Flipkart Big Billion Day: Tricks to Buy Products With Discount Offers Successfully

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Flipkart big billion day Offers And Tricks to buy products successfully on Flipkart big billion days 

First of all welcome to Techintor.com, today we are going to discuss Flipkart big billion days and offers. By reading this article you will definitely get an idea about Flipkart big billion day and also get some tricks to buy products on big billion day. We on Techintor usually provides free internet tricks and android tricks but from last months we started providing shopping loots. This one includes that category, Flipkart big billion day: everything you need to know
I think all of you already know about Flipkart, which is one of the popular e-commerce websites in India. Of course, They are popular why? since they provide good service and good offers. Yeah, Indians love OFFERS ; Flipkart runs a yearly shopping MAHA loot that is called as FLIPKART BIG BILLION DAY. 

If your question is, what is Flipkart big billion day: then the answer is very simple, Flipkart runs a seasonal shopping offer  [most probably near Diwali] once on all years [started on 2014]. They provide huge discounts on many many products. It's awesome actually. If you are lucky you get even 99% discounts on products. that is Flipkart big billion day.

Since they provide huge discounts definitely there will be a good rush. And also the products are very limited to few numbers. So all of you can't get the product easily. that is why techintor.com sharing some tricks to buy products on Flipkart big billion day. it's not actually tricks. means there are no any auto shopping scripts or other plugins available for Flipkart big billion day. But some tips, that can increase the chance of getting products at discounts on Flipkart big billion days.

Flipkart big billion day: everything you need to know

I don't know, you are noticed that I am saying sometimes big billion days and sometimes big billion day. Yeah, here comes a little change, In this year Flipkart running Flipkart BBD 5 days long. On every day they present offers on  different categories. this is actually useful. This will somehow help you to grab some products with offers from Flipkart big billion day. also, you need to download the Flipkart mobile shopping app for getting big billion day offers. it is only available for Flipkart app.

Okay, now lets check 2016 big billion day dates and other details

Flipkart Big Billion Day 2016 Dates and discount offers details

On this year the Flipkart BBD starts from 2nd October and will end on 6th October. As i said above, on each day they provide discount offers on only selected categories. you can see the dates and products with discount offers category list below

Starting, 2nd October 2016 – Fashion and Lifestyle

Starting, 3rd October 2016 – Home and Appliances

Starting, 4th October 2016 – Mobile and Accessories

Starting, 5th October 2016 – Electronics and Automotive

On 6th October 2016 – Books and Others

Flipkart Big Billion Day 2016 Dates and discount offers details

Here is the link to Flipkart big billion day offer page 
: i recommend all of you to visit the offer page once. there are lots of more info available about Flipkart BBD 2016

Tricks to buy products successfully on Flipkart big billion days 

I already mentioned above that, this is not actually tricks. This is some tips that can be implemented on sale days which will definitely increase the chance of getting products at Flipkart on BBD.
We can somehow say: How to prepare for Flipkart big billion day


** First, make sure that you are installed the latest app of Flipkart. Download the latest Flipkart app from here.

** Signup a new account on Flipkart or if you already have an account then you can sign in there. make sure that you are successfully logged into your account on sale day. 

** set default address. On Flipkart account settings, make a default address. this will help you while entering order shipping address. 

** save your debit/credit card. If you are planning to use credit/debit card for payments then save the card on Flipkart account already.

** Last but not least, AS per Flipkart statement 'YOUR WISH, OUR OFFER' : they provides you discounts on your wishlist products. Means, you should make a wishlist of products that you are planning to buy on this Flipkart big billion day. So there is a chance of getting discounts on that specific product that in your wishlist. so make a good, means not a large wishlist. Add only some products that you are interested in buying in this Flipkart big billion day. 

Tricks to buy products successfully on Flipkart big billion days

These all some simple tips that can help you to buy products at discount price on Flipkart big billion day. The rest is on your luck. If you are very lucky, you can successfully buy products on Flipkart big billion day.

Extra discounts on Flipkart big billion days: SBI cards have extra 10% discount

Pay your order through state bank cards then you will get an extra instant discount of 10% .

If you have any doubts regarding Flipkart big billion days, then check their terms and conditions page.

This is all about Flipkart big billion days. I hope you like our tricks and tips to buy products on Flipkart big billion days. If you like this article please don't forget to share with your friends.

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3 In-Depth Review -Xiaomi Routers

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Mi Router 3:  Best in Xiaomi Mi WiFi Routers - All about Xiaomi MiWiFi router 3 

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3 proves that Xiaomi is best in WiFi Routers too. I hope you knew that their previous budget wifi router which is named mi wifi router mini is pretty successful in the market. Now they released an upgraded version called Xiaomi MiWiFi router 3 and today I am going to review it.
The xiaomi Mi WiFI router 3 comes with simultaneous dual-band networks, that is 2.4 GHz [300 Mbps] and 5GHz [867mbps]. In this router xiaomi presenting a new feature 802.11ac WiFi technology which provides a very high-speed wireless network data [ 3 times faster than normal speed ] with a bandwidth of 1167 Mbps.

Why You Should buy Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3 / MiWiFi Router 3 Specifications and Highlights 

** The first and best feature in mi wifi router 3 is it is running in 802.11ac WiFi technology which I already described above. This is the most advanced technology in wireless network technology and provides you high-speed network without any disconnection issues.

** It packs with 4 powerful high signal gaining external antennas. It will surely give you a wide range of wireless connectivity without any other signal losing disturbance. you will be able to access the wireless network continuously with good signal strength even at larger buildings and commercial places.

** It provides both 2.4 GHz connection and 5GHz connection. The user can select bandwidth according to his ISP plans. So totally the mi wifi router 3 has a combined bandwidth of 1167 Mbps. 
So that you can enjoy seamless ultra HD video streaming and can experience smoother HD online gaming.

** Mi provides an MI WIFI app which can be used for managing your wifi router easily with your smartphone. The user can simply download the app from mi store and can control the whole router remotely using your smartphone. the mi wifi app includes some pretty useful features like blocking wifi network connected devices, quick troubleshooting the router, ..etc
the user can control his router completely with miwifi router. The only disappointing thing comes here that, the mi wifi app is not fully in English. the app developer is failed in providing English interface in many places. the app half Chinese and half English.

** The router can handle up to 126 devices at a time. This really interesting, So the miwifi router 3 is well suitable in commercial places.

