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Sunday, 24 September 2017

(TheBillionCoin) TBC is SCAM : These are the 10 Reasons to Said So

Hi, In this article let me tell you something about TheBillionCoin(TBC). Yes TheBillionCoin TBC is Scam. Will share the ten reasons that show that the TheBillionCoin(TBC) is scam.

TheBillionCoin(TBC) is a SCAM: TBC is Genuine or not? Read these 10 Reasons to identify TBC is legit or not

What is actually a cryptoCurrency? According to Wikipedia here is the definition for Cryptocurrency ‘A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions and to control the creation of additional units of the currency’.
Cryptocurrency said to be the online currency or the currency of the internet. this because the cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous and can’t be tracked. This is the primary reason why cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular nowadays. The Currency of internet, yeah, of course, there will be lots of other fraudulent will be born related to this.
There are lots of Cryptocurrencies are currently available. It includes Bitcoin, litecoin, Eth, Zcash, Dogecoin etc. The one most popular on this list is Bitcoin. Bitcoin became the first decentralized cryptocurrency in 2009.

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If you are looking ‘ is TBC is scam? ‘ , ‘is TheBillionCoin Scam ?’ , ‘ TBC review’ , ‘ TheBillionCoin Review’, ‘Thebillioncoin tbc is legit ?’ , ‘TBC is genuine ? ‘ then you are at the right place.

TBC is SCAM: What is TBC [TheBillionCoin]

In this article we are not discussing the genuine cryptocurrencies. There are some other frauds named themselves as cryptocurrencies and cheating people. This list includes the TheBillionCoin(TBC). When TBC was launched the initial value was 0.0001 Euro. After that each day the value of TBC get increased by a good percentage. Yeah, the aim is to attract new users to TBC. people think that you can become a millionaire in short period.
Please note that TheBillionCoin [TBC] is different from TurboCoin [TBC], both have same short forms. But completely different.

What Determines the value of a Cryptocurrency? TBC value determination.

The demand and supply of the currency determine its value. In case of cryptocurrencies, their use in the online market determines the cryptocurrency.

Why is TBC a SCAM? TheBillionCoin TBC is SCAM because of these 10 reasons

  1. TBC or TheBillionCoin is not listed in Coinmarketcap. Coinmarketcap is cryptocurrency market capitalization website and which is a trustworthy source to identify the genuine and fake cryptocurrencies.
  2. The value of TBC is increasing day-by-day. It’s just increasing only no corresponding decrease or fall occurs like in other cryptocurrencies. This clearly shows that they are manipulating increasing the demand and value of TBC to attract new users.
  3. There is no open market exist for TBC [thebillion coin]. if once the TBC value falls then users can’t sell this coin easily. This shows the TBC is Scam
  4. they are promoting the coin as Referral market strategy. This shows that TBC is not trustworthy.
  5. It can’t be mined. New cryptocurrency coins are created in all other cryptocurrencies through mining. which is not available in TBC (the billion coin)
  6. They are promoting their service with paid testimonials.
  7. On Bitcoin forums and Reddit, they have not good comments. Already lots of members disappointed.
  8. You need to become a trusted member to sell coins. which costs $10 annual fee.
  9. They block users without warnings.
  10.  tbc is scam

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The above points prove that TBC is scam. Thebillioncoin is scam and don’t be cheated. Hope this article useful, please do share this with your friends also. Also do comment your views on TBC. DO you find out anything about ‘TBC is Scam’ topic, then share it via below comments.
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Saturday, 23 September 2017

WORKING BSNL free 3G internet trick- 2017 [UDP TRICK, UPDATED]

BSNL free 3G internet UDP trick – September 2017

Hello friends, this is my first Internet trick in 2017. And this free 3g internet trick is dedicated to all bsnl visitors. In this post I am teaching latest bsnl 3g internet tricks (2017). I know that it is very difficult to pay very good amount of money for internet data packs. Me too faces this isssue, when i was studying i don’t have enough money to recharge my bsnl prepaid with any internet data packs. i am unabled to use internet. But finally i found some loopholes in bsnl netowrk. I found some tricks to use free internet on BSNL sim. If you are here also looking for ‘bsnl free interent data tricks’ then you are at the right place. Now I am teaching you 2 methods to use free bsnl 3g internet. The main features of this trick are this work both on PC and Mobile and torrent supported with high speed.
BSNL free 3G internet trick- January 2015 (updated)



before going to steps, make sure that your default apn is BSNLNET. And recharge with any small data pack
1. First, download Droid VPN app on your android device from playstore
2. Now on droid vpn set connection protocol as UDP
3. And enter 9201 in udp port
4. Now connect the droid vpn.
5. after successful connection, you are able to enjoy free internet on your bsnl sim.


