Jio Online Sim Delivery Started, Jio Extend Welcome Offer Till March 2017 ~ JIO Updates and Latest News

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Latest Reliance Jio News [ALL JIO UPDATES]: Jio Extends Welcome offer Till March 2017

[1]Update: Jio started online sim delivery service now. Now you can order jio sim online for free. read below full news

[2] UPDATE [HOT NEWS ON JIO WELCOME OFFER VALIDITY]: JIO WELCOME OFFER MAY EXTEND TILL MARCH 2017. [ unlimited 4G Data + unlimited Voice calling and SMS till march 2017].READ THE FULL NEWS BELOW.

jio extends welcome offer to march 2017 and the new offer called as jio happy new year offer

Please note that, Jio still not confirmed this news 

Hi folks, In this article we will provide all latest news and updates of reliance jio. We update this article time to time with latest reliance news.
Jio is the latest Indian cellular network which is a subsidiary of Reliance. Jio is full of surprises. They launched first with a ‘preview offer’ which was free unlimited 4g + free unlimited calling and sms for 3 months. but the jio preview offer was limited to some specific devices. later September 2016 they launched a offer caller welcome offer, by this all 4g devices owners are able to take jio sim. Means jio were available for all users [4g users]. and the welcome offer was ‘ unlimited 4g internet data + unlimited calling and sms till dec 31st 2016. All preview offer users were automatically converted to welcome offer on 5th september, except LYF smartphone owners. For LYF smartphone users jio extends preview offer [unlimited 4g+calling+sms] to 1 year. yeah it was full of surprises. day by day the number of jio users hugely increased in India. All other Indian network operators were lost much users.
After september 5, any 4g user can get a jio sim free with welcome offer. it means all 4g users can get unlimited 4g + unlimited voice calling and sms with jio sim.  Jio also announced their tariff plans which will start rolling after dec 31st 2016.
But friends, this is not the things now. they are changed many things. there are lots of changes in jio welcome offer and other jio terms and conditions. continue reading this article and get latest news about jio , jio welcome offer status and jio 4g speed.


#1 Jio Extends Jio Welcome Offer Till March 2017

There are some chances to extend the validity of JIO welcome offer to March 2017.
Jio getting a huge response from users from all over India so jio may extend the welcome offer validity to march 2017. Because they want to complete their target of 100 Million customers.
There are some news rolling on social media and some analyst also stating that ‘ jio may increase jio welcome offer validity to march 2017′.  here is the report from livemint about jio welcome offer extend till march 2017 news. If so then users get unlimited 4g data [with 4gb speed limit] + unlimited voice calling and sms till march 2017.
Since Jio is full of surprises chance of this news is very high.Note: there is no any official updates from jio till now. The chances is 50 50 now. On jio myjio app and on other official sites , the welcome offer is december 31st and no any clues of march 2017.
May this extending news lasts as rumour. anyway we can wait for the updates.
Jio Extends Jio Welcome Offer Till March 2017

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#2 No new users who bought jio sim after December 3rd will get welcome offer

Customers whose are buying jio sim after december 3rd will not get jio welcome offer. there is a rule exist in India, that a network provider allowed only 3 months to run a promotional campaign. Due to the force from other telecom networks to TRAI, Jio welcome offer may ends on 3rd december.
But this not news also not actually confirmed. the fight between jio and other network on this topic is still going on.
The date 3rd december is only for new jio users. whose are looking to buy a jio sim, we suggest you to buy before december 3rd.
But all customers who are currently in welcome offer will be able to use welcome offer till offer ends [ the validity still unknown. may march 2017 or dec 31st 2016].

#3 Jio 4g Speed down – TRAI reports Jio is the slowest 4g provider in India now

I think all of you remember the first month jio 4g speed. It was around 50-70 Mbps, yeah which was the highest 4g speed available in India. But the things are changed now. Due to very huge response and the unlimited 4g offer the jio speed decreased very much.
TRAI recently reported that Jio is the slowest 4g provider in India. Obviously it’s because the welcome offer.
Airtel ranks first in 4g speed.
BONUS : Simple Tips to increase Jio speed: 
  • Use any vpn app on your device. Suggestions: 1.Speedify VPN , 2.Turbo VPN
  • Create a new apn on your device:
    APN: jiodata
    now use jionet and jiodata APN alternatively. It means sometimes jionet gives you very high-speed , sometimes jiodata provies very good speed. so try both apns. and use APN which provides good speed at that time.

Still slow speed on jio 4g, then tryout some more tricks to increase jio 4g speed.

#5 15 Million customers registered on Jio after rolling out Welcome offer

Jio grabbed more than 15 Million subscribers in India after september 5th.  In just 26 days, jio got 15 million around customers, jio is the first telecom network which got 10million + subscribers within short time.

#6 Jio started online sim delivery service Now

  • Now users can book/ order jio sim online through this link – get jio sim online
  • Go to above link and fill your details. The jio officials come to your home and collect proofs and bar code. That’s it. This way you can jio sim free online.


Also please note that, there many online scams running on online free jio sim service. these all are fake. there is no any separate portals or website available for jio online booking.

>> please make sure that you are using URL while booking jio sim online. this is the only official site from jio.

{UPDATED ON 1/10/2016}Reliance Jio ‘Welcome Offer’ Complete details: high-speed 4G to have 4GB per day cap, 128kbps after that + free calling Till 2017

Today Reliance jio announced their new offer called ‘ Jio Welcome Offer‘ which is something like their old preview offer. This new jio welcome offer is applicable for all 4g users. Unlike their old preview offer, The new jio welcome offer has no any restrictions or it’s not limited to some specific brands. The jio users can enjoy unlimited 4g till 2017 . The welcome offer starts from September 5, thus all 4g handset owners can buy a reliance jio sim with ‘welcome offer’. so all jio users can able to enjoy unlimited 4g till 31st December 2016.

