5 has the latest MediaTek MT6737 quad-core processor clocked at 1.25GHz combined with Mali-T720 MP2 GPU. Looking at the camera department, InFocusTurbo 5 holds a 13 MP primary camera and 5 MP front-facing camera for selfies.
The device will be exclusively available on Amazon India from July 4. Buy Now
For complete specs and features of InFocus Turbo 5 click here

infocus turbo 5

Now we can look at other popular budget smartphones which have been recently launched in India. The Xiaomi Redmi 4 priced RS 6999 gives a real competition to Turbo 5. The Redmi 4, however, comes with a 5 Inch HD display which is little smaller than Turbo 5 screen. On the other hand, Redmi 4 features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 processor clocked at 1.4GHz, It is clear that Redmi 4 has a somewhat more powerful processor. In the camera department, of both devices are the same. The big difference comes when comparing the battery capacity. The Redmi 4 is powered with a 4100 mAh battery. Of course, without a doubt, here InFocus Turbo 5 wins! The Redmi 4 supports 4G VoLTE, WIFI, and Bluetooth. The rest of the features of both devices are almost same.

redmi 4

The other favorite smartphone brand Motorola also has a good competitor for Turbo 5. The Motorola Moto C Plus priced at Rs 6999 also comes with Android Nougat out of the box and has the same processor as that of Turbo 5. But in the camera department, Moto C Plus is as follows – 8 MP primary camera and 2 MP secondary camera.The Moto C Plus supports dual-SIM (nano), 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Why I listed Moto C Plus in this article is because Moto C plus also has an excellent battery capacity of 4000mAh, which again cannot be beaten by the 5000 mAh of InFocus Turbo 5.

moto c

In this article, we just compared 3 budget smartphones from 3 popular smartphone vendors. These 3 devices are almost conventional in the price and features but in many respects, InFocus Turbo 5 proved much ahead of its budget counterparts. Hope you guys got a simple idea on InFocus Turbo 5 Vs other budget devices. Don’t forget to share your views through the comment section below.

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Sunday, 2 July 2017

InFocus Turbo 5 With 5000mAh Battery Launched in India – Complete Features Listed

InFocus the growing smartphone company, is launched their latest smartphone named ‘InFocus Turbo 5’ in India. The company recently launched InFocus m5s with 4000mAh battery in the Southeast Asian market. Instead of launching the same in India they are launched one new model #InFocusTurbo5 with 5000mAh battery. As like the previous InFocus devices, the InFocus turbo 5 is also manufactured by Foxconn, Foxconn is one popular smartphone manufacturer company. They also work with Apple [iPhone assembler]. The #InFocusTurbo5 getting very good response from tech community from its launch.

The InFocus Turbo 5 is running on Android latest version Android 7.0 Nougat. When compares with the M5s the turbo comes with fewer specs but with a bigger battery. The 5000mAh battery provides everlasting experience for users, 23 hours of talk time and lasts up to 816 hours on standby mode. And we are pretty sure that, the devices will well suit for users who are looking for a real battery capacity device. Turbo 5 have 5.2 Inch HD display, and the lightness of the design makes the device much comfortable for users. Talking about the processor, the Turbo 5 have latest MediaTek MT6737 quad-core processor clocked at 1.25GHz and joined with Mali-T720 MP2 GPU. The device comes in 2 variants 2GB RAM /16GB ROM and 3GB RAM /32GB ROM.

When comes to camera department, the Turbo 5 packed with 13 MP autofocus rear camera with LED flash and 5 MP front facing camera for selfies. The Turbo 5 have 2 sim slots with 4G LTE Connectivity. The device also supports the following connectivity options Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, FM Radio, 3.5mm Audio port, and MicroUSB 2.0 port.