Requirements for using free bsnl 3g internet trick 

·    BSNL 3g enabled sim
·   Data pack ( use a small data pack for avoiding speed capping). [we recommend you to Activate BSNL BBM data pack.]
·    PD proxy for PC users
·    Droid VPN software for Android users
Now we can begin,

BSNL free 3G internet trick- 2017

Method 1
Follow the below steps to use free 3g internet on your bsnl sim
1.     Connect BSNL internet on your phone or PC( with a dongle or net setter)(Maintain zero balance)
2.     Don’t forget to use the apn – BSNLNET
3.     Immediately after connecting set UDP PORT – 9201 OR 9200 OR 49200
For Pc – Immediately open PD Proxy software and set UDP port – 9201 OR 9200 OR 49200 and click on connect in pd proxy software
For Android- use any VPN software (Droid vpn ) to set UDP port – 9201 OR 9200 OR 49200 and connect
4.     Now you can enjoy free 3g internet on your pc
Follow the below steps to use free 3g internet on your bsnl sim
Steps are same as above method,
But you need to activate a BSNL BBM PLAN BEFORE DOING ABOVE STEPS [ BSNL Blackberry plan worth Rs 115  ]
Then Follow the same steps of method 1 and enjoy free 3g data on your bsnl sim.


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HOW TO configure PD Proxy [PC]

1.    Download pd proxy
2.    Also register a free account there
3.    Now Open The Pd proxy software after Unzip . And Input Your username and password at the time of registration.
4.    Now set UDP port in right side of Server & Protocol.
And go to Settings tab>> then portoptions>> there input UDP port [or TCP , as given in the trick]
5.    Now you have Done all the process Just connect Your Modem With Idea internet(apn- internet) setting.
6.    After connecting Modem Click on the Connect Button on Pd proxy software.
7.    Now wait to connect Pd proxy. when it show Successfully connection message ,you are ready to Surf Free NET.
This trick is working in many states, you can try yourself. [BUT NOW IT’S NOT WORKING IN MANY STATES. ANYWAY GIVE A  TRY…..] WE WILL UPDATE SOON
Any doubts or problems then comment here. Also comment your state name if working.
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{Aircel Free Internet}Aircel 900 MB Free 3G Internet Data trick – 2017

Hai Friends, I got an another aircel free 3g internet data trick.
I know that nowadays the internet data cost very high. For normal users, it is not possible to recharge with internet data packs every month. So here sharing free internet tricks for Aircel customers. If you are interested to get Aircel free data then continue reading this article.You will get 900mb 3g internet data free for 3 months. By using this trick, your aircel sim will be automatically recharged with 300MB 3g internet data for each next 3 months. So total you get 900MB free 3g internet data on your aircel sim for 3 months. This trick is very easy and you need to do one-time action only, the free 3g data will be recharged automatically. I am not much describing, Lets go to the tricks.



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  • First go to ‘Create sms’ in your mobile phone (have aircel sim)
  • Just send a sms ‘SPICE’ to ‘121’
  • Now you will receive a message from customer care like this – ‘Thank you for choosing Aircel. We will offer you 500 MB Data per month for Next 3 months based on your eligibility. To avail this offer, please dont change the H/S” [handset]’
  • Now wait for 2 Days , Yow will get 300 Mb free 3g internet data on next  3 months on your aircel sim
  • Check Balance – *123*10#
I Hope that you got free 3g data on your aircel sim. Enjoy free 3g internet on aircel for next 3 months.
The Very Funny thing is that sometimes you will get 500 mb per month.(Some users get 500 Mb per month by this trick). So you get total 1500Mb (1.5GB) free 3g data on your aircel sim. If you are lucky then you will get 1.5 GB free 3g internet on your aircel sim for 3 months.
aircel free unlimited 3g data trick for mobile and pc – 2017