If you have a 4g smartphone, that is enough now to get a jio sim with ‘welcome offer’. There is no any limitations to some specific brands.
AS per the welcome offer, all jio users can enjoy free calling and free 4g internet till 31st december. This awesome, really an unbelievable offer from reliance jio. AS like from the beginning, Jio continuing in providing awesome offers to users.
Reliance jio also announced their tariff plans and data plans which applicable from 2017 January. The tariff plans include free calling offer and world cheapest data packs.
Guys, This is the best time to enjoy free internet and free calling, so read this article and get know more about reliance jio ‘welcome offer’.
jio welcome offer
jio welcome offer : everything you need to know about jio

What is Reliance Jio ‘Welcome offer’ ? : Unlimited 4G data and free calling till 2017

** Jio ‘welcome offer’ start from 5th September and available for all 4g handsets. The offer applicable for everyone till 31st December.
** The welcome offer includes : Free 4G data of 4Gb per day with high-speed, after that speed cap to 128Kbps. Yeah, everyday 4gb high-speed data will be credited till 31st December. post 4gb, the speed will be reduced to 128 Kbps
** Jio offers also Free calling and Free SMS till 31st December.
** No any plans or one time recharges needed in this period[ till 31st december]. All the normal tariff plans are applicable after 31 st December
** The users need to do a zero rupees recharge through online to update the welcome offer each month. Yeah, it’s a zero rs recharge, no need to pay a single cent.

jio welcome offer
Jio welcome offer: complete details [created by gizmotimes] > click image to enlarge 

frequently asked Questions and Answers regarding jio ‘welcome offer’

1) I am already a jio user and i am currently using ‘jio preview offer’. Is this welcome offer applicable for me? 
Ans: Yes, From 5th September all previous users will be automatically converted to ‘jio welcome offer’. It means, the preview offer gonna end.and after 5th September, there will be only welcome offer exists. You ca enjoy welcome offer till 31st december. that is you can enjoy free 4g, calling and sms [as per welcome offer] till 31st december.

2) What is the tariff plans of jio in this period?
Ans: All the tariff plans will be applicable only after 31st december. The tariff plans are already announced, you cam check jio tariff plans here 

Yeah that’s all about reliance jio ‘welcome offer’. I am sure that this gonna change the Indian telecom network. The other Indian telecom networks like Idea and Airtel already lost millions of users, and now this new jio welcome offer and world cheapest tariff plans of jio really effect other telecom networks. WE can hope some effective moves from airtel and idea to save their existing customers. Yeah, Jio effect everywhere. many more about reliance jio is coming, stay tuned with and get updated.

Gamentio Web Loot: Earn Unlimited Amazon Gift Vouchers & Recharges [Signup Bonus Rs 50 + Rs 70 Per refer]


Earn Free unlimited amazon gift vouchers from Gamentio by referring your friends. Get Rs 50 amazon gift voucher for each refer

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Gamentio Web Loot: Earn Unlimited Amazon Gift Vouchers by Referring
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Steps – how to get started Gamentio: signup on Gamentio and get Rs 50 free

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how to get started Gamentio: signup on Gamentio and get Rs 20 free
how to get started Gamentio: signup on Gamentio and get Rs720 free

How to earn free amazon gift vouchers from Gamentio by referring

For each successful refer you will get Rs 50 free amazon gift voucher.
1. Signin to your Gamentio account. On the status bar you can see an message: “Click here to know how to earn coins and points”. click on this link
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How to redeem free amazon gift vouchers from Gamentio

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refer below table to know about redeem vouchers.

How to redeem free amazon gift vouchers from Gamentio
How to redeem free amazon gift vouchers from Gamentio

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this article ‘Gamentio Web Loot: Earn Unlimited Amazon Gift Vouchers by Referring’ . also please share this article with your friends and let them know about ‘Gamentio Web Loot’.

Super Mario Run for Android: Download APK, Release Date and News

Friday, 30 December 2016

Hi Gamers, Hope all of you already heard about Super Mario Run game already. If not, here you will get know about everything about Super Mario Run Android game. In this article, you will get know Super Mario Run Android Release date, all latest Super Mario Run Android game features, latest news and download link Super Mario Run Android.

download super mario run android

Facts about Super Mario: Everything about Super Mario game Explained

Super Mario is one of the popular game in Video game category. I think almost all video gamers one of the favorite game will be Super Mario. Yeah me too a die hard fan of Super Mario game. I still remember those days my cousins, and I played Super Mario game. Yeah, it’s really superb. The simplicity and game theme will addict you to the game. Nintendo game developers develop Super Mario game. They released many good games in Super Mario Series. After the inventory of smartphones and developments in technology, field stopped the video game trend.

Recently Nintendo released Super Mario’s iOS version named Super Mario Run. Same as like in video games, the Super Mario got popularized in iOS also. The smartphone gamers welcomed Super Mario Run with two hands and loved it.

The Super Mario Run game is an auto-running game like Temple Run and Subway Surfers. The player navigates the Mario while running with taps. The user can control the game with one hand.The game is to reach the destination with collecting the maximum of coins.

Currently Super Mario Run is not available for Android Platform. As same as Prisma, Super Mario Run also released for iOS platform first. But no need to worry. Nintendo will release the Android version of Super Mario Run soon. Skip to below section to know more about Super Mario Run Android availability.

Features of Super Mario Run Smartphone game

There are 3 Modes for Super Mario Run game. World Tour, Toad Rally, Kingdom Builder are the three modes of matches in Super Mario Run.Super Mario Run Android Version Features

  • World Tour
    Clear six worlds contain 24 courses. The player needs to jump while run, you just need one hand to play.
  • Toad Rally
    This is an online Challenge for Super Mario Run players. The players navigate Mario to collect maximum coins. This is a place to show Mario’s skills. With Toad Rally game mode you can compete against players all around the world. In this mode, the match differs each time. There are lots more things in Toad rally. You need Rally tickets in order to participate in Toad Rally.
  • Kingdom Builder
    This is an extra thing that you hope in a typical run game. Kingdom Builder allows you to build your own creative Kingdom. The coins and toads gained from World Tour and Toad Rally can be used to make your own awesome Kingdom. You can get help from the toads who connected while playing Toad Rally to make your kingdom bigger and bigger. Currently, there are 100 different items to stylish your Kingdom.

There is a total of 6 characters in Super Mario Run game. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Toadette are the six characters that playable in Super Mario Run.
News Super Mario Run Android game

Super Mario Run Game for Android Platform

As I Said in above, Nintendo will publish the Super Mario Run Android very Version soon. They already added a Pre-Register option in Playstore.

How to Download Super Mario Run Android APK 

  1. First, go to Super Mario Run play store page
  2. now click on Pre-Register button
  3. After that wait for official updates from Nintendo. You will be notified once the Super Mario Run game live for Android users

You can download Super Mario run on your Android device in above way, or you will get the direct link to download Super Mario run APK here once they release the Android version globally.

Expected Release date of Super Mario Run Android Version

The Super Mario Run Android version will be released most probably in January 2017. Since Nintendo already added the Pre-Register option in the play store, the chance is high.