News: InFocus Officially launched the device [turbo 5] 28th June in India. The device will be exclusively available in Amazon India from July 4. The 2GB RAM/ 16GB ROM variant priced RS 6999 and the 3GB RAM/ 32 GB ROM option priced RS 7999.
Click Here to View the Product in Amazon: Buy InFocus Turbo 5 From Amazon India

InFocus Turbo 5 Info: Complete Specifications List

Outward Appearance (Design) Dimension(Length*Width*Thicknes/mm) 149.5mm*74mm*8.95mm
Processor Supplier Mediatek
Model MT6737
CPU Structure ARM9
Core(s) 1.25Ghz
Display Supplier Kingdisplay
Material IPS
Dimension(Inch) 5.2″
Resolution 720*1280
Battery Capacity (mAh) 5000mah(TYP)/4850mah(MIN)
Spare battery Yes
Main Camera Pixels(M) 13M
Auto Focus  Support
Video Resolution(Supported Ratio List) 176*144
Flash Light Support
Front Facing Camera Pixels(M) 5M
Auto Focus Not Support
Video Resolution(Supported Ratio List) 176*144
Storage RAM storage capacity(Byte) 2GB/3GB
ROM storage capacity(Byte) 16GB/32GB
Extended Memory Card Type micro SD
Supported Maximum Memory Card Capacity (Byte) 32GB
Connectivity GSM Band B8/B3/B2
Edge Support
UMTS band(supported by both HW/SW) B8/B1
Bluetooth Supported Support
Bluetooth Version V4.0
WIFI Supported Support
WIFI Version Not Support
USB Version USB 2.0 HS
Sensor GPS Supported Support
A-GPS Supported Support
G-Sensor Supported Support
Range Sensor Supported Support
Light Sensor Supported
E-Compass Support
Gyroscope Not Support
OS Title Android 7.0


From the specs, the Turbo 5 have similar to M5s. There is fingerprint sensor in Turbo 5 which can be helpful for the security of the device. The device comes with Mocha Gold and pure gold color, and Of course ‘Turbo 5’ is one of the best budget devices of 2017. #InFocusTurbo5

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Thursday, 29 June 2017

WORKING Method: How to Root OnePlus 5 and Install TWRP Recovery Easily

Root OnePlus 5 and Install TWRP Recovery

How can I root my OnePlus 5 Device?

OnePlus is one of the best smartphones in the world and OnePlus 5 is their latest model. OnePlus 5 got huge attention in tech communities and it is officially launched on June 20. The device priced RS 32999 and awarded the best device available at this price currently.Sorry, we are not discussing the features or other specs of OnePlus 5 in this article. here I am showing you how to root your OnePlus 5 android device and install TWRP recovery on it.
Hope you guys already knew about what is rooting and it’s advantages. Anyway, for formality, let me tell you that rooting is the process of getting root access to your Android OS completely.The main advantage of rooting is that you can install Root access needed apps and also you can uninstall system apps from your device.

ONEPLUS 5 Root and install twrp recovery

So guys let me move to the Rooting section of OnePlus 5.
For rooting your OnePlus 5 phone you need to complete following 3 sections:

  1. Unlocking Bootloader: To root your device it is very important to unlock your bootloader. After unlocking the bootloader you can root your device also you will be able to install custom ROM on your device.

  2. Install TWRP Recovery: Yeah in this article as I said in the introduction we are installing TWRP recovery. There are lots of Recovery tools [like CWM] are available, but for rooting OnePlus 5 here we are using TWRP recovery. It’s one popular and useful recovery tool.

  3. Rooting: After installing TWRP recovery tool you can simply root your device with Super Su.

Hope you understand some basics ofOnePlus 5 rooting. don’t worry there are no much hard steps. It is not hard as it sounds. Do follow below steps carefully and root your OnePlus 5 easily.

Requirements and Notes:

  • OnePlus 5 device. 🙂
  • one computer, USB datacable.
  • Do enable Developer option in your OnePlus 5 device.
    You can enable developer option by going to settings>> about and there tap on build number 5-10 times. now on Settings, you can see developer options. Go to developer options and enable ‘OEM unlocking’ and ‘USB debugging’
  • OnePlus 5 master files with ADB drivers and TWRP custom recovery. [to be downloaded to your computer]
  • ADB and fastboot installed. [to be done on your computer]
  • SuperSU zip files

Steps: How to Root and Install TWRP Recovery on your OnePlus 5 Android device easily