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Aircel Get free 500MB Data per month for next 3 month 


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Working Vodafone Free Unlimited 3G Internet Data VPN Trick – 2017

Working Vodafone Free Unlimited 3G Internet Data Trick Using VPN [ working configs added] – September 2017

Hello friends, i am back with a new Vodafone free 3g internet trick. I hope that our previous bb trick for Vodafone free 3g internet is also working well now. Here now I am describing an another Vodafone Free Unlimited 3G Internet Trick in September and hope that work on 2017 also. This trick is based on vpn.
I know that without internet data your mobile/pc is nothing. Now the internet has a very important role in our daily life. but in India the internet data packs are very costly and it is not possible to recharge daily with internet offers. When comes to vodafone side, we know that they are one of the largest network operator in India. But vodafone not provides much affordable internet data plans for budget users. But guys here provides you some tricks to get free internet on your vodafone sim. Yeah, Means you don’t need to activate any data packs, you can enjoy free internet on your vodafone sim with following this trick. This trick is based on VPN so that you can use this free internet trick of vodafone in both mobile and pc.
I am not describing much. let’s go to latest Vodafone Free Unlimited 3G Internet trick using vpn trick – 2017.  vodafone free data hack,  free vodafone recharge code, vodafone secret codes for free internet, free data for vodafone users, vodafone 9gb free data, how to get free internet on vodafone 2g sim, vodafone 10gb 3g plan, vodafone free net browsing

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LATEST NEWS [Update]: This trick stopped working in almsoat all states. anyway we will update here with new tricks soon. If you airtel customer then try this working free internet trick for airtel


This trick is not working in many states
Before going to the ‘Vodafone free 3g VPN trick’ have a look at this 
This trick is working based on VPN ( virtual Private Network). This trick works on both PC and Android Mobiles.

For using free Vodafone 3g by vpn trick you need the following requirements:
·         Vodafone 3g enabled Sim
·         Keep Balance below 10paise ( If you have more than 10 paise balance , sometimes Vodafone deduct your balance. So keep balance below 10 paise)
·         Set APN – www

Steps – How to activate free 3g internet  on vodafone using VPN trick

For Android Mobile users

1.    Download OpenVPN from Play store
2.    Download Config files from here [CONFIG 1 – MOST UPDATED][config 2, OLD]
3.    Install OpenVPN on your Phone
4.    Now extract the config files downloaded from here and open it  from openVPN app
5.    Connect and Enjoy free vodafone 3g internet in highspeed on your android phone

NOTE – Use OpenVPN instead of droid vpn. Download OpenVPN from playstore

For PC Users

1.    Download NMD VPN (
2.    Download Config files from here[CONFIG 1 – MOST UPDATED][config 2, OLD]
3.    Install NMD VPN on your computer
4.    Now Move the config files download from here to config folder of NMD VPN installed directory ( C:/progrmmae files/nmd vpn/config/your downloaded files)
5.    Connect Your vodafone sim to PC with any device ( Connect with using net setter ,Dongle , Mobile phone or any devices)
6.    Now connect internet via that device
7.    After that Open NMD VPN  ( for windows 7 and 8 users , open nmd vpn by run as administrator)
8.    Now connect with any vpn downloaded from here. You are done. Now enjoy free vodafone 3g on your PC with high speed.
  For security , the vpn password will change regularly. You can see the latest password from here (click here).
 If the above config not working, then just change the password with the latest password


How to change the password?
On the extracted files [ at the place of downloaded vpn config files], You can see a text file [ mostly it names techintor.txt] Edit that text file. erase old password and add latest there.

    I hope that you got the trick. If this article – Vodafone Free Unlimited 3G Internet vpn trick – 2017 helped you, then please share it.
Any doubts while activating free 3g internet trick, then comment it
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Friday, 22 September 2017

Great Festival Offer on Furniture Online

Home becomes sweeter when you have all types of luxurious arrangements for living. For luxurious arrangements, you need to put attention on buying furniture. Buying the right furniture is always a matter of difficulty for the people across the world. To make things easier, various online based furniture stores have emerged. You can have some of them as your Smartphone applications too. These online based furniture stores offer excellent ranges of facilities as well as products. Buying online is convenient, as there is no headache for transportation or shipping of furniture. Moreover, you can avail amazing festive discounts on the products.