I hope this Super Mario Run article helps you understand things about Super Mario Run. I try to update this article with the latest news about Super Mario Run game, especially the Android version. Hope they will release the android version soon, stay tuned with this article. I will update this article with download link of Super Mario Run APK once it gets released. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and let them know about this great news. I bet you; they will surely excite while hearing about this.

Working Trick to Generate Unlimited Reliance Jio Barcodes Successfully

Make Unlimited Reliance Jio barcode For free | Generate jio barcode without 4g phone

Hi, folks? Are you looking for reliance jio barcode? Are you not able to generate reliance jio with the official method? don’t worry here sharing an awesome trick that enables you to generate unlimited reliance jio barcodes for free.

I think almost all of you landed this page already know about what is jio and what is the use of reliance jio barcode. Anyway, Jio is one latest Indian 4g network that offer unlimited 4g and voice calling offer as welcome offer till 31 December 2016. You need to generate a barcode from my jio app to get reliance jio officially. But there are some limitations in this, Only one barcode is permitted for one device also you can’t generate a barcode from non4g devices. Because of these limitations and some bugs many people unable to generate the barcode. This great opportunity is well used by some local retailer shops by providing barcodes in black. Many people selling barcodes for Rs 100 – 1000 in shops. In this article, we are sharing the same technique which these retailer shop owners using. By following this article you can also generate barcodes very easily. Not one , You can generate unlimited barcodes of reliance jio by following this trick.

You need a laptop/pc to follow this steps. And an internet connection also needed. The superb advantage of this trick is you don’t need a 4g device for getting jio barcode with this trick.

Okay, I am not much describing. Directly going to ‘reliance jio unlimited barcode generating trick‘.

Steps: How to generate unlimited reliance jio barcode successfully without 4g device

1. First download Nox app player on your computer
2. After downloading Nox app player, install and open it on pc
3. Goto Nox app player settings >> General >> And enable ROOT Mode

4. Download “My jio old apk”  and click on 3pk on nox app player and find myjio old apk and install the app and open it, Don’t forget to download rest 12 apps from play store
5. Now goto settings>> properties >> and change IMEI as follows

Put IMEI no: 357050625977430, please note: change the last 6 digits of this IMEI number. You need to change the IMEI number [last 6 digits only ] every time before creating new barcode.
[also try with random IMEI numbers]

Working Trick to Generate Unlimited Reliance Jio Barcodes Successfully
6. Open My jio app on player and click on ‘GET JIO SIM’
now follow their steps and generate your jio barcode.
7. After successfully generating jio barcode, take a snapshot of the page or save it.
8.  After creating one barcode, uninstall my jio app from player then change IMEI number [ as said above, last digits only]. Then follow steps again and make unlimited jio barcodes for free.


If you don’t know the primary things of jio sim and barcode, then goto our previous article – how to get jio sim free officially on any android 4g phone. WE shared all news and updates regarding jio sim there. you can take that article also for referring.
I hope you guys are able to generate unlimited jio barcodes using this trick. If you like this reliance jio unlimited barcode generating trick then please share this with your friends. thanks for visiting

All Working Tapzo Offers and Cashback Coupons 2017

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Hi fans, today we are starting a new thread for Tapzo coupons and Offers 2017. In this article, you will get all current working Tapzo coupons and offers 2017.
Tapzo is an online all in one app. Tapzo provides online recharges, bill payments, cab booking, food ordering etc. That’s why they called as all in one app. Actually, Tapzo is Helpchat’s new version. anyway, that is not our topic.

Why we created an article for Tapzo is because nowadays lots of people using tapzo due to it’s more features. yeah everyone like one single app that can do all things like recharge, cab booking, movie tickets and everything online.
You guys will get latest working Tapzo coupons here, you can use these coupons while using Tapzo to save money. you will get cashback by using cashback coupons. we are also adding latest Tapzo offers also.
Guys, if you are a Tapzo user then bookmark this article. we update this article with all latest working Tapzo coupons of 2017.

tapzo coupons and offers working

Working Tapzo Cashback Coupons January 2017

  • 50% Cashback for 1st Recharge of Rs 50 or above COUPON – RCFIRST50 Max Cashback: RS 25 No.of Times can be used: 1
  • Flat rs.5 cashback on recharge of Rs.50 COUPON – FLAT5 Max cashback: Rs. 5 No.of Times can be used: 6 Times
  • Flat 30% saving on recharge of Rs.50 COUPON – RCH15 Max Cashback: Rs. 15  No.of Times can be used:1 Time
  • 10% savings on DTH recharge above Rs.100 COUPON – NDTH10 Max Cashback: Rs. 10  No.of Times can be used:2 Time

  • 15% Offer on first bill payment of rs.500 COUPON – BILLPAY75 Max Cashback: Rs. 10  No.of Times can be used:2 Time

  • 100% Cashback on all Bills payments on tapzo COUPON: NBILL100 Max Cashback: Rs. 100 No.of Times can be used: 1 Time

How to Redeem cashback coupons on Tapzo

  1. First download and install Tapzo on your device
  2. Login to your account or register for a new account
  3. start a service. recharge, bill payment, cab booking or any service that you want to use
  4. apply promo codes [coupons]. refer above section for working tapzo cashback coupons.
  5. Complete payment. After successful transaction, you will get the cashback to your Tapzo account. you can use this wallet money for next payments.

We hope this article helps you in saving some money while using Tapzo. If you found any coupons expired please let me know that through the comment section. also, share this tapzo cashback coupons article with your friends. Thanks

MyVodafone App Free Internet Offer: Earn Upto 1.2 GB Free Data

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Vodafone users: Play ‘Spot the Santa game’ on My Vodafone app and earn free internet data up to 1.2GB [simple game]

Hi folks, Here I am sharing a free internet offer for Vodafone users. Vodafone’s official app myVodafone app is offering free internet data now. the offer called as ‘spot the Santa and earn free data’. the maximum you can earn with this offer is 1.2 GB data. and this is an official offer from Vodafone so no need for any worries.

You can earn free internet data from my Vodafone app by simply playing the game. it’s a simple game. just spot Santa from the app and you will get free data. the more you find the gifts the more free data you get. the myVodafone app ‘spot the Santa and earn free internet data’ offer valid till 15th January. read the full details of this new year Vodafone offer below and grab maximum free internet data.