Section 1: Unlock your OnePlus 5 Bootloader

  1. Hope you enabled developer options and done as said in requirements and notes section
  2. after that, turn off your OnePlus 5 device.
  3. Now press both the power button and volume up key simultaneously for 10-15 seconds. Yeah, now you will be in fastboot mode.
  4. Okay, now connect your OnePlus 5 to PC using USB cable. Hope you downloaded and extracted the files downloaded in the requirements section.
  5. Open the ADB drivers folder and press the “Shift button + Mouse right click” and then click on Open Command Window here.
  6. Okay, Now enter the below command there
    fastboot devices
    This command is to check everything fine or not. after entering this command If it shows the serial device correctly, then you have properly installed the files on your device.Now proceed to next step
  7. Then enter below command there to unlock your OnePlus 5 bootloader
    fastboot oem unlock

    1.Unlock-bootloader- oneplus 5

  8. Congrats, Now your OnePlus 5 bootloader is unlocked successfully. Now move to the second section of this tutorial

Section 2: How to Install TWRP Recovery on my OnePlus 5 phone

  1. Enter below command to install TWRP recovery on your OnePlus 5 [refer the images for more clarification. make sure that you are at the correct location].
    fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.1.1-0-oneplus5.img


  2. then run below command to boot your device to TWRP Recovery
    fastboot boot twrp-3.1.1-0-oneplus5.img
  3. Yo. Now your device will be booted in TWRP recovery mode. You need to swipe there to go to TWRP menu. Do tick mark on the ‘never show this screen’ and swipe it.
  4. Fine. Now you are completed the second section of the tutorial

Section 3: How to Root my OnePlus 5 device

  1. Now download SuperSU files and move to your internal storage. [it is important that to keep SuperSU files in internal memory]
  2. Then boot your device to recovery mode.
    3. recovery mode- oneplus 5
  3. Now on TWRP recovery click on install. then select SuperSu zip file from the internal memory location. Here too you need to swipe the scroller at the bottom to confirm the flash option.
  4. Yo. Fine, your device is successfully rooted now. Reboot your device now and .supersu app will be there in your device It takes some more time for first-time boot

Guys, hope you completed the 3 sections successfully. Below there is a video tutorial of the same. [it is not created by us, but it working fine. thanks to the youtube channel for the video].

SO, guys, that’s all about OnePlus 5 rooting and installing TWRP recovery tutorial. If you liked this tutorial then please do share with your friends. also, keep visiting for more tech tricks and news.

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Jio Xiaomi Offer: Upto 30 GB Free 4G Data For All Xiaomi Redmi Users

Jio Xiaomi Free 4G Offer

Jio Xiaomi Offer: Up to 30 GB Free 4G Data For All Xiaomi Redmi Users

Hi Geeks, Hope all of you doing well. After a small interval, Jio presents a new offer now. This time it’s Xiaomi’s turn, Jio Offering Free 4G data up to 30GB for all Xiaomi Redmi users. Since BSNL, Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone also providing good 4G offers [1 GB per day offers] jio compelled to introduce new offers. Read: Idea, Jio, Vodafone, Airtel Which is the best 1GB per day Offer?
If you don’t know about jio dhan dhana dhan offer, then do read it first here. And if you are a Xiaomi redmi user or you are one looking to buy one redmi phone then must read this article.


What is Latest Jio Xiaomi Free 4G data Offer?

On Recharge of Rs 309 or more [Jio dhan dhana dhan recharge], the user gets additional 5GB 4G data. That is redmi users get additional 5GB on all recharges of Rs 309 or more. This 5GB data can be used after the 1 GB [per day] limit exceeds.
Eg: If one recharge with RS 309 jio dhan dhana dhan offer then the user gets 1 GB per day offer [normal offer]. and additional to this the redmi user get 5 Gb booster 4g data.