** Other specifications and Details of Xiaomi miwifi router 3

Processor: MT7620A processor with 128 MB super ROM
Wireless network security: WPA-PSK,WPA2-PSK 
Supported systems: All Windows and Mac versions , Android, iOS

DISCOUNT SALE: Buy Xiaomi MiWiFi Router 3 at $30 [ Free Shipping all over the world]

MiWiFi router 3 - DESIGN 

The device comes with pure white in colour. As like all other xiaomi products, it's contain one MI logo at the top and all other portion is just blank.

The front side contains an LED indicator and back side contains all ports. includes, ISP port, 2 ethernet ports, power port, and one USB port. The reset button also situated near the ports.

At the bottom, xiaomi placed the cooling system which cools the device while running router.
The user can adjust the 4 antennas in any direction as per user choice. 

Xiaomi MiWiFi Router 3 weights 0.220 Kg and it's pretty compact in design. the device can easily handle like a tablet. 
The finishing is also outstanding, the white gadget glows in light and surely attract everyone.


MiWiFi Overall performance & Results

I used the mi wifi router 3 for 1 week long and checked many conditions. The device performs well in every situation. I used 2.5 GHz bandwidth and got good network speed on my devices. There are no any disconnection issues or any other faults occurred. 

And one of the best features I experienced on miwifi router 3 which they were not mentioned in anywhere is that their troubleshooting facility. I am using WiMAX a signal based internet service in India. it has some signal losing issues. that is, the signal varies continuously. when I use mi wifi router3 and connected my smartphones through wifi the mi wifi app troubleshoots this and provides a stable constant connection on my smartphone. This is really a good feature from mi wifi app. They managed to stable the wifi connection from the router.

I tested the router with connecting 10 devices at a time and didn't found any issues. still it works smoothly ;I am able to stream HD movies and play games online without any lag.

Also with the MiWiFi app the admin can manage all wifi users connected to the router. You can limit the data usage of each wifi user connected to the router. 
The UI of MiWiFi is not multi language supported. Also, the MiWiFi app too not fully in English. A lot of places are still in the Chinese language. This little bit annoying.  hope this will be cleared in next mi wifi app update.
Without considering the Language issue; All other features and it's performance is just outstanding.


The Xiaomi MiWiFi router 3 wins on providing best performance as a wireless router. With its fast processor and latest wireless technology, the router can efficiently handle up to 126 devices at a time. And the 4 powerful external antennas provides a wide range of wifi signal and this satisfies the router for both home and commercial place uses. If you are an online gamer or who stream HD videos online then mi wifi router 3 is the best choice for you in terms of a wireless router. Also, xiaomi handled to give a valid price tag for the device. I can say without any doubts that The MiWiFi router 3 is the best router available now in markets at a price range of below 100$. 
My Experience with Xiaomi Mi Wi-fi router 3 
I am using xiaomi mi wifi router 3 from last 6 months and it working well till now. There nothing can i say as cons about the product. Their android app also works great, getting regular updates with new features and fixes.
If you are not bothered about the limited language support and looking for a budget high effective wifi router for home/ commercial uses then xiaomi mi wifi router 3 is the best choice now.

Buy Xiaomi MiWiFi router 3 with discount 

The router actually costs around 80$ in the offline market which is an affordable price wrt its features. You can buy the Xiaomi MiWiFi router 3 from Gearbest.com at a discount price of 30-40$.

DISCOUNT SALE: Buy Xiaomi MiWiFi Router 3 at $30 [ Free Shipping all over the world]

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3 Unboxing Review Video

Airtel Special 4G Data Pack Launched: 30 GB 4G Data for 90 Days at Rs 1494

Friday, 23 September 2016

Airtel Special 4G Data Pack Launched: Get Free 30 GB 4G for 90 Days at just Rs 1494 for airtel customers

Hi folks, very happy to share this awesome 4g data pack offer from Airtel side. Of course, we can call this as JIO EFFECT. Today Airtel launches their special 4g data pack, that is 30GB for 90 days at just Rs 1494. yeah, this is a great offer for who looking for long-term data pack offers.
Airtel describes that with this awesome data pack user can stay online for 3 months .

We all know that Reliance Jio provides free unlimited 4g data up to December 31st as Jio welcome offer. The offer from Jio really great and absolutely they won with their strategy. Now the new telecom company JIO already grabbed millions of customers. As I told in previous articles, we can see Indian networks will surely provide many good offers in coming months. yeah, it comes true now. Recently, Vodafone announced free 1gb 4g data for their users, i already described the offer in one previous article. The Indian Telecommunication industry getting a lot of changes these months.

Anyway, I am not much describing all these JIO effects. This post is about Airtel special data pack of 30 GB for 90 days. We can clearly see that this is the best competing offer for Jio. The validity of the pack really looks good. also, Airtel 4G provides very high-speed surfing when compares to other networks. When compared to jio 4g and airtel 4g speed, I think currently Airtel wins. Also, there are many of jio customers complaining about the huge drop in jio 4g speed. this is because of the heavy rush in new jio users. So absolutely, currently Airtel 4g speed is better than Jio.
Airtel Special 4G Data Pack Launched:Free 30 GB 4G for 90 Days

The exact offer - Airtel Special data pack details: free 30 GB 4G  Data for 90 Days @ RS 1494 for airtel users

For new users: recharge with Rs 1494 and they will directly avail this offer. : Recharge with Rs 1494 and get 30Gb 4G data for 90 days free. After 30 Gb, the user will get unlimited 2g data. somehow, we can say this special pack as at Rs 1494 user will get unlimited data for 3 months in airtel.

For Existing customers: recharge with Rs 1495 and get 30 GB 4G data Free with 3 months validity. After 30 Gb, the user gets converted to unlimited free 2g data pack.

Important Note: This offer is currently available only for airtel Delhi users. Anyway, it will be available all along India soon. Airtel confirmed this statement officially. You can call Airtel customer care for full details.

I think with this special airtel data pack, airtel can surely grab some new customers. And hope that all you airtel fans like this 'airtel special 4g data pack - 30gb free 4g data pack at just Rs 1494'. If you enjoyed reading this article, please share this article with your friends.