How to play MyVodafone app ‘Spot the Santa’ game and grab free internet data

  1. Download [or update] the latest MyVodafone app first.
  2. There are 8 gifts hidden in the application.the gifts situated in different pages of the app.
  3. search and find the gifts. tap on the gift to open them.
  4. Find maximum gifts. the maximum gifts you find the maximum data you get.
    we added some suggestions of locations where you can find some gift.[check next section]

MyVodafone app ‘spot the Santa’ Free Internet data offer reward details

I already described that more you find gifts more you earn. in this section, we are sharing the details of rewards that you will get from this game.

  • Find 1 Gift and earn 100 MB free data
  • Find 4 Gifts and earn 500 MB free data
  • Find all gifts [12 gifts] and get 1.2 GB data free

Suggestions: Gift locations- get free internet data

here we are listing some locations where you can find the gifts.

  • Open the ‘amazing offers for you’ page from the main screen. there you can find the gift.
    gifts are situated at the right bottom of the page.
  • browse to ‘shop’ then to ‘internet’. there will be a gift.
  • goto ‘Vodafone Flex’ and scroll down and click on ‘show Flex FAQ’.

These are some suggestions where a high possibility of finding the gifts. browse the app and find all hidden gifts. this is the best opportunity for all Vodafone users to earn some free internet data. so guys don’t miss this superb deal. play the myVodafone app ‘spot the Santa’ game and grab free internet data. If you like this article don’t forget to share this on facebook, WhatsApp etc.

Jio Free CallerTune Trick: Get Caller Tune Absolutely free On your Jio Sim

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Jio free CallerTune Trick: Steps to activate free caller tone / hellotune / dialer tone in your jio sim

Hi fans, Here we are sharing a new trick for reliance jio users. this time it’s free caller tone. get free callertune in your reliance jio sim for 1 month by following this article.
I think all of you already know about jio and jio’s welcome offer which was trending nowadays. Anyway this article is not about it, here you are going to know about how to get free caller tune in your jio sim. Jio started callertune services now and offering free callertune for their users. Actually here you don’t need to do any tricks, it’s a official from jio.
Jio is surprising their users by providing more and more amazing offer daily. they are already providing their all premium services like jio music , jio tv , jio movies for free. Now they are providing free caller tone for 1 month, but of course there will be some extending offers too. If you are a jio user then this is the best time to activate callertune in your jio number for free. There are lots of hellotunes are providing free. 
If you are not a jio user, then go and get jio sim with welcome offer now – click here.

Jio Free CallerTune Trick: Get Caller Tune Absolutely free On your Jio Sim

So guys, if you are looking to how to activate caller tone free on your jio number then continue reading this article. we are added the complete steps on how to get callertune free on jio sim here. Since this is a official offer from jio , there will be no any difficulties in activating free caller tune on your jio number

How to activate callertune free on my jio number? Free jio callertune/dialer tune/hello tune

  • First of all open your messaging app. If you are a VoLTE user then open your default system messaging app. if you are a NonVoLTE user then open Jio4GVoice app.
  • Now create a message as follows. enter ‘JT’ and send to ‘56789’
  • if you want specific song/music as your caller tune then send like: 
MOVIE <movie Name> send it to 56789
SINGER <singer Name> send it to 56789
ALBUM <Album Name> send it to 56789
  • after sending this message, you will receive a message from jio. then reply to that message with your choices. 
  • Finally you will get a message to confirm the activation of caller tune. just send ‘Y’ to confirm the activation of free caller tune.
  • Congrats you are activated caller tune in your jio sim for free for 30 days. enjoy jio free caller tune service.
How to activate callertune free on my jio number

Trick to get Free CallerTune After 30 days : Extend Jio free caller tone service after 1 month use

  • Just repeat the above steps again after 30 days. This way you can extend your jio free callertune service after 30 days usage.

How to Deactivate Jio Caller Tone from your jio number your messaging app. If you are a VoLTE user then open your default system messaging app. if you are a NonVoLTE user then open Jio4GVoice app.
2. then send a message: ‘STOP’ to ‘56789’
3. You are successfully removed callertune from your jio number.
I hope you guys enjoyed this jio free caller tone offer/ trick. If you guys loved this offer then please share our article in social networks and support us. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚
#activate jio caller tune for free: free jio callertune trick

Vehicle Info: Search and Trace Vehicle Registration Details in India

Hi folks, Today we are sharing something out of tech niche. But it is very useful for Indians. How to find vehicle owner name and details using vehicle registration number. I know many of you once thought about this, can I find vehicle owner, vehicle registration details such as sub-RTO name, place etc. using registration number. Yeah, it is hell possible :). You can search and find everything of a vehicle using its registration number in India. Sorry, it is only for vehicles registered in India.

In this article, we are sharing some methods to find registration details of a vehicle registered in India. You get vehicle info including vehicle owner name, sub-RTO name & place, vehicle type, etc. from just vehicle registration number. If you are looking for vehicle tracking, vehicle registration info, and owner details, then this is an article for you.

Methods to track and find vehicle registration details using vehicle registration number

1. Trace Vehicle owner name and vehicle info from vehicle registration number by SMS

This is the only method where you can find the owner name and details of a vehicle from registration number. Actually, this is a service called VAHAN. In this method you just need to give the registration number [e.g. KL52J5124]. So you will get vehicle owner name, vehicle info and sub-RTO details.

How to Find Vehicle Owner details

>> You need to send a message like below to get vehicle registration details.
send message VAHAN <vehicle reg no.> to 7738299899
E.g. VAHAN KL52J5124
After sending this message within minutes, you will get owner details and vehicle info of the vehicle with provided registration number.
Sometimes it may take 2-4 hours to get the reply.

vehicle owner info

2. Online method to find vehicle info [vehicle registration details ] – vehicle tracking

In this method you won’t get the owner name and details. But you will get vehicle registration details and sub-RTO details where the vehicle registered. and this is a method which is very easy and quick.
If you have some issues and need to track a vehicle with the help of police then this method suits you. since this method only provide vehicle info such as vehicle registered sub-RTO details including RTO phone number. so you can call to the number and do further things.

Goto vehicle info page and enter the vehicle registration number.
That’s it. You will get vehicle registration details instantly.
vehicle info - track vehicle

you can also use official site ‘s vehicle status service for tracking a vehicle. Goto this site and enter the vehicle registration number. Boom! you will get the vehicle details including vehicle chassis number, vehicle class and RTO details there.
vehicle search - trace vehicle

These are some easy methods to track a vehicle. Hope you find vehicle registration details and owner details using above methods. If you like this method and felt this useful then please do share this article on your social networks. Thanks for sharing;) .