** You can get this offer 6 times in one redmi device. That is 6 times you can avail 5 Gb extra Offer. thus total you can get up to 30 GB 4G data free.
Offer Eligible devices: 
(a) Redmi 2 (b) Redmi 2 Prime (c) Redmi Note 4G (d) Redmi Note 4G Prime (e) Mi4i (f) Redmi Note 3 (g) Mi5 (h) Mi Max (i) Mi Max Prime (j) Redmi 3s (k) Redmi 3s Plus (l) Redmi 3s Prime (m) Redmi Note 4 (n) Redmi 4A (o) Redmi 4,
** where the services of RJIO are activated for the first time on or after 16th June 2017

How to get Free 5 GB extra data Xiaomi Offer on your Reliance Jio sim

  1. If you are a xiaomi device user who eligible for this offer[check above list of eligible devices], then recharge with rs 309 or more
  2. Now your sim automatically recharged with Jio dhan dhana dhan offer. that is 1 gb per data and free unlimited calling.
  3. Now to get additional 5 Gb 4g data [Jio xiaomi offer] follow below steps
  4. Open My Jio App -> My Vouchers -> View Voucher -> Recharge my number -> Confirm Recharge-> Successful Recharge Notification
  5. now you can see the additional 5GB data at MY plans section
  6. Yo.You are done. That’s it. Now enjoy free 4g with jio.

Terms and Conditions:

** The Offer shall be open to all Eligible Subscribers on and from 16th June, 2017.
** These T&C shall be read concomitantly with the terms and conditions of the Jio Prime membership plan and the CAF.

For complete Offer Info and terms and conditions do check this official press release from jio – Jio Xiaomi redmi free 4g offer press release

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this jio’s latest Xiaomi redmi offer. So Jio users, do enjoy your 4g data. And if you like this article then please do share with your friends also. Thanks for reading.

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Friday, 23 June 2017

[Unlimited Trick]ExtraCarbon App Loot: Get Rs 10 PayTM Per Refer Instantly

Hi friends, after Notesgen App free paytm cash offer [still live, if not tried then check it also],  here comes another paytm loot trick. Now ExtraCarbon Android app providing free Rs 10 for each successful referral. The highlighting point here is they are instant in referral point crediting and redeeming. there is no time waste.

This is a good offer for all android users who are looking for paytm cash offers/loots. you just needed to invite your friends. We are added unlimited ExtraCarbon paytm loot trick also. that is you can earn unlimited referral credits from ExtraCarbon and thus unlimited paytm money. continue reading if you are interested in earning some free paytm money.

extracarbon free paytm loot unlimited trick

How to start using ExtraCarbon app

  1. first, download and install the ExtraCarbon app from playstore
  2. now enter your mobile number. you will receive an OTP. do verify your number through received OTP.
  3. Enter your name, location, and etc details.
  4. yeah, you are done.

How to start making free paytm money using ExtraCarbon app

  • On the home screen, click on ‘refer and earn’ button.
  • your mobile number is your invite code. share ExtraCarbon app and for each referral, you will get RS 10 credit. this can be redeemable as PAYTM cash.

[ExtraCarbon unlimited trick] How to Earn unlimited paytm cash on ExtraCarbon app

>> You just need parallel space app for the unlimited trick. download parallel space app from play store.
>> add ExtraCarbon app to parallel space. now register with a new number. while registering account do enter your primary number in the referral code.
>> Yeah, now on your primary number RS 10 will be credited.
>>Clear parallel space data or remove and add the ExtraCarbon app there once again. repeat this procedure
This way you can earn unlimited paytm cash using ExtraCarbon app

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this article. do share this with your friends also. Thanks

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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Notesgen App Loot: Get Free PayTM Cash Offer [RS 8 on Signup + RS 5 per Refer]

Hey tech freaks, here come one paytm loot offer. Today we are sharing ‘Notesgen App free paytm cash offer’. Guys, this is, refer and earn type offer for Android/iOS users. You can earn free Paytm cash by signing up on the Notesgen app and also you can earn more and more with their refer and earn program.

Notesgen is a learning app. You will get simplified notes from Notesgen. That is handwritten, typed notes and other studies materials from Notesgen. Also, you too can contribute to Notesgen app. For creating notes and uploading to Notesgen will give you credits. that can be redeemable as paytm cash. So through Notesgen, you can earn by sharing knowledge. They have the worldwide network, so there is a good collection of study materials.
Notesgen App loot- Free paytm cash offer

Notesgen app now providing Free 40 Ncash [Rs 8] as a signup bonus and 25 Ncash [Rs 5] on each successful referral. you can redeem these rewards as paytm cash 🙂

How to get Free signup bonus [Rs 8] from Notesgen

  1. First, download and install Notesgen app through this link
  2. Now open the app and go to the signup page.
  3. enter your email and mobile number. do verify it with OTP.
  4. That’s it. Now you are successfully registered on Notesgen and got Free 40 Ncash [RS 8]. You can earn more free Ncash by inviting your friends to Notesgen

Earn More Paytm money from Notesgen app by Inviting your Freinds

I already told that Notesgen is offering free 25 Ncash [Rs 5] on each successful referral. Here are the steps you need to follow to earn more paytm money with Notesgen.