Best 5 Malayalam Movie Download Sites 2016 [Download/Watch Latest Malayalam Movies Free]

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Best 5 Malayalam Movie Download Sites 2016 [Download/Watch Latest Malayalam Movies Free]

Hi mallu guys, today we are sharing here a complete list of websites that are providing  latest Malayalam movies for downloading and online streaming. I knew that you are here because most probably you searched on google something like - ' how to download latest Malayalam movies 2016 online for free' , ' where to download latest Malayalam movies full for free' , 'list of Malayalam movie sites 2016', ' list of Malayalam online movie streaming sites',  or ' New Malayalam movies 2016 download and watch online for free'. Anyway, you are landed on techintor.com for knowing which is the best site to download/watch[stream] new Malayalam movies 2016. Me too from Kerala. I am a Malayali and good movie lover. It is not possible to watch all latest releasing movies from Theaters. Due to may reasons we miss many good movies. If we miss so, the we need to wait for its television telecasting; but here the problem is new Malayalam movies will be telecasted in TV only after minimum of 8 months. Yes Its too long. We can't wait for this long period also in TV new movies are filled with full of ads :). It is very irritating. So nowadays most of people are downloading movies online. That is people downloading latest movies to their PC or smartphone. I saw that most of users are wasting much time on finding 'website to download latest Malayalam movies'. they don't know which website provides latest Malayalam movies download or streaming for free. There are many fake websites too. It's very difficult to find original file providing websites. But with this article techintor.com solves this problem. We do research on original HD malayalam new films downloads providing sites and listed here.

We mainly concentrated on the new Malayalam movies providing sites, not old movies. Since old movies are easy to get I think listing websites which is providing download/online streaming option of new malaylam movies are better.


best sites to download new malayalam movies

The list includes some low-quality wapka sites to some torrent sites.
The below list is not sorted on any criteria. I just listed 5 random websites name with link which provides downloading/online watching feature for Malayalam movies

Best Sites to Download Malayalam new Movies Free

** CinemaSite.in - Wapka site to download and watch New Malayalam movies Free - Best New Malayalam movie streaming site
Cinemasite.in providing latest Malayalam movies online streaming and download for free. it's a wapka site. But they are updating with latest Malayalam movies downloads. they have good collection of latest Malayalam movies released on 2016. The website is filled with many ads It's little annoying but they are not fake. I personally checked and find the site trustful.
Cinemasite provides online streaming option to. It' is the best online new Malayalam movie streaming site.

Link  goto Cinemasite.in and download/watch latest malayalam movies online

** Movie.Vidmate.Mobi -  best collection of new and old Malayalam movies
vidmate has a good collection of new and old Malayalam movies. Vidmate is one authorized website.. which has a good design and user-friendly. You can easily search all Malayalam movies and you download needed. they are providing high quality movies for downloading

Linkgoto movie.vidmate.mobi and get all [ new and old] malayalam movies

** TodayPK.com -  Download high-quality Malayalam movies easily for free
TodayPk.com also an authorized movie providing website. they also have good collection of malayalam movies. TodayPK is no only for Malayalam movies, they have good collection for all indian movies. It is one of the best Malayalam movies download site ever.

LinkTodayPK.com for download malayalam movies easily [ for free]

** Torrentz.in - Torrent search engine: best way to download latest releasing Malayalam movies 2016
Toorentz.in is the one of the best torrent file search engine. you can use torrentz.in for downloading very latest and old Malayalam movies. You can easily download any Malayalam movie from torrentz.in .You just need to search the movie name in torrentz.in and the movie is ready for download. This is the best method to download latest Malayalam movies full free in 2016

Link - Torrentz.in - Best method to download latest Malayalam movies 2016

** CinemaVilla.in - Latest Malayalam movie downloading wapka mobile site 2016
cinemavilla.in is an another wapka site like cinemasite.in . Cinemavilla has good collection of new Malayalam movies released on the year 2016. They are updating very with new Malayalam films every day. Since it is a mobile wapka site , it is also fully filled with ads. it's little annoying But they are providing good quality video files.

Linkgoto cinemavilla : Download New released [2016] malayalam movies free

I hope you found what you really wanted. We personally tested above websites and found it's trustworthy. If you have any suggestion on the above list then please comment in the comment box below.
Also please share this article with your friends and help them too.

Download Latest Malayalam movies 2016 Free, TOP Malayalam movie download site

WORKING BSNL free 3G internet trick- September 2016 [UDP TRICK, UPDATED]

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Jio 4G Speed Too Slow? Tricks to Increase Jio Speed Up to 40Mbps

Is your Reliance 4G data speed is too slow? Follow this Jio 4g speed capping problem solution and increase your reliance jio 4g speed up to 40Mbps

Hi folks, Today techintor.com providing a solution for Reliance Jio 4g Speed issue. We are getting many messages in our WhatsApp broadcast and facebook fan page regarding this. Many of users complaining they are getting only 1-2 Mbps speed on their Jio sim. Yeah, everyone looking for tricks to increase Reliance Jio Speed

 #Working Methods/Tricks to increase Reliance JIO 4G data speed

Jio 4G Speed Too Slow? Tricks to Increase Jio Speed Up to 40Mbps
Jio 4G Speed Too Slow? Tricks to Increase Jio Speed Up to 40Mbps

I know most of you taken Reliance Jio due to it's high-speed and attracting Jio welcome offer. But unfortunately now you are getting very slow speed with your Jio 4g free data. Don't worry here we are sharing some tricks to increase your reliance jio speed.
If you are an old jio user [means, using jio from the first launch ] and experiencing slow speed comparing earlier; this is because of the heavy rush of users. At early times there are few users under your network tower area and now it may be increased many times. I think you know that jio was only available for selected devices at earlier times but later they are officially launched for all devices. And Jio providing free unlimited 4g data for users till 31st December 2016 irrespective of user device and location. Yeah, the welcome offer from Jio is really very attractive and they got a huge response from users. This way due to very high number of users compared to earlier, you can feel a small drop in jio 4g speed. Anyway, you can try below simple tricks to increase Reliance Jio speed.
Before reading this article, please note that the speed of a network depends on many things such as signal strength, the number of towers in your area and your location.

Searching for "Reliance Jio slow speed solution or  how to increase Jio 4g speed " then continue reading this article.
If you are a Reliance jio user and experiencing slow 4g  speed , then you should read this article.

Ultimate solution for reliance jio slow speed problem - Working Tricks to Increase reliance jio speed up to 40Mbps

1. Increase Reliance Jio speed by changing Jio network settings in your mobile

yeah due to incorrect APN settings in your device there is a chance of slow 4g speed. it may be your problem. So try changing your jio network data settings as follows and enjoy high-speed on your reliance jio

** Go to your Phone settings>>network settings>> APN [Access point names]>> Create new APN
now enter the details as given below
Name : Jio4G new
APN – jionet
APN Type – Default
Proxy – Not Set
Port – Not Set
Username – Not Set
Password – Not Set
Server – www.google.com
MMSC – Not Set
MMS proxy – Not Set
MMS port – Not Set
MCC – 405
MNC – 857, 863 or 874
Authentication type – Not Set
APN Protocol – IPv4/IPv6

After entering above details save settings and set this new apn as default apn of your device.
Then restart your device and try jio 4g data now. Enjoy high-speed on your reliance jio sim

2. Trick to increase your reliance jio sim : Setting network mode as 4G LTE only

Most of yours device network mode is Automatic. It means the device itself choose better network mode [2g,3g or 4g] automatically. Yeah, Jio is only supported 4G network and you may be confused about this section. But we still recommend you to use '4G LTE only' on network mode of your device. This may increase your reliance jio speed.
So choosing 4G LTE only as network mode can increase your reliance jio speed.