Working Strategies to Promote Your Facebook Page to Huge Success – Optimize Facebook Ads

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Working Strategies to Promote Your Facebook Page to Huge Success – Boost your facebook posts using facebook ads effectively

Hi Techintor fans, Today we are here sharing some cool strategies to promote your Facebook page to huge success. If you are running a business or other online things, of course, you have one Facebook page. But if you are not using it in the right way, there is no use with it. Yeah, Today we are going to discuss on the same point ‘how to optimize your Facebook page efficiently‘. that is how to get more reach for your facebook page and posts. This article also includes ‘ how to optimize facebook ads for better results‘. That is we are covering the tips and tricks to boost your facebook posts with facebook ads at very less cost. Means, more reach and engagement on facebook ads at very less cost.


What are the benefits of optimizing your Facebook page? Why promote your Facebook page?

As I said earlier, a Facebook page without correct optimization there is no use. But if you have an active Facebook page with a good number of fans then it can do so many amazing things. You can get more business, more opportunities more over good publicity in Social Media.

Also, check one of our previous article on how to get fakes facebook likes. I am sure that you will be interested in this also πŸ™‚

Okay, now lets move on the main part of the article tips and tricks to promote your Facebook page effectively

1.Don’t let your Facebook page inactive

The page should be active every time. You should post regularly. Don’t post only your business things always, do share interesting things related to your topic. This will increase your page reach.

Posting some live videos will 10X your posts reach. This way you can gain some more fans to your facebook page. Doing some live Facebook video poles with Facebook live is a good idea. You can refer this article to start live Facebook video polls. Nowadays most of the popular facebook pages are doing the same idea to get more facebook fans.

If your business is targeted for a local area or a single state, then publish posts in their local language. You can use Facebook multi-language feature also for this.

If you are running a website Facebook page then doing some question and answer posts like ASK ME ANYTHING posts will be a good idea. That is users directly comment their question, queries or anything on that post and you need to give answers there. This way you will get more and more comments and leads to good reach.

Use hashtags properly. Add related hashtags on your posts. You can get the popular hashtag related to your topics by simply searching on Facebook with starting ‘#.’ Refer below picture for more clarification. Using hashtags can lead to huge reach in posts. If some topics related to your business then try to publish a useful or informative post regarding that with appropriate hashtag.


2.Always Interact with your users

You should keep a good relationship with your Facebook fans. More than business try to maintain a personal relationship. This helps to increase their trust in you and thereby increase your page genuinely.
You should reply all comments and messages that you were receiving on your Facebook page. Don’t delete comments even if it is a negative one. You should reply to all comments genuinely. Even negative comments help you to increase your Facebook page reach.

As I said in the 1st section that is doing campaigns like Facebook question and answer posts makes your Facebook page more user-friendly. This is all we want.

3. Use Facebook ads efficiently to gain more fans and huge reach in less cost

I think all of you already familiar with Facebook ads. You can boost your Facebook page or page posts using Facebook ads feature. But boosting posts or pages without proper settings don’t make any use. You need to optimize Facebook ads settings before boosting. In this section, we are sharing some tips for boosting your Facebook page/posts using Facebook ads effectively. That means more reach at less cost. Thus finally more fans with less cost.

Create custom audience according to your business. Don’t select broad things. You should select preferred age group, language, location, and interests. This will lead to targeted visitors to your post and a huge reach at less cost.



Let me give you an example of how I select audience settings for promoting my website page posts.
>> Gender: I choose male only in gender section. This is because I already experimented both male&female and male only in different campaigns. For the male only campaign, i get more reach and less bid rate for ads. You need to experiment it yourself for your business page.
>> Age: In my case i select, 13 – 30. Since my website is related to tech niche and all things I publish on my Facebook page is linked to tech tricks and tutorials. Teenagers are more keen to learn these tech things, and that’s why I select this age group. I tried other age groups also. But I felt that the post engagement and bid rate is very less for this age group.
>> Location: I mostly select some states in India. The strategy I apply in location is respect to language. for example, I publish a post in the Hindi Language on my Facebook page and select states where the local language is Hindi while boosting. This way I am getting superb reach at very less bid.
>> Interests: This totally depends on your business type.
>> Time of running your ad. Yeah, the bid rate depends even on time. In my case [my website facebook page], I felt that the bid rate is very less at morning and night [after 8 PM]. you need to do experiments to find the less bid rate time of your business category.

Always experiment with different settings. Select one or two days in ad duration and set a minimum budget while experimenting. Thus run trial ads and note the bid rate, avg reach and user engagement for each set of settings. Thus finally make one perfect ad campaign. also, make your ad look good. a simple ad layout with interesting ideas works well. more than the reach we need post engagement. Don’t forget to check how your ad looks in mobile view. This is very important since 70% facebook users are from the mobile platform. I always suggest you, to do the experimenting. Since all these differ for different categories.
I am pretty sure that facebook ads can make huge fans for your page and finally more business opportunities.

This is all about strategies to promote facebook page effectively and optimizing facebook ads. I hope this will be helpful while managing your business page.If you like this article then Please do share this article and support us. Thanks for reading:) .

Get True 4G Speed Even After 1 GB Limit in Jio Happy New Year Offer

Friday, 9 December 2016

Enjoy Real 4G speed even after 1 GB Limit in Jio Happy New Year Offer – Bypass Jio 1 GB / 4 GB limit

Hi friends, I think all of you already know about 1 GB daily limit of Jio Happy New Year Offer. Before on welcome offer it has 4 GB daily limit and now the latest happy new year offer has just 1gb per day.What is the daily limit is? That is, after the daily limit the 4G data speed caps to 128 Kbps. For heavy 4G users, the 1 Gb daily limit is not sufficient. But don’t worry guys here we are sharing some working tricks to bypass this 1 GB daily limit of Jio Happy new year So that you can use more than 1 GB per day without any speed cap.

This tricks can also be used for bypassing jio 4gb limit in the welcome offer. That is, you can follow these tricks use more than 4 GB data with real 4g speed in jio welcome offer.

Get True 4G Speed Even After 1 GB Limit in Jio Happy New Year Offer


What is Jio Happy New Year Offer and Daily Speed Limit

Jio has recently announced a new Happy new year offer Which will be applicable for all existing Jio users from 1st January 2017 and for all new users who are taking Jio sim from 5th December 2016.

The new Jio happy New Year offer Free calling, Free SMS and Free 4G Internet Data with a daily limit of 1 GB.
So what is after 1 Gb use? The answer is just simple, your speed will be reduce to 128 Kbps. Less than the 2G speed. Somehow we can say that, after 1GB use we can’t even browse the web.