  1. Tap on the menu button [left top corner]
  2. Then go to Invite and Earn page
  3. Now you can see your unique referral link. do share this with your friends. you can use any mediums [facebook, WhatsApp etc] for sharing the link. For each app installs and registrations through your link, you get Rs 5. SO share and earn free Ncash.

How to redeem Notesgen Ncash as Paytm cash

You can redeem your Notesgen Ncash as paytm money.
Note: The minimum redemption amount is RS 100.

  1. Click on the ‘Me’ button situated at the bottom.
  2. Now at the top, you can see your current Ncash balance. tap on it
  3. Now proceed to paytm redemption

That’s all about Notesgen learning app. This is a good opportunity for all techies to earn some free paytm cash. you can earn good amount of paytm cash with the Notesgen referral program. So guys, don’t miss this loot. also don’t forget to share our article with your friends. Thanks

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Download and Install WhatsApp Prime Latest APK Version 5.00 for Android 2017

Hi, hope you guys doing well. WhatsApp is the popular and trending messenger app. Day by Day WhatsApp updating with latest features. But still, there are some features missing. In this article, we are introducing you WhatsApp Prime which has some great additional features from official WhatsApp app. The WhatsApp prime contains some features of GBWhatsApp and also contains some more unique features that are not in GBWhatsapp. The article contains the step to step tutorial on how to download and install WhatsApp prime latest version 5.00
Added the download link of WhatsApp Prime v5.00 APK

download and install whatsapp prime latest apk

What is WhatsApp Prime?

The unique feature that none of other WhatsApp app’s providing and contains in WhatsApp prime is group invite option. With WhatsApp Prime, you can easily make group invite links and also can add more members to your group.
This is not only the features of WhatsApp prime, below we are listing some useful other features of WhatsApp prime:

  • No ban issues. Don’t worry about WhatsApp ban issues. Whatsapp prime is totally safe from ban issues.
  • Media caption increased to 4000 characters.
  • The 10 media share limit is extended to 300. So it is easy to share huge number of media files in WhatsApp prime
  • No image quality loss. In official WhatsApp, there is 80% image quality. In WhatsApp prime there is no quality loss
  • video sending limit extended to 70MB. in official app it is just 16MB
  • Everything in centralized in contact, chats and everywhere.
  • Material Emoji. The emoji are of the previous Facebook messenger application.
  • Material Teal color application.
  • Removed accidental calls while checking profile.
  • You can disable reply option in the application.
  • Take a full backup of the application same as titanium backup.
  • Disable date and copy option while copying any text.
  • Profile picture zoom option added.
  • Telegram links unlocked
  • You can copy someone WhatsApp status easily by tapping on it.
  • Application size decreased to 15 MB. Removed things which are not been used.

above are some highlights of WhatsApp prime. not only these, there are lots more features included in WhatsApp prime. You should try WhatsApp prime once. The UI of WhatsApp prime need little improvements, rest are fine.

How to Download and Install WhatsApp Prime Latest version 5.00

The WhatsApp prime is using the same package name of official WhatsApp app. So Whatsapp prime cannot be used with the official app. SO you need to uninstall the original WhatsApp official app from your device. Don’t uninstall the official WhatsApp app without backing up data.

  1. First, open your official WhatsApp app and go to settings>>chats>>backup chats
  2. do backup your chats.
  3. after the successful backup, close the app. then do uninstall the official WhatsApp app.
  4. Now Download Whatsapp prime latest apk from here [ latest WhatsApp prime apk version 5.00 ]
  5. Install WhatsApp prime on your device and register with your number. [the registration process are same as in the official app].
  6. you need to verify the number with OTP in the registration process
    download latest whatsapp prime apk
  7. That’s it. You have latest WhatsApp prime now. Do experiment all latest features of WhatsApp prime.