**You can choose network mode as '4G LTE only' by going Settings>>network settings>>Preferred network type: 4G LTE only. OR
** If your phone model is Qualcomm processor supported then dial *#*#4636#*#*  , now you can see a settings page >> tap on phone info >> at this page you can see a preferred network mode button, tap there and select 4G LTE only
After setting network mode as '4g LTE only' restart your device. Now use jio 4g data with high-speed.

3. Jio speed solution with MTK engineering mode app [android]

If you are an android reliance jio user, then you can try changing settings in MTK engineering mode app to increase your reliance jio 4g speed.

*Download MTK Engineering Mode app from play store
*Now open the app and go to MTK settings>> Band Options>> select LTE mode
In LTE mode, select band 40 only and uncheck all
* Now save your settings and restart your android device. Now you will experience an increase in your reliance jio 4g.

4. Use VPN apps to increase reliance jio 4g data speed

By using VPN apps on your device you can increase your reliance jio speed little. If you are getting very slow speed on your reliance 4g, then you should try this.

** download and install any Indian IP supported VPN on your device. Try VPN master or SNAP VPN.
** Open VPN app and connect to any Indian servers.
** after successful connection start surfing on your reliance 4g data. You will get high-speed

Jio Speed test - JIO high-speed [video]

credits: PhoneRadar

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this reliance jio speed-boosting tricks article. I am pretty sure that by following above tricks you are able to increase your reliance jio 4g data speed .
So if you are getting slow speed like 1-2 Mbps on your reliance jio 4g , then you should try above tricks to increase your reliance jio speed. there are nothing to lose by just trying. many of our users tried these methods and successfully increased their jio speed up to 40Mbps. 

Airtel Free Internet For Both PC and Android Using Your Freedom VPN

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Airtel Free Internet Trick For both Android and PC users with Your Freedom VPN : Free browsing and Downloading on Airtel sim

Hi, Today here we are sharing 'airtel free internet trick working in both computer and android using your freedom app'.
We hope that you are enjoying our free internet tricks and other loot tricks. This article for airtel users. This airtel free internet trick is based on airtel free host and here we are using Your Freedom app. Unlike other free internet tricks, this trick works on both Windows and android devices. By following below steps you can enjoy free internet on your airtel sim as same as paid internet. there are no restrictions like proxy tricks. 
So if you are an airtel user and searching for airtel free internet data tricks, then you are at the right place. 
Airtel Free Internet For Both PC and Android Using Your Freedom
Airtel Free Internet For Both PC and Android Using Your Freedom

Features of Airtel free Internet Your freedom Trick

** Works on zero balance. 
** No need of any active internet data packs
** working on 3g as well as 4g network
** No speed capping issues
** working on both windows and android

Important Note before going to the steps: In 2G network, the chance of working this trick is very less. You need 3G network to work this trick. So try this trick with any active small data pack or try with ' airtel 3g zero rental pack'. We recommend you to activate airtel 3g zero rental pack before doing below steps so that you will get 3g access even without any data packs. Here is the tutorial on how to activate airtel 3g zero rental pack on your airtel sim [click here]to get 3g access at zero balance and without data packs.

Steps - How to get Free internet on your ANDROID DEVICE with airtel using Your-Freedom app

1. First download Your Freedom app on your android device.
Note -  here we are providing modded version of Your freedom app: LudyNMods Your Freedom app.
So that you don't need to register an account on your freedom and there are no limits.
2. Now open Your Freedom app and tap on configure >> server connection
Your Freedom Server – one.airtel.in
Connection mode – HTTP
Port – 80
3. Now on proxy settings>> do the following changes
Proxy Address – ems27.your-freedom.de
Proxy Port – 80
Proxy Type – HTTP/HTTPS
Proxy Authentication – Basic or None

How to get Free internet on your ANDROID DEVICE with airtel using Your-Freedom app
Airtel free internet settings
4. Click on save button and start connection
5. Your Freedom app will be connected soon. after the successful connection, you are able to use internet free. 
Start enjoying free internet browsing and downloading free on your android with airtel sim.

Are you an Airtel using android device owner, there are lots more free internet tricks available. Don't forget to try - Airtel Free Internet using psiphon VPN | netify VPN airtel free internet trick | airtel droidp vpn android airtel free 4g data trick

Steps - How to get Free internet on your Windows [PC] with airtel using Your-Freedom app

1. First download and install Your Freedom VPN software on your PC
2. Now go to this link and register an account on Your Freedom
3. Now open Your Freedom software on your PC and enter your login details there. [enter the login details that you used while registering the account]
4. Now do configure Your Freedom VPN as follows
Your Freedom Server – one.airtel.in
Connection mode – HTTP
Port – 80
Proxy Address – ems27.your-freedom.de
Proxy Port – 80
Proxy Type – HTTP/HTTPS
Proxy Authentication – Basic or None
5. Now connect your airtel sim to PC through any dongle or net setters
6. After connecting the internet on airtel sim, then connect Your freedom VPN
7. Wait for sometimes. Your freedom vpn will be connected soon. After successful connection on Your Freedom VPN software, you can start enjoying free internet on your PC with airtel sim
As I said above, by following this airtel free internet Your Freedom VPN trick you can use the internet as same as paid internet data.

You can browse any website, there are no restrictions. Also, you are able to download anything from the internet. Yeah, completely free internet. no need of paying bucks for using the internet on airtel.
We will add a video tutorial of this free internet trick of airtel soon and attach here. meanwhile, if you have any doubts then comment below. Also, don't forget to share this awesome airtel free internet your freedom VPN trick with your friends through facebook and Whatsapp.

Incredible Tips and Tricks of Economizing Your 3G Traffic

Monday, 12 September 2016
Are you on a limited traffic plan, and you still feel like you’re overspending on traffic? I bet you are looking for tips on how to use fewer data compared to your current usage. If so I believe this post is for you. Below we will look at what uses the most traffic on your devices as well as give you amazing saving tips and tricks to put your mind at ease.