But guys, no need to worry. Here sharing some cool tricks to enjoy real high-speed 4g in jio Happy New Year Offer even after 1 GB daily limit.


Working Tricks to Bypass Jio 1 GB 4G Data Daily Limit – Jio 1 GB speed cap solutions

#1 Proxy method to bypass jio happy new year offer 1 GB speed limit

  1. Go to Phone settings>> Mobile Networks >> Select Jio Sim >> Create New Access Point.
  2. APN Name: Techintor
  3. Enter APN – JIONET
  4. APN Type – Default
  5. Enter Proxy – and Port 80
  6. Server –

Now save settings and make this APN as default APN. After that, restart your device then start using free jio 4g data. Your speed will not be capped after 1 GB

Note: Don’t turn off mobile data after 4 GB. Use data continuously. 

#2 Avoid Jio 1GB speed cap using MyJio App Trick

  1. First Uninstall My Jio app and also all Jio Apps from your device.
  2. Then download MyJio 3.2.05 version and install on your device. After that Turn off your mobile data and WiFi [if connected].
  3. Now Open the MyJio app which installed on 2nd step. You can see a pop saying ‘ No internet connection Found ‘. Now turn on your mobile data and quickly tap on SKIP button.
    You need to click on SKIP button very quick after turning on mobile data. Otherwise, you get an alert to update the app. If you failed to click on skip button then turn off mobile data and go to settings>>apps>>myjio app>> clear data and then do this step again [step 3].
  4. Now on MyJio app, open and install all jio apps from there. After that turn off your mobile data
  5. Now open MyJio App, and you can see a button ‘ GET JIO SIM’. Just click on this button.
  6. Now turn on your mobile data, you can see a message like ‘you are successfully activated preview offer’.
  7. Now very quickly tap on your back button to go back page
  8. Now click on skip sign in or sign up button. Don’t worry it will automatically login to your MyJio account.
  9. That’s it. Now you are in JIO Preview Offer. That is you can enjoy unlimited 4g internet data without any speed capping. This is a one time process, and you don’t need to repeat every time.

#3 Trick to enjoy real 4g speed even after 1GB in Jio 4G

  1. Go to settings>>Mobile networks>> select jio sim>> then click on JIONET apn >> there change the APN protocol to ipv4/ipv6
  2. Now start using mobile data [jio 4g data]. use the normally till it reaches around 700 MB.
  3. After 700 MB, go to Youtube and download some videos using IDM [download 3-6 videos]
  4. Now your mobile data speed will reduce/stop even before 100 MB remaining in 1GB quota.
    If files get paused//stopped, try resuming download multiple times.
    If your downloading start don’t stop trick will work else go to further steps.

  5. Now go to APN settings and change APN protocol from ipv4/ipv6 to ipv6
  6. then use facebook, youtube and google only.browse these services only. consume around 50-60 MB data and restart your device
  7. then again use facebook/youtube/google only up to 5-10MB.
  8. then change APN protocol settings from ipv6 to ipv4/ipv6
  9. Now, start/ resume youtube video downloads. you are able to get real 4g speed now.
    you are done. now you can enjoy more than 1 GB data without any speed cap.


These are some tricks to bypass jio 1gb limit. please try all above tricks. we are still trying to find some easy tricks to avoid jio 1gb speed cap, so stay tuned with us. we will update this article with new working tricks to use jio 4g after 1gb limit in jio happy new year offer.
If this trick working fine for you, then please share this article on WhatsApp,facebook and other social networking websites.

Airtel Special 4G Data Pack Launched: 30 GB 4G Data for 90 Days at Rs 1494

Monday, 5 December 2016

Airtel Special 4G Data Pack Launched: Get Free 30 GB 4G for 90 Days at just Rs 1494 for airtel customers

Hi folks, very happy to share this awesome 4g data pack offer from Airtel side. Of course, we can call this as JIO EFFECT. Today Airtel launches their special 4g data pack, that is 30GB for 90 days at just Rs 1494. yeah, this is a great offer for who looking for long-term data pack offers.
Airtel describes that with this awesome data pack user can stay online for 3 months .

We all know that Reliance Jio provides free unlimited 4g data up to December 31st as Jio welcome offer. The offer from Jio really great and absolutely they won with their strategy. Now the new telecom company JIO already grabbed millions of customers. As I told in previous articles, we can see Indian networks will surely provide many good offers in coming months. yeah, it comes true now. Recently, Vodafone announced free 1gb 4g data for their users, i already described the offer in one previous article. The Indian Telecommunication industry getting a lot of changes these months.

Anyway, I am not much describing all these JIO effects. This post is about Airtel special data pack of 30 GB for 90 days. We can clearly see that this is the best competing offer for Jio. The validity of the pack really looks good. also, Airtel 4G provides very high-speed surfing when compares to other networks. When compared to jio 4g and airtel 4g speed, I think currently Airtel wins. Also, there are many of jio customers complaining about the huge drop in jio 4g speed. this is because of the heavy rush in new jio users. So absolutely, currently Airtel 4g speed is better than Jio.

Airtel Special 4G Data Pack Launched:Free 30 GB 4G for 90 Days


The exact offer – Airtel Special data pack details: free 30 GB 4G  Data for 90 Days @ RS 1494 for airtel users

For new users: recharge with Rs 1494 and they will directly avail this offer. : Recharge with Rs 1494 and get 30Gb 4G data for 90 days free. After 30 Gb, the user will get unlimited 2g data. somehow, we can say this special pack as at Rs 1494 user will get unlimited data for 3 months in airtel.

For Existing customers: recharge with Rs 1495 and get 30 GB 4G data Free with 3 months validity. After 30 Gb, the user gets converted to unlimited free 2g data pack.

Important Note: This offer is currently available only for airtel Delhi users. Anyway, it will be available all along India soon. Airtel confirmed this statement officially. You can call Airtel customer care for full details.

I think with this special airtel data pack, airtel can surely grab some new customers. And hope that all you airtel fans like this ‘airtel special 4g data pack – 30gb free 4g data pack at just Rs 1494’. If you enjoyed reading this article, please share this article with your friends.