How to make WhatsApp group links and share with your friends using WhatsApp Prime

  • Open the WhatsApp group which you want to make group invite link. you should be a group admin there
  • go to participants list page. there you can see an invite with group link. click on it and you can create the group link.
    whatsapp prime group link
  • copy the link and share with your friends.
  • by clicking the link anyone can join to your group.

That’s how to make group links easily using WhatsApp prime.

Hope you guys liked WhatsApp prime features. We on updates this article with latest versions of WhatsApp prime. so do bookmark this page if you like WhatsApp prime.
Incoming search terms: WhatsApp Prime download apk, WhatsApp prime group link, WhatsApp prime latest apk, installWhatsAppp prime latest apk

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Friday, 16 June 2017

Download and Install TOR Browser on Android and iOS Devices

TOR is one popular browser that used to access Dark web and high-security browsing. I think you guys know about Dark web. Here is the short definition of Dark web ‘the part of the World Wide Web that is only accessible by means of special software, allowing users and website operators to remain anonymous or untraceable’. The dark web is mainly used for anonymous transactions, hacking and for other jobs. In dark web we use cryptocurrencies, so no one can track the transactions. To access dark web we need the help of proxy servers.
TOR browser is easy to use in PC, But when comes to Android it needs some configurations. Yeah, In this article we are providing the step to step tutorial on how to setup Tor browser on Android and iOS devices. So if you are an Android or iOS device owner and hope to use Tor browser then this article is for you. download and install Tor browser for Android and iOS now with the help of this article

Download and Install TOR Browser on Android and iOS

Before going to the steps, let me tell you that accessing some dark websites are illegal. This tutorial is only for educational purpose. Don’t misuse the dark web. The Tor browser on Android and iOS looks a little bit different from other normal browsers.

Watch below video to know how tor browsers work :

Download and Install Tor Browser on Android – how to configure orbot on Android

For Android, we are using the app named ‘Orbot: Proxy with Tor‘ as Tor browser. Follow below steps to configure orbot [tor browser] on android.

  1. First, download the ‘Orbot: Proxy with Tor‘ [tor browser android apk] from play store
  2. now do install the ‘Orbot: Proxy with Tor’ [install tor browser apk].
  3. Then launch the app. Now you can see a start button on the launch screen. tap on it and start the service on your Android device
  4. With the menu button, you can change/configure the proxy servers on your device
  5. you may need to grant the Superuser access for it
  6. You can also install the TOR Proxy to the specific application and you can also set the Google Chrome and set the proxy. Just reboot your device and done. So you can use the app as anonymous.
  7. you can confirm that proxy servers changed or not by visiting on google chrome.
  8. on Tor app, tap on the browse button to use Tor browser. Then your IP will not be tracked and you can access the dark web.

How to download and Install Tor browser on iPhone/iPad [tor on iOS]

  1. download the VPN app –VPN Browser – TOR-powered unlimited VPN
  2. open the app and tap on the ‘enable’ button.
  3. you are done, now VPN is activated on your device
  4. now you can visit any website. your IP will not be tracked.

These are some easy methods to use Tor browser on Android and IOS platforms. This way you can hide your IP completely.
Hope you guys enjoyed reading this article. If you have any doubts regarding the installation of Tor browser on your Android or iOS device then do comment below.we are ready to help you. also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

How To Download Hotstar Videos in Android – Official Method

Hotstar is one of the most popular online video streaming application. Hotstar started on 2015 with just cricket live streaming. But later they added TV shows, Movies etc. Now Hotstar is one of the most downloading Android apps in India. Hotstar provides both free and premium services. In this article we are not discussing Hotstar features, it is completely known to everyone that is Hotstar is an online streaming app/ website. In this article, we are going to share ‘how to download hotstar videos in android device‘. That is, how to save the hotstar videos to your Android phone. So that you don’t need an Internet connection to play downloaded videos.
Download Hotstar Videos in Android

Now you don’t need any external applications or don’t need any tricks to save hotstar videos to your Android phone. Hotstar officially providing download option in their android app now. That is you can simply save any videos from hotstar to your android device. So you can download, TV shows, Cricket videos, Movies from hotstar to your android phone.
Follow this tutorial, if you are like to download videos from Hotstar in your android phone.