1. Leverage Wi-Fi Zones
If you’re in a place that has access to Wi-Fi, for instance at home, school, café, or in the office, make sure you connect to it. Once connected, it automatically disables cellular data usage and therefore economizes your 3G traffic. Be cautious about security concerns. You’re advised to avoid public networks and only connect to Wi-Fi networks you trust to protect yourself against cyber threats.

Incredible Tips and Tricks of Economizing Your 3G Traffic

2. Leverage Data Monitor 
The built-in data monitor integrated into all Android devices is readily accessible through the settings tab then data usage. IOS provides a similar feature under settings then cellular usage tab. This feature allows you to track your traffic usage and tell which apps on your phone consume the most traffic. It also lets you evaluate yourself. Could be obsessive Snap Chatting or YouTube streaming.

3. Disable Push Content
Push Content is automatically downloaded or uploaded to your phone without user interaction. For Android devices, you can change the sync settings for accounts such as Google, Facebook-WhatsApp, etc. by going to Settings and selecting the Accounts and Sync tab. For IOS devices, go the Settings tab then Notifications. To turn off data for specially integrated feature visit the Settings tab the General then tap on Cellular.

4. Minimize Video Streaming
Video streaming especially HD videos were notoriously identified to use the most traffic. If you have to stream, it is advisable to stream standard definition videos which consume a fraction of HD videos. For instance, streaming an HD movie is more expensive than buying the same movie at a store due to the high coverage charges once your traffic limit exceeds.

Incredible Tips and Tricks of Economizing Your 3G Traffic

5. Turn Off Mobile/Cellular Data
When engaging in activities such as sleeping, attending a meeting, sports activities, driving, etc. make a habit of turning off cellular data. This technique greatly helps reduce the level of syncing and background uploading and downloading of files and information. Android have made this feature readily accessible by adding a shortcut button on the notification panel. Like you don’t have to do unnecessary work if paper writing service is helping you out with your essay, in the same way you don’t need to additionally overuse the unnecessary processes.

6. Use 2G/EDGE
3G and 4G provide fast speeds for downloading and streaming. Faster speeds, however, mean a quicker use of your data bundles. Using 2G/EDGE may be unbearable sometimes, but it has its upsides. In this case, it limits your ability to stream or download videos and therefore you'll be less likely to do so. An extra bonus is that it helps conserve battery for your device.

These tricks should suffice in helping you economize on your data. Unfortunately, most of them partially stifle the full capabilities of your smartphone. We hope it’s an opportunity cost you’re willing to take. Enjoy your browsing experience.

Gamentio Web Loot: Earn Unlimited Amazon Gift Vouchers by Referring

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Earn Free unlimited amazon gift vouchers from Gamentio by referring your friends. Get Rs 50 amazon gift voucher for each refer

In this article, we are sharing ' Gamentio loot to get unlimited amazon gift vouchers for free by referring your friends'. Gamentio is a online gaming portal which is getting popular nowdays. They are providing a refer and earn progam for thier users now. The Gamentio refer and earn program as follows: Refer your friend and get 500 Gamentio coins, which is equal to Rs 50.
The Gamentio refer and earn program is really simple when compared to other refer and earn program. there are no any tasks to complete for getting referral bonus. The signup process also very easy, there are no any OTP or other verification procedure. The referral bonus can be redeemed as amazon gift vouchers.
that is when you refer a friend to Gamentio you will get rs 50 amazon gift voucher for free.
I am not much describing about Gamentio , follow below steps and earn unlimited amazon gift vouchers from Gamentio for free.
Gamentio Web Loot: Earn Unlimited Amazon Gift Vouchers by Referring
Gamentio Web Loot: Earn Unlimited Amazon Gift Vouchers by Referring

Steps - how to get started Gamentio: signup on Gamentio and get Rs 20 free

1. First goto  Gamentio signup page - click here [must]
2. Signup via facebook 
3. You are done. you are now earned 200 Gamentio points which is equal to Rs 20 amazon gift voucher.
4. Now you can earn unlimited free amazon gift vouchers by referring your friends to Gamentio
how to get started Gamentio: signup on Gamentio and get Rs 20 free
how to get started Gamentio: signup on Gamentio and get Rs 20 free

How to earn free amazon gift vouchers from Gamentio by referring

For each successful refer you will get Rs 50 free amazon gift voucher.
1. Signin to your Gamentio account. On the status bar you can see an message: "Click here to know how to earn coins and points". click on this link
2. now you can see your referral link. You can share it via facebook or directly to your friends.
3. when your friend register through your referral link you will get rs 50 amazon gift voucher for free. [friend need to register through facebook to get Rs 50 amazon voucher]
4. This way you can earn unlimited amazon gift vouchers from Gamentio for free

How to redeem free amazon gift vouchers from Gamentio

Below the refer link page, you can see redeem ponts option. Go to redeem page and so that you can redeem your Gamentio points as amazon gift couchers.
refer below table to know about redeem vouchers.
How to redeem free amazon gift vouchers from Gamentio
How to redeem free amazon gift vouchers from Gamentio
I hope you guys enjoyed reading this article 'Gamentio Web Loot: Earn Unlimited Amazon Gift Vouchers by Referring' . also please share this article with your friends and let them know about 'Gamentio Web Loot'.

Faasos Coupons & Loots: Signup and Get Rs 100 + Rs.100/Referral (Free Meal)

Friday, 9 September 2016

Faasos: The article you only Need : ** Faasos working coupons list** News:Get Rs 100 on signup @ Faasos Trick to earn more faasos credits via referring friends [Rs 100 per each refer] - 

Hi folks, In this article, I am sharing some working coupons and loots of faasos, the latest food on demand app launched in India. I hope you guys enjoying our free internet tricks published on Techintor. Here i am sharing something different than free internet tricks. I think all of you already familiar with Faasos, the online food order delivery company.
Here you will get all latest coupons, offers and unlimited loots of Faasos 2016.
Faasos offering Rs 100 Free for just signing on their app/website. also, you can earn more by referring friends to Faasos. For each successful refer you will get Rs 100.
Currently Faasos not available everywhere anyway they are enlarging services to more and more cities now.
Latest working coupons for Faasos
Latest working coupons for Faasos

How to get Rs 100 free from Faasos App/Website : Signup on Faasos and get free Rs 100 cash wallet

As a part of their promotion, Faasos providing free signup bonus for their users. The users who signup on Faasos app will get free Rs 100 cash credit. You can use this cash credit while ordering anything from Faasos. Follow below steps and get free Rs 100 on Faasos