Excellent Discounts during Indian Festivals

India is often regarded as the country of festivals. A lot of social and religious festivals are there at different parts of the country. Some festivals are regional and some festivals are celebrated throughout the country. For example, Onam is a regional festival which is found to be celebrated in the state of Kerala. On the other hand, we have Diwali which is a festival celebrated with full enthusiasm throughout the country. In all such festive occasions, online furniture stores offer exclusive discounts on various products so that buyers can have the best products at the most reasonable prices.

How to avail the discounts on these furniture stores? Discounts can be availed in various ways. The most common way of availing discounts is checking online coupons for a particular furniture store. For example, you need to find Pepperfry Coupons if you want to purchase furniture from this online store. Apart from coupon discounts, the online stores offer special discounts on various products for a limited period. From 10 to 80 percent discounts are given at various products at different points of time of the year. Festive season is definitely the right time to find such discounts.

Reliable Online Furniture Stores

So, the question is where should you find the best quality furniture? What are the most reliable online furniture selling stores or applications? In the following section, we shall discuss a few of them.

1. Pepperfry

At the top of our list, we have Pepperfry which is one of the biggest and of course highly reliable online based furniture shopping stores in India. Basically, there are two versions of web stores available for the users. One version is normal ecommerce website and the other version is mobile application. Android and iOS users can download and install the application on their systems. This web store comes with huge collections of products under different product categories. Not just furniture, you shall find household furnishing items and decorating items at this online store.

2. India Circus

Apart from Pepperfry, there is another popular online furniture selling store which has been known as India Circus. This online store offers exquisite ranges of products, exhibiting vintage Indian charms as well as designs. This is a reliable store, and you shall get quality products at the most reasonable cost at this store when you have India Circus Coupons. So, find online coupons to avail massive discounts on the products.

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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Get Free Netflix Premium Account: All Tricks and Offers Listed 2017

Get Free Netflix Premium Account: All Tricks and Offers Listed 2017 : free Netflix account generator | Netflix accounts login

Hi folks, today here we are sharing all free Netflix premium account tricks and offers September 2017. Netflix is an American company that provides online movie, TV shows, and other video streaming. Netflix is one of the most popular online streaming sites. they do service all over the world. that is anyone can use Netflix for online streaming, not only for the USA. But their service is paid. You are not allowed to enjoy Netflix services for free. You need to pay $10 around a month for their basic user plan. In India currently, they are charging Rs 500 per month. Yeah i know it is not possible to pay this much money all the months for Netflix online streaming. SO here sharing free Netflix premium account tricks and offers 2017. In this article, we share all Tricks and discount offers related to the Netflix premium account. I know many of you were searching for free Netflix account generator or free Netflix accounts that work or free Netflix account hack or free Netflix account generator or free Netflix accounts that work 2017 or Netflix accounts login, but most of the results you see in web redirects to fake pages. The free Netflix account generators are completely fake. so guys please believe that there is no working free Netflix account generator exist.
Also, we will update with latest working Netflix premium account username and password. so guys if you are really looking for Netflix premium account login details September 2017 then continue reading this article. Get free Netflix premium membership September 2017.

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All Details: Free Netflix Premium Account September 2017

Free netflix premium account

Free Netflix Premium Account tricks 2017

1.Free Netflix premium account for 1 month with Trial account Trick

Guys, Netflix officially providing their basic plan free for 1 month as a trail. follow below steps to get Netflix free for 1 month

  1. First goto Netflix website registration page
  2. now choose the basic plan there.
  3. Enter your details and complete the registration. you need to enter your Debit/credit card details at the time of registration. But don’t worry, you will not be charged for the 1st month.
  4. enjoy Netflix premium account for 1 month
  5. before expiring the trial period [before ending 1 month period] cancel your Netflix account to avoid deducting the monthly charge.
  6. to cancel your Netflix account, log into your account then go to account section on Netflix, then under membership and billing, you can see the cancel membership option. With this option, you can cancel your Netflix account.
  7. yoo… you got free Netflix account for 1 month.