Steps: How to Save Hotstar Videos in Android phone

Here we are sharing the official method that provided by hotstar itself to download hotstar videos offline. This method works only for Android platform.

  1. Download Latest version of Hotstar. If you have hotstar app already installed on your device then update it to latest version
  2. Now open the app and move to SignUP section
  3. Enter your details and complete the signup procedure
  4. Now login to your registered account created in the previous step
  5. Then search for the required TV show or Video.
  6. Select the video. Now you can see a ‘save offline’ or ‘download’ option below the video.
    save hotstar videos android official method
  7. tap the download button, then select the desired video quality [Low, Medium or High].
  8. After that, the video will start downloading. and after download finishes, you can play the video without an internet connection. The video is now stored on your android device, That is you can play the hotstar video without any internet connection.

Final words

Hope you understand above method and successfully downloaded videos from Hotstar. You can also use website for downloading hotstar videos. SO if you are not an android user, then you can use for downloading hotstar videos. For android users, it is recommended to use above official method.
If you found this article useful then please do share this your friends. Have any doubts regarding ‘how to save hotstar videos offline’ then do comment below.

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Monday, 12 June 2017

{Instant LOOT} PayTM Idea Rs 50 Free Recharge Offer

Hi friends, Here is a great offer live for idea users. Idea users can get a free recharge of rs 50 from paytm. You don’t need to pay a single paisa for this. And there are no much needed, just one coupon to be applied and you will get free rs 50 recharge.

How to get Free Rs 50 Free Recharge On Idea with PAYTM

  1. Open PayTM app
  2. Goto Mobile prepaid recharge section
  3. Enter your mobile number  [idea number]
  4. select your region
  5. proceed to recharge
  6. Now you can see the field to enter the promocode. Apply below coupon there.

    Coupon code:  IDPKKKLKJPCKCCM

  7. Now you will get RS 50 instant discount there. proceed to recharge and complete.


  1. This offer is only applicable for Idea users
  2. Working fine for Both new and old paytm users. [working for all paytm users]
  3. This is PAYTM app offer. Need to use paytm app.
  4. We don’t know the expiry date of this offer. so try to redeem the offer soon.

Enjoy Free recharge. Do share this with your friends.

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How to Identify if a Website is Secured for Purchasing

Hi friends, Hope all of you are doing well. Today we like to share some safety tips for online shopping. Now the online shopping industry is very familiar with everyone also the usage of online shopping too increased very much last year. AS like the growth in usage the fraudulent in this industry also increased. The online shopping industry is facing lots of issues, and this includes mainly the security issues. Yeah, the safety of the user [online shopper] in all means should need to take seriously. The probable safety issues that an online shopper faces are:

1. Paid the amount successfully, but not for the actual online shopping site.
2. The Debit/Credit card details of the user, get stolen.
3. other issues in payment gateway

online purchase security measures
So before going to buy some items from online shopping websites, you should ensure that the website is trustworthy means it is secure for online shopping
In this article, we are sharing some tips to secure your online shopping transactions.

How to check a website is secured for online purchases

***HTTPS Protocol And Padlock symbol

Make sure that the site you are using for online purchase is running on HTTPS protocol.This protocol shows that the website have a secure connection

Now also check for a padlock symbol on your site. You can see the symbol just left to the https notation. You can check both the https, padlock symbol by just visiting the website. A site with these two means that your data entering on this site is encrypted before sending out from your device. So no any online frauds can decrypt and stole your details

*** Green/Red colored Address bar

By visiting some websites, you can notice that your website address bar get the green colour. This implies the website is trustworthy. For example, visiting some websites like eBay and casino sites etc. contains both the https and green coloured address bar. Similarly while visiting some websites, you can see that your browser address bar get red coloured. This means the site is not secured. It is better to ignore these websites.

*** Other Site measures

The following measures shows the site is more trustworthy

  •  Site with no unwanted popups
  •  Site has an original physical address/ Phone Number
  •  Site with a correct return policy

So guys, before making a payment on any online sites ensure that it follows above criteria. Hope this article helped you in understanding a website is secure or not for online purchases. Do share with your friends and let them know about this.

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