1. Go to this page [Faasos signup page] and signup here
Note - must use above link to signup for free getting Rs 100 signup bonus
2. Fill the signup form. Enter name, mobile number, and other details there.
Put Referral code : sre9n4n
3. After signup, download Faasos app from here Android | iOS
4. Login on faasos app with mobile number that you used at the time of signup
5. verify it with otp
6. you are in. Now goto credits, yooo you got free rs 100 faasos credits.
Signup on Faasos and get free Rs 100 cash wallet
Signup on Faasos and get free Rs 100 cash wallet

That's it, Now you successfully earned free signup bonus of rs 100 from faasos app. You can earn more free faasos cash credits by referring your friends to faasos

How to earn more Faasos cash credits by referring - Get Rs 100 per each successful refer

1. Goto 'Invite and Earn' tab at Faasos app/site.
2. You can see your unique faasos referral code. Ask your friends to signup on faasos with your referral code. Your friend will get rs 100 as signup bonus and you get rs 100 on your friend's first purchase.so that both of you get rs 100 free faasos wallet credits.
earn more Faasos cash credits by referring - Get Rs 100 per each successful refer
earn more Faasos cash credits by referring - Get Rs 100 per each successful refer

This way you can refer unlimited users to Faasos and earn unlimited cash credits for free.
You can use this faasos wallet money/ cash credits while ordering food from faasos.

Latest working coupons for Faasos : Discount coupons of Faasos 2016 and Offers of Faasos

In this section, we are providing some latest working Faasos coupons / Faasos promo codes.

Faasos offers and order page : click here

** MN100:  Apply MN100 and get a discount of rs 100 on orders of Rs 250 or above
** Faasos, Buy one and get one free offer: this buy one get one free offer applicable for following items on faasos- Wrap + Desert + Rice
** HYD200: use HYD200 and get rs 200 discount on orders of rs 250 or above [ only applicable for faasos Hyderabad users]
** CD20: use CD20 and Get rs 20 % discounts on all orders of rs 250+ on faasos. [applicable for both new and old users]
** OLD100: use OLD100 faasos coupon and get discount of rs 100 [ minimum of rs 250 purchase]

These are some working Faasos coupon codes and offers. We regularly update this post with latest Faasos coupons and offer, so bookmark this page for future use. also please let us know if any coupons got expired or not working via below comment section.

I hope you guys started using Faasos, the latest online food ordering service and enjoying their offers. If you liked this article then please share it with your friends and also comment your views on below comment section.

Airtel 4G Loot: Dial a USSD Code and Get 1GB Free 4G data

Dial 52122 and Get 1GB 4G Internet Data on Airtel For Free - Airtel 4G data working tricks and offers 2016
Hi friends, here is another offer from airtel. Now get free 1gb 4g data from airtel by just dialing a ussd. The offer is " get 1gb 4g for 90 days on airtel sim". We on Techintor.com already published a similar airtel 4g data loot: Airtel 100 Mb 3g/4g data loot. This validity of the offer is unknown, so guys don't waste more time. It's simple you don't need any applications or other services. This airtel free 4g data offer is working in many states.

You are now reading : Airtel 1gb 4g data offer/ trick 2016

Steps - How to Get Free 4g Internet On Airtel By dialing a ussd code
1. Dial 52122 from your airtel sim
2. Now wait for a message that informs you that - " You got 1GB 4g data Free on your airtel number"
3. check your 4g internet data balance by dialing *121*2# 

Confirm that you got the free internet data. Don't forget that.
note - use the data only after confirming data balance by checking using *121*2#

This Airtel free 4g data offer is working confirmed on following states :WB, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Haryana,Andhra Pradesh,  Delhi, 

I hope you got the free internet data offer from airtel. Nowadays airtel is introducing many offers. I think they are on the way of promoting their 4g service.
Guys, now try airtel 4g in your area with this free data. It's the time to try the airtel 4g speed. enjoy high-speed internet experience with airtel 4G.

Please share this free internet airtel offer with your friends and help them to avail the offer.

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Vodafone Free 4G Internet Trick: Get 1 GB 4G Data Absolutely Free

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Vodafone 1GB 4G data offer - Trick to get 1 GB 4g data free on Vodafone

Now, it's Vodafone's turn. Vodafone providing free 4g internet data offer for their prepaid users. This is an official promotional offer from Vodafone. We on techintor.com already published similar 4g promotional offer for airtel[ airtel 1gb free 4g data trick- official free 4g data offer from airtel]  and idea [ idea: Get free 1gb 4g data offer]. And now Vodafone too giving free 4g internet data for promoting their 4g network. We all know that now 4g becomes quite common in India. Day by Day the number of 4g users getting increased in India. also, nowadays Indian smartphone markets are filled with 4g enabled phones. It is available even at ~Rs 4000.

So for an Indian cellular network now 4G is a necessary thing. That's why all network providing 4g data packs for free. It may be a trial pack. You can try Vodafone 4g for free up to 1GB for 3 days. 
This free 4g internet offer for Vodafone is limited to selected states. Anyway, give a try. There is nothing to lose by trying. 
Guys, Don't wait more. grab the free 4g internet deal before it ends.

The exact offers as follows : just send an SMS from your Vodafone sim [ given below] and you will get free 1gb 4g internet data with 3 days validity on your Vodafone sim.

How to get free 1gb 4g internet on Vodafone

STEPS - How to get free 1gb 4g internet on Vodafone

1. Go to create message
2.  Now type "GET 4G"  and send the SMS to "144"
3. Within 24 hours you will receive a confirmation SMS from Vodafone. that is , you successfully got 1gb free 4g internet on your Vodafone sim. 
4. Check your Vodafone 4g internet balance and start enjoying free 1gb high-speed 4g on your Vodafone sim [ only for 3 days].

Note - Please start using 4g internet only after getting the confirmation SMS [ or after checking the 4g internet balance].
The offer validity is only 3 days


** This Offer is valid only for Vodafone prepaid users
** The free 4g data pack offer is limited to selected states.

Hope you guys got 1 GB 4g internet data on your Vodafone sim for free. If you want to get updated with the latest network and loot tricks like this, then please like our facebook page.
Also, share this offer with your friends and help them too for availing free 4g internet  offer on Vodafone.