Airtel High-Speed Free Internet with Twerk It VPN [Tweakware] Trick For Android

{WORKING} Twerk It VPN Trick for airtel Free internet on android – Airtel high-speed free 3g-4g internet trick with Tweakware vpn app – December 2016

Hi guys, Today introducing one more VPN app to the free internet tricks category. The latest free internet giving vpn app called Twerk It VPN app. Its also called as tweakware vpn handler. This is an android vpn app and therefore this trick work only for airtel android users. In this article, we are providing the ‘free internet trick using twerk it vpn handler for android users‘ . The latest vpn app Twerk it VPN is very clean and easy to use. The very interesting this that we found in this latest vpn handler is, they have many high-speed free servers. Yeah, many of our techintor fans are messaging us that the free internet tricks are very slow and also they can’t enjoy true 4g or 3g with this free internet tricks. But guys, this low-speed problem is solved by this new twerk It VPN handler.
This time, we are sharing some working free internet settings of twerk it vpn for getting free internet on your airtel sim here. You can download the tweakware vpn from here for free. Just do some setting as we said below so that you can enjoy free internet data on your airtel sim

Important Note- This trick doesn’t work with 2g network. You need 3g or 4g network to work this trick. If your airtel sim not connecting to 3g network in zero balance[without active 3g data pack], then use our exclusive trick to get 3g zero rental plan in airtel. Then you are able to use this trick.

Airtel High-Speed Free Internet with Twerk It VPN [Tweakware] Trick For Android

Steps – Twerk It VPN handler trick for airtel free internet

airtel free internet data using tweakware vpn for android users December 2016

** Features: No need of data pack. Working in zero balance.
2. Now install the twerk it vpn on your android device
3. Open the vpn and on the handler menu do the following settings
Give tick mark on ‘Remove Port’
set Proxy Type – Dual Real Host
enter Proxy Server –
4. Now save settings and connect the vpn. You are done, now enjoy free internet on your android sim with airtel sim using twerk it vpn.
Select any free server to connect
Bonus Tip from – United states Server working with very high-speed. we recommend this server for getting good speed while using free internet on airtel with twerk it vpn

Important Note- This trick doesn’t work with 2g network. You need 3g or 4g network to work this trick. If your airtel sim not connecting to 3g network in zero balance[without active 3g data pack], then use our exclusive trick to get 3g zero rental plan in airtel. Then you are able to use this trick.

There many more trick waiting for you guys. Is this trick doesnt working? Got any problems ? You can comment below. or also there are lot more free internet tricks available for airtel users. Here is the list ** Airtel psiphon vpn trick for android** free internet on android for airtel sim with webtunnel vpn** Airtel netify vpn free 3g trick** Free Internet on airtel android mobile with Queencee VPn app

Proof of working – airtel twerk it vpn free internet trick for android users

This Trick is personally tested in Kerala and working fine. Also, many of our users report this working in many states. Its working in almost all states.


Proof of working - airtel twerk it vpn free internet trick for android users
I hope you friends enjoyed this new airtel free internet browsing and downloading trick. If this free internet trick for airtel sim worked on your android device then please share this article with your friends and help them too.

Idea: Get Unlimited 4G Data for Just Rs 1 With 1 Hour Validity

Idea exclusive unlimited 4g data offer: For just Rs 1, you get unlimited 4g data in your Idea sim with 1-hour validity

Hi friends, we are today sharing one exclusive offer from Idea network. That is Idea offering unlimited 4g data for just rs 1. Yeah, unlimited 4g data. this is a very good offer from idea side. The unlimited 4g data valid only for 1 hour. However, For RS 1, unlimited 4g is really a great deal. Due to high competition with Jio, nowadays all Indian networks providing many good offers like this. Recently I shared Airtel Myjackpot offer: 5Gb free data for airtel customers which were a good offer from Bharathi offer. Yeah, we can hope more attracting internet data offers in future too.
When comes to idea unlimited 4g data offer, very important thing is this is a limited offer and there are no much details about the offer expiry. Anyway according to some news, the unlimited 4g offer from idea has no any speed capping issues. There are no any speed capping or other restrictions to the unlimited 4g data. That means you can enjoy unlimited 4g in very high-speed without any restrictions from operators side. You can do unlimited browsing and downloading with high-speed idea 4g. So my friends, this is really a very good opportunity to enjoy unlimited 4g. Then what you are looking for, read the below given simple steps and activate unlimited 4g in your idea sim for just rs 1.

The actual offer: You need to pay only Rs 1 for unlimited 4g in your idea sim with 1-hour validity. ie,you can enjoy 1 hour unlimited 4g with high-speed in your idea sim for just rs 1

Idea: Get Unlimited 4G Data for Just Rs 1 With 1 Hour Validity

Steps – How to activate Unlimited 4G data for Rs 1 in Idea sim [ 1 hour unlimited 4g].

1. You need a 4g activated idea sim with 4g available device to avail this unlimited idea 4g data offer.
2. Dial 411 from your idea 4g sim and hit call
3. Now follow the instructions as they tell
4. Idea will deduct Rs 1 from your main balance and also get a confirmation sms from idea
5. After receiving confirmation sms, Enjoy unlimited 4g for 1 hour in your idea sim. Don’s miss a single second, use maximum 4g data. You can do Wifi Hotspot and USB tethering so it is possible to use this 4g unlimited data in any other smartphone or PC. Enjoy unlimited high-speed 4g data with idea

Note- We don’t know the expiry of this idea 4g offer. So hurry up. Activate the offer as soon as possible and start exploring the web world with high-speed idea 4g

Yeah, Jio launch makes significant changes in networks internet offers in India.Now Airtel and Idea are competing jio with many cool internet offers. Wait for more 4g data deals like this.
I hope you enjoyed reading this article, if you feel this article useful then please share this with your friends on social networks. thanks
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Working Airtel Free 3g Internet Tricks For Android users [By Droid VPN] December 2016

Airtel Free Internet trick for Android Users using DROID VPN app 2016 – Airtel Free Internet Code

Hi, yet another trick for airtel android users. Now you can enjoy free 3g internet on your airtel sim with android phone. You need only to download an application called droid VPN. here I have described the full procedure to setup free airtel 3g internet trick on droid vpn app [ android app]. So guys read the steps and start enjoying free 3g internet on your android device with airtel sim.
I know that the 2g,3g,and 4g internet data plans are very costly nowadays and it is not possible to buy a good internet data plan below Rs 100 in India today. But don’t worry guys, here for help you. We have lots of free internet tricks for all indian networks. Of course, In this article you will get airtel free internet trick for android device. If you are a android device owner and looking for getting free 3g internet on your android phone with airtel sim then you should read this article. there are lot of useful info added for you.
In this article you will get airtel android droid vpn free internet tricks. This article contains airtel free internet using udp protocol / tcp protocol /icmp protocol. UDP Protocols are working based on the open udp ports. The TCP Protocol trick are working based on Open TCP Ports and airtel free hosts.
guys there are many other free internet tricks also working for android better than this trick. We given a Note for ‘airtel free internet trick for android’ below. We recommend you to try all tricks. Since some tricks get blocked in some states for sometime. So it will be useful trying all tricks and finding a high-speed free internet trick for your state by your own’ . So guys don’t miss the note given below [links for appropriate tricks given there, you can click there].
A last word from us, First read this article completely and try airtel free internet with droid vpn on your android device if you failed to get free internet on your android with this droid vpn trick then try all tricks that i mentioned in below note.