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Netflix Premium Account generators – Free Netflix account generator 2017

Friends, there is no such working free Netflix account generator exist. All of these Netflix premium account generators are fake and mislead you to spam or phishing sites. they stole your details. so don’t try these online Netflix premium account generators.

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Netflix accounts login: Free Netflix accounts and passwords

Hi friends, in this section we share working free Netflix premium account username and password. Here we share all premium Netflix accounts login details. Please note that all these usernames and passwords are not ours and these are collected from the Internet. Please don’t change the passwords of the account. thanks for the owners who give this accounts for free to us.

Netflix preimum account Email  – Netflix premium account Password      –          kidgabitech       –       velli kilamai mailaivarum     –        qwtdk23698     –         netfload25     –        netflixbuddy     –        13224633     –        stilwell2     –        essysana     –         itsdopything     –         hackersin2016     –         2eg54sfkm     –        thatboykoda     –         Abcd54tr

Tags: free netflix account and password 2017, free netflix accounts that work 2017, netflix accounts and passwords that work 2017

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Netflix Premium account Offers September 2017

In this section, we will share all latest offers of Netflix.

Currently, Netflix providing only the free one-month trial offer. That is new users can enjoy Netflix free for the first month. The user can select any plan for the first month for free.

Hope you guys loved this article. We try our maximum to find new tricks and offers of Netflix premium account and do update here. Please support us by sharing this article with your friends.

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IDEA FREE INTERNET TRICK: Latest Idea Free 300 MB 3G Internet Data Trick – 2017

IDEA FREE INTERNET TRICK: Working Idea Free Internet trick 2017 – Idea free internet offer September 2017

Hai friends, Again idea 300 Mb free 3g internet trick here ON. IDEA FREE INTERNET TRICK FOR ALL STATES.  follow the below simple steps and get 300 MB free 3g internet data on your idea sim.
I know nowadays 3g or 4g internet data packs are very costly and for a normal user in india it is not affordable for his budget. But guys don’t worry always here to help you for getting free internet on any indian networks. In this article we are sharing an awesome working free internet trick for idea users. this trick doesn’t need any vpn apps or investment. Yeah, its completely free. This trick is working based on mobile number portability feature. Follow the below simple steps and get 3g/4g internet data of 300 MB for free on your idea number. If you are lucky then you will get more than 300 MB. And the free internet data varies with user state. In kerala i personally tested this trick and i got 300 Mb 3g internet data for free. Actually this is not like other free internet vpn tricks, by following below procedure you are tricking idea. As a result they provide you a free internet data offer. hence Here you are getting free 3g/4g data officially from idea and so there is no any sim blocking or other restrictions. Means you can use this internet data as your wish. So guys i am not describing much about the features of this trick, direclty going to the procedure of idea free internet trick.
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If you are searching for – ‘ Idea free 3g internet trick 2017‘ , ‘Idea free 3g MB trick‘  then you are at right place. Idea free interent trick for all states
let’s go to the trick –  Idea Free 300 MB 3G Internet Data Trick – 2017

Working Idea Free Internet trick
Working Idea Free Internet trick


here you are giving mobile number portability request from your number. So Idea provide you some attractive offers for remain you in idea.  Don’t worry your sim will not be ported to any other networks. 
1. Create a SMS ‘ PORT YOUR MOB NUMBER ‘ and send it to 1900  
 eg – PORT 8129832162 
2. Now you will receive two sms with your Unique porting ID     Don’t worry, your sim will not port to any other sim
3. Now wait for a call from Idea Customer care.
4. when they call, they ask  reason ‘why you are porting from idea’. answer that you are not satisfied with idea internet offers. Answer their all questions. Use some brain.
They tell you some offers, you can select any offer as your wish.
5. You are done, within 3 days your idea sim will be credited with 300 Mb 3g internet [ or activate which offer you selected while idea customer care executive call]
Hope that you enjoyed the post.  If you are happy with our services then just share our posts on social networks.
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