Jio Presents Welcome Offer: Free Unlimited 4G Data Till 2017 For Everyone

Friday, 2 September 2016

Reliance Jio 'Welcome Offer' Complete details: high-speed 4G to have 4GB per day cap, 128kbps after that + free calling Till 2017

Today Reliance jio announced their new offer called ' Jio Welcome Offer' which is something like their old preview offer. This new jio welcome offer is applicable for all 4g users. Unlike their old preview offer, The new jio welcome offer has no any restrictions or it's not limited to some specific brands. The jio users can enjoy unlimited 4g till 2017 . The welcome offer starts from September 5, thus all 4g handset owners can buy a reliance jio sim with 'welcome offer'. so all jio users can able to enjoy unlimited 4g till 31st December 2016.
If you have a 4g smartphone, that is enough now to get a jio sim with 'welcome offer'. There is no any limitations to some specific brands. 
AS per the welcome offer, all jio users can enjoy free calling and free 4g internet till 31st december. This awesome, really an unbelievable offer from reliance jio. AS like from the beginning, Jio continuing in providing awesome offers to users.
Reliance jio also announced their tariff plans and data plans which applicable from 2017 January. The tariff plans include free calling offer and world cheapest data packs.
Guys, This is the best time to enjoy free internet and free calling, so read this article and get know more about reliance jio 'welcome offer'.
jio welcome offer
jio welcome offer : everything you need to know about jio

What is Reliance Jio 'Welcome offer' ? : Unlimited 4G data and free calling till 2017

** Jio 'welcome offer' start from 5th September and available for all 4g handsets. The offer applicable for everyone till 31st December.
** The welcome offer includes : Free 4G data of 4Gb per day with high-speed, after that speed cap to 128Kbps. Yeah, everyday 4gb high-speed data will be credited till 31st December. post 4gb, the speed will be reduced to 128 Kbps
** Jio offers also Free calling and Free SMS till 31st December.
** No any plans or one time recharges needed in this period[ till 31st december]. All the normal tariff plans are applicable after 31 st December
** The users need to do a zero rupees recharge through online to update the welcome offer each month. Yeah, it's a zero rs recharge, no need to pay a single cent. 
jio welcome offer
Jio welcome offer: complete details [created by gizmotimes] > click image to enlarge 

frequently asked Questions and Answers regarding jio 'welcome offer'

1) I am already a jio user and i am currently using 'jio preview offer'. Is this welcome offer applicable for me? 
Ans: Yes, From 5th September all previous users will be automatically converted to 'jio welcome offer'. It means, the preview offer gonna end.and after 5th September, there will be only welcome offer exists. You ca enjoy welcome offer till 31st december. that is you can enjoy free 4g, calling and sms [as per welcome offer] till 31st december.

2) What is the tariff plans of jio in this period?
Ans: All the tariff plans will be applicable only after 31st december. The tariff plans are already announced, you cam check jio tariff plans here 

Yeah that's all about reliance jio 'welcome offer'. I am sure that this gonna change the Indian telecom network. The other Indian telecom networks like Idea and Airtel already lost millions of users, and now this new jio welcome offer and world cheapest tariff plans of jio really effect other telecom networks. WE can hope some effective moves from airtel and idea to save their existing customers. Yeah, Jio effect everywhere. many more about reliance jio is coming, stay tuned with techintor.com and get updated.

Full List of Working Airtel Free Internet Cgi Frontquery [September 2016] For UC/Opera Handlers

Working Opera/UC handler Settings for airtel Free internet | Latest working cgi frontquery for UC/ Opera handlers September 2016

Hi guys, Today we are sharing some working cgi Frontquery address for airtel free internet. I think you all now very familiar with cgi Frontqueries and uc/opera handlers. You can use this cgi Frontquery addresses in opera or uc handlers to enjoy unlimited airtel free internet. here i am providing the complete list of airtel free internet working cgi Frontquery address for opera/uc handler [September 2016]. I hope this will help you. Here you can find all working opera handler tricks settings and uc handler settings for airtel free internet. So guys, read the article and enjoy unlimited airtel free internet with handler trick September 2016.

READ - Full list of airtel free internet working cgi Frontquery addresses for UC/ Opera handlers September 2016

Airtel Free 3g/4g internet UC/Opera handlers CGI Frontquery address September 2016
Pair no. 1
APN Settings [Network Profile] :
Use Apn: airtelgprs.com
Use Proxy:

Use Port: 80
Handler Settings :
Frontquery : /http/

Pair no. 2
APN Settings [Network Profile] :
Use Apn: airtelgprs.com
USe Proxy:
USe Port: 80
Handler Settings :
Frontquery : /index/http/

Pair no. 3
APN Settings [Network Profile] :
Use Apn: airtelgprs.com
Use Proxy:
Use Port: 80
Handler Settings :
Frontquery : /cgi%20bin/.pl/id/index/http/

Pair no. 4
APN Settings [Network Profile] :
Use Apn: airtelgprs.com
Use Proxy:
 Use Port: 80
Handler Settings :
Frontquery : /endang.pl/en/index/http/

Pair no. 5
APN Settings [Network Profile] :
Use Apn: airtelgprs.com
Use Proxy:
Use Port: 80
Handler Settings :
Frontquery : /cgi-bin/x.pl/00/http

Pair no. 6
APN Settings [Network Profile] :
Use Apn: airtelgprs.com
Use Proxy:
Use Port: 80
Handler Settings :
Frontquery : /http/

How to create apn [ network profile] in android phone for free internet ?
1. Goto phone settings>>Network settings> > access pointes names>> Add new
2. Now enter details [ above details like name, apn, proxy and port ]
3. save settings and set new apn default

How to set frontquery in opera/ UC handler for free internet
>> Download Opera and UC handlers first
>> Copy paste the front query address on appropriate place [ you can see that on handlers]

I hope you guys enjoyed this article. I think this was much useful for airtel mobile [android] users. they can surf unlimited free high speed internet with this handler tricks. For more tricks like this, stay tuned with us
Also share our articles on social networking sites and help us. Thanks

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Working Aircel Unlimited Free Internet Using Proxy Trick September 2016


Hi friends, After a small interval I am back with new free 3g internet tricks. today i am sharing an Aircel free 3g internet trick via proxy configuration. I think you  used airtel free 3g internet proxy trick which is a popular trick on our blog. Same as that trick now aircel free 3g internet proxy trick is also available. This is an unlimited free 3g internet trick. Aircel users can browse and download unlimited via this aircel proxy internet trick September 2016. Also you can use this trick for free internet in both PC and mobile. Here i am sharing steps of proxy configuration for both PC and Mobile. Follow below steps carefully and enjoy unlimited free internet on your aircel sim with aircel free internet proxy trick.