Important Note To Visitors ‘ who looking for airtel free internet tricks for your android phone’This Droid VPN airtel free internet trick not working in many states. But don’t worry guys there are lot more tricks working now for getting free unlimited internet on your android device with airtel sim- Here is the list of working airtel free 3g internet tricks for android users:** Current working Free internet For airtel with Psiphon VPN android app** Android Airtel Free internet with Webtunnel VPN Trick** Free Internet on your airtel sim with Netify VPN app** Free Internet on airtel android mobile with Queencee VPn app** Airtel Free Internet With Hammer VPN App

Let’s go to the trick – airtel free 3g internet trick using droid vpn [android ] December 2016

Steps – [ airtel free 3g internet trick for android by droid vpn December 2016]


Requirements before proceeding to this airtel free internet tricks.

  • Maintain your airtel prepaid account balance and data balance zero. [ to avoid balance deduction this is must].
  • You should registered to airtel 3g network. [there should 3g access on your airtel sim].




  • 2. Now if your phone pop ups any warning messages that   ‘ trust this application ? ‘ just allow it and continue to the application .
  • 3. Now Go to Settings on Droid VPN then click on ‘Connection protocol‘ >> then select ‘UDP‘ there.
  • 4. Now click on ‘port settings‘>> then enter ‘9201‘ on all columns [ enter 9201 on UDP Port, TCP port and on local port].



  • 4. Now go back to droid vpn start screen and select any free server there. Now tap  on the big connect button. that’s it. You will be connected within seconds. after successful connection you can start enjoying free internet on your android device with airtel sim.

If you are not able to understand these steps? or confused with these steps then watch below video on how to configure droid vpn android app for getting free internet on your airtel sim

Video Tutorial with proof : How to setup free internet on airtel sim with droid vpn android app

Here is the ultimate video on how to configure droid vpn app to get free internet on airtel sim. watch the step by step video below. please subscribe to our youtube channel and support us.


Trick No.4  – free internet on airtel using tcp protocol

Note: Before proceeding to the trick, make sure that your airtel sim have 3g access. that is you need 3g access on your airtel sim at even zero balance [without any datapack]. if you are not getting 3g signals at zero balance then follow our airtel3g zero rental pack trick.
1. Download Droid VPN app and Login with your user name and password
[ if you are new to droid vpn, you need to register there ]
2. Now if your phone pop ups any warning messages that   ‘ trust this application ? ‘ just allow it and continue to the application .
3. Now Go to Settings on Droid Vpn, and set protocol as TCP
4. Now click on headers, and enter following
4. Now save settings. and tap connect button. you are done. enjoy free internet on your airtel sim

Working Airtel Free 3g Internet Trick For Android users [By Droid VPN]
P.S: If host not working, try with below host settings also.



1. Use apn –
2. maintain main balance below 10 paisa
3. Download and open droid vpn app [download frpm playstore]
4. Now select any free server
5. Set network protocol as UDP
6. Enter UDP port  as-   9201 or49201 or 49200 or 49203 or
7. Now save settings and tap on connect
8. you will be get connected . start broswing free internet via droid vpn with airtel sim

1. Download Droid VPN app and Login with your user name and password [ download from playstore].
[ if you are new to droid vpn, you need to register there ]
2. goto phone settings>> apn>>> new apn
name: airtel 3g trick by techintor
3.Now Go to Settings on Droid Vpn, and set protocol as TCP

4.1 enter any of the below ports in droid vpn or troid vpn ports column
Rport 443

Lport 49200,49201
[for droid vpn, need only to put tcp port as 443]
4.2 and now use any of the below hosts in droid vpn [ paste the below address in custom http headers ]


2. Host:


4. Host:

5. Now Click on the connect button in your droid vpn application
6. You are done. now you can enjoy free 3g internet on your airtel sim with android phone.

use below format in droid vpn for hosts. [ try both  above and below formats πŸ™‚ ]

1. Use APN –   [ create a new apn on phone]
1. Download Droid VPN app and Login with your user name and password
[ if you are new to droid vpn, you need to register there ]
2. Now if your phone pop ups any warning messages that   ‘ trust this application ? ‘ just allow it and continue to the application .
3. Now Go to Settings on Droid Vpn, and set protocol as TCP
4. Then go to Port settings>>Set TCP port and enter 443 there.
5. Now get back to settings page and tap on droid vpn Http headers [ at the settings page of droid vpn app]
6. now enable Http Headers and paste the below address [hosts] on the appearing box
7. Now go to Main page of Droid VPN and tap on the Connect Button. You are done [ select any free servers… use free server 1 to 6 ]
8. Now enjoy free airtel 2g/3g internet on your android device with droid vpn app [ high speed]

Note- maintain balance below 10 Paisa to avoid balance deducting. and here no need of any data packs. so the trick is completely free. enjoy internet on your android device completely free with droid vpn [ airtel network free internet tricks December 2016]

NOTE – Working in Punjab [ try in other states also]: use local port 3128. Host: airtelgurus. Amazing speed. And unlimited. [ THANKS TO gursewak sandhu for informing this to us through our comment section]

1. Download Droid VPN app and Login with your user name and password
[ if you are new to droid vpn, you need to register there ]
2. Now if your phone pop ups any warning messages that   ‘ trust this application ? ‘ just allow it and continue to the application .
3.Now Go to Settings on Droid Vpn, and set protocol as TCP
4.1 First enter below settings in droid vpn proxy settings
Proxy Server:
Proxy port: 3128
4.2And now go to Http headers tab in droid vpn and fill it as shown below
For Unblocked users
Blocked user
5. Now Click on the connect button in your droid vpn application
6. You are done. now you can enjoy free 3g internet on your airtel sim with android phone.

If the above settings in droid vpn is not working try below settings.
Proxy Server:
Proxy port: 3128
For unblocked users
For blocked users


I hope that you are happy  with our services. Share our posts and support us.
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Jio Happy New Year Offer[Free 4g till March]: Everything You Need to Know

Thursday, 1 December 2016
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