READ - Aircel Free Internet Proxy Trick | Unlimited Aircel free internet browsing and downloading using aircel proxy trick September 2016


STEPS - Working aircel Free 3g Internet proxy trick September 2016
1. Go to Mobile Phone settings >> network settings >> new apn; and new apn as below
Name : Aircel free internet proxy trick
apn : aircelwap (or) aircel wap.po
Port : 80
Home page: en.m.wikipedia.org or 0.Wikipedia.org

2. Now save settings and set this apn as default apn. Then connect to internet.

Enjoy unlimited high speed free internet on your aircel sim without any speed capping

STEPS - Latest Aircel free internet via proxy configuration 

I will recommend you to use Mozilla Firefox for setting up proxy trick.
1. Open Options.
2. Click on the advance tab and then network tab.
3. Click on Manual Connection setting and add settings as below
apn : aircelwap (or) aircel wap.po
Proxy: OR 99.567.67.87 OR
Port : 80
Home page: en.m.wikipedia.org or 0.Wikipedia.org
4. Save the setting.
5.Now open home page given above; enjoy free unlimited internet on your pc with aircel sim



I hope you guys enjoyed reading the article. If you found this aircel free internet proxy trick January 2016 is useful then please share it on facebook and other social networking sites .
Also keep visiting techintor.com for more stuffs like this.

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Working Vodafone FREE 3g unlimited data BBM trick- September 2016

Latest Vodafone free 3g Internet BBM trick- September 2016

Hello friends, today i got a new trick for Vodafone users. Vodafone users can enjoy unlimited 3g internet with this trick. this trick is based on BB plan and udp port. I am not much describing , directly going to trick.This Vodafone unlimited free 3g internet trick working 100 %  on September 2016 and sure that work on 
September 2016 also
Trick no.1: Vodafone free unlimited 3g internet data using udp trick [droid vpn, android]
1. First activate any small data pack
2. use default vodafone apn settings
3. now download and install droid vpn android application
4. open droid vpn and select network protocol as udp
5. And put udp port - 53 or 9301 or 9201
6. Hit connect and enjoy vodafone free high speed 3g internet

Trick no.2;Read - How to activate vodafone free 3g internet data BB trick - September 2016
1. Activate your vodafone sim with Blackberry Plan like Rs 44 plan [sms ACT BIS44 to 111, recommended] or bb plan @ Rs 299 or 129. or You Can Activate 1 Day Plan (5Rs) For Trying This Trick.
2. Download PD PROXY ( for PC users ) - click here
Download DROID VPN (for android users) - click here or use troid vpn
3.Now connect your mobile or pc internet with apn - blackberry.net
4. open droid vpn (for android) or pdproxy (for pc)
5. Set UDP port - 53 or 9301 or 9201
6. Connect PD proxy or droid vpn
7. You are done. enjoy unlimited free 3g data on your vodafone.

By using this vodfone 3g trick you can enjoy high speed internet without any disconnectionn problem.




If this post is helpful, then please share it.
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WORKING Airtel Free 3g Internet TCP-VPN Trick - September 2016 [New Unlimited Configs]

AIRTEL FREE 3G TRICK 2: Airtel Free 3g Internet data using VPN Trick - September 2016 [Added New working airtel 3g vpn config files ]
Hello friends, I am back with a new VPN based free internet trick for airtel users. I know that in my previous airtel free 3g internet trick based on a proxy , have many limitations. But now I am solving this problem now. Today I am giving you free airtel 3g internet with VPN - September 2016. this free airtel internet data trick is 100 % working in many states. now fully working without any speed capping in September 2016 and hope that work on September 2016 also. I have personally tested this free airtel 3g internet data trick in Kerala. I am posted the airtel latest working vpn config files openly. so you can download this config files without completing any surveys.with this airtel free 3g internet trick you can enjoy unlimited free 3g data on your airtel sim. You can use both PC and mobile for this trick. Let's go to the trick


Airtel free 3g internet VPN based trick- Steps: UPDATED WITH LATEST AIRTEL FREE 3G INTERNET CONFIG FILES September 2016

latest working vpn config files [ for airtel unlimited free internet link: download latest vpn for airtel free internet September , OR,  click here for airtel unlimited internet vpn config files[july]

For Android Mobile users
1. Download open Vpn (http://ift.tt/11tZKYj) from Play store
download latest vpn for airtel free internet September , OR , click here for airtel unlimited internet vpn config files[july]

or [ try the second one if first not works]


NOTE - RAR FILE PASSWORD: techintor.com
3. Install Open VPN on your Phone
4. Now extract the config files downloaded from here 
5.Now import the downloaded vpn configs to OPEN VPN. 
you can import vpn on OPENVPN app from openvpn options menu
6. When it asks password, see the readme file in the attachment or click here
change the password in the downloaded file [
5. Connect and Enjoy free airtel 3g internet in high speed on your android phone

For PC Users
1.    Download NMD VPN (http://ift.tt/1kE24FN)
download latest vpn for airtel free internet September , OR , click here for airtel unlimited internet vpn config files[july]

or [ try the second one if first not works]

NOTE - RAR FILE PASSWORD: techintor.com
3.    Install NMD VPN on your computer
4.    Now Move the config files download from here to config folder of NMD VPN installed directory ( C:/progrmmae files/nmd VPN/config/your downloaded files)
5.    Connect Your airtel sim to PC with any device ( Connect with using net setter ,Dongle, Mobile phone or any devices)
6.    Now connect internet via that device
7.    After that Open NMD VPN  ( for windows 7 and 8 users, open nmd VPN by run as administrator)
8.    Now connect with any VPN downloaded from here. You are done. Now enjoy free airtel 3g on your PC with high speed.

For security, the vpn password will change regularly. You can see the latest password from here (click here).
 If the above config was not working, then just change the password with latest password
 I hope that you got  the trick. enjoy free unlimited 3g internet on your airtel sim.
Don't forget to share our posts. keep visiting techintor.com for more updates.
Hi friends, here we are posting an another airtel tcp vpn trick for all users, means this airtel trick is working for both blocked and unblocked sim. This trick is updated with latest airtel working hosts. read airtel tcp vpn trick with new hosts September 2016

1. First download and signup on PD -Proxy - click here
2. Now install and open pd proxy on your pc
3. Now go to settings>>Advanced Settings , then click on parent proxy
4. now tick on enable parent proxy and enter below details
    IP:  AND  PORT: 3128
5. Now click on headers and add the below details
    and Host:http://ift.tt/1QCAAkt  [FOR UNBLOCKED SIMS]
    Host:http://ift.tt/1mT0PcC   [FOR BLOCKED SIMS]
6. Now save and go back to pd proxy main page.
Then connect pd proxy using any demo server [select any demo server]
Note - use TCP option on pd proxy
We hope that this trick worked for you. For any doubts comment below.
Enjoy airtel free 3g internet by tcp and new hosts September 2016.

if this trick not working for you, try below vpn based tricks [we recommend you to use first trick